Sitefinity on Windows Azure

Sitefinity brings your website to the cloud by offering native support for Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Sitefinity supports multi-instance Azure deployments, as well as session state providers and web-farms. This enables your organization to rapidly scale computing capacity to manage spikes in visitor traffic. In addition, Sitefinity customers can take full advantage of Azure’s fully redundant, highly available infrastructure.

With the latest release, Sitefinity allows you to set Windows Azure as a storage provider, and store content files (images, videos, documents) on Azure blobs.

  • Users can upload files to the cloud;
  • Users can choose to transfer an existing file or a whole library to Azure blob storage;
  • Implementation includes CDN support option to apply caching profiles in the cloud.

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

1Download Sitefinity Trial

Experiment with Sitefinity and create your project prototype

2Follow the Installation guide

Detailed steps for installing Sitefinity and deploying your website to the Windows Azure cloud platform

3Set up your free 30-day Azure trial account*

Install a 1GB Web Edition database at no cost.

*If you are interested in activating a Windows Azure trial account, you can sign up for a free 1 month trial on the Windows Azure Website

Why Windows Azure

Effortlessly scales with your demand

By fully utilizing Azure’s elastic computing technology Sitefinity customers can take full advantage of Microsoft’s cloud-based operating system and the scalability options it offers. All Azure hardware is virtualized and new servers can be virtually added or removed in real time. Sitefinity fully supports single or multi-server deployments, as well as session state providers. This enables you to quickly create new computing capacity when it’s needed.

Redundant infrastructure ensures your website will never go offline

The Azure operating environment is completely virtualized with no dependence on the physical underlying hardware. All your content stored on Windows Azure is replicated three times. Regardless of the storage service you choose, your data will be replicated on different domains to ensure that it is 100% protected from hardware failures. All datacenters have redundant Internet connectivity pipes, multiple power sources and backup generators. Furthermore, there are multiple datacenters that can respond in the unlikely event of a complete failure of one datacenter. Azure’s Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.9% availability and you can be assured that your website will always be online.

Allows you to focus on your website, not on the infrastructure

Managing the infrastructure required to host a busy website can easily become of full time job. This infrastructure includes web servers, database servers, load balancers, routers, backups and more. With Windows Azure you will not need to dedicate internal resources to managing the hardware. Instead you can focus only on the development of web solutions that bring value and drive your business. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your website is ideally positioned to grow with future demand. This enables you to focus on your website audience and not the underlying hardware.

Geographically deployed near your audience

Microsoft maintains 6 datacenters worldwide to host Azure applications. This enables your website to be geographically located based on the needs of the company. Servers can be placed in locations close to editors and core audiences. This results in faster access to your website for you and your audience.

Saves you money as you grow

As a website matures there are growth milestones that require substantial investments in infrastructure to confront the next milestone. This might occur originally when a website surpasses the computing capacity of a single server, but then occurs again when the website surpasses the computing capacity of a single database server. Accumulating the infrastructure and expertise to overcome these challenges requires substantial money and time. By building your Sitefinity website on Windows Azure, this infrastructure is already readily available. However, when starting, you only pay for capacity you use. This makes Windows Azure a great fit for startups, as well as extremely high-demand websites.

Input the information from your current hosting plan in the Azure ROI Calculator and you will be able to see an estimation of your total costs with Windows Azure.