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  • Frustrations of a Marketer—Personalization vs. Customization

    As a marketer, my goal is to always get someone to do the intended action—whether that be downloading a paper, registering for a webinar, attending an event, reading a blog and the list goes on and on. But, that’s only one small piece of the puzzle.   The other piece ...
  • The Often Overlooked Marketing Asset: Your Employees (Part 2)

    Armed with a succinct mission statement, useful branded merchandise and social media skills, your employees can help promote your brand and improve your public persona.
  • 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Social Media Strategy

    Three key takeaways to improve your social media strategy that apply to anyone, selling any product, at any level of social media marketing.
  • 12 Tips to Build an Engaging B2B Homepage

    An average visitor takes only a couple of seconds to decide whether to stay on a website. An organized, usable and reasonable website can add trustworthiness and competence to your company's reputation. Here are 12 tips you can take to build a high-performing homepage.
  • 6 Ways to Improve Deliverability in Gmail’s Multi-Tab Inbox

    Are your marketing emails landing in Gmail's Promotions tab? Google’s algorithms are learning and adapting based on what is common, repetitive, and found in many messages. By differentiating with content, senders and templates, marketers will have a higher chance to not get filtered into a secondary inbox.
  • How to Successfully Approach a Blogger or a News Site

    Influencer marketing: Reaching the media to gain coverage of your products or services can be a significant challenge, but by taking these steps, you can stack the deck in your favor.
  • 4 Ways You’re Killing Your Social Media Strategy

    If you’re wondering how this post, part 2 of my 5-4-3 series, will be different from the previous post, 5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Broken, it’s simple: my first blog post is targeted at beginner-level social marketers and shares common mistakes made by MOST people and businesses ...
  • Why SEO Should Be Important to Your Marketing

    I tend to relate a lot of what I write about marketing on this blog to my own personal experience. One topic I’ve wanted to talk more about is SEO and connecting that to me as a marketer. As marketers we know that SEO is important—as marketing is heading ...
  • Never Miss a Content Promotion Opportunity Again [Tried and Tested List Inside]

    I am one of those people who swears by research. I never use an appliance before I read the complete manual and I never do anything at work before I research the tried and tested best practices. So trust me when I say I did a lot of research to ...
  • PR in Today’s Digital Age—If it Bleeds it Leads

    It is no secret that the world has gone through a cosmic shift in the last decade. The entrance of social media as a medium for news has turned traditional PR on its ear. Today, communications and marketing professionals alike need to know who their audiences are and how to ...
  • The Challenge to Design Beyond Color

    It was a sunny summer afternoon in 2004. I was waiting impatiently in a neat conference room to meet a client and present him with my concept for his product catalogue website. After starting my presentation, I noticed he didn't seem impressed as much as I expected. I tried not ...
  • 5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Broken

    By now it’s pretty clear that a social media strategy for your business is essential if you want to stand out in your industry, let alone stay ahead of your competitors. And although most organizations have social channels, many are unsure about how to create and execute a successful social ...
  • What’s a Meatball Sundae? Five Things I Learned From Seth Godin

    I’ll never forget the day I heard someone in my department (h/t to Patrick M) said “meatball sundae” and I had no clue what it meant. If you visualize a meatball sundae, it’s actually very simple. Would you put cold ice cream or ice cream toppings on hot meatballs? In ...
  • The Importance of Gaining a 360-Degree View of the Customer

    Gaining a 360-degree view of the customer is so important. The more information we have about our customers, the better we can understand them and meet their needs. A 360-degree view of the customer takes into account the content they have consumed, the stage of their journey and which products ...
  • The Challenge-Capability Model: A More Engaging Way to Present B2B Software

    The B2B buyer has evolved drastically in the past few years. In the digital era that we live in, the B2B buyer is more informed, confident and independent than ever. According to Corporate Executive Board, 60% of the average B2B buyer’s purchase decision has already happened before approaching the ...
  • Awards Best Practices: Securing "Readers' Choice" Award

    Earning awards should be an important part of every organization’s PR and marketing strategies. They are one of the best tools to gain recognition and build trust with your clients, prospects, partners and peers. Most people believe that awards should come naturally once you have a great product or service. ...
  • 5 Ways to Drive Visibility to Your CSR Initiatives

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities give companies a human face, portraying them as caring and responsive, with purpose and deeper meaning. The positive change they bring to society, or simply those in need, pays off not only by emanating a good image—but also by connecting to potential and current customers ...
  • Make a Rockstar Lead Gen Machine with Landing Page Templates

    In business-to-business marketing, using an effective demand generation strategy is key to driving a consistent number of qualified leads and generating new revenue. In order to focus your marketing team on making their programs more effective and profitable, they need to be liberated from any technology or operational constraints. The ...
  • Fat vs. Slim Footers

    We see footers every day, all over the internet. Sometimes they are huge sections, containing a lot of shortcuts to other pages and additional items like social widgets, contact forms and more, while other times they are just horizontal bands with a few links. But what makes a good footer and ...
  • Three PR Tips to Support Your SEO Strategy

    With digital completely transforming the customer journey, it’s paramount to establish a holistic, integrated approach in your communications that encompasses all marketing functions. This includes the SEO and PR domains, which to some may seem worlds apart, but have to operate side by side to grow and amplify your company’s ...
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