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  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Ecommerce Module

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. It's not a secret that responsive design can boost the sales on your ecommerce site a lot. Since Sitefinity already offers an ecommerce module, in this blog post I'm going to demonstrate to you how ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Forums

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. In my previous blog post I showed you how to extend the responsive design feature in Sitefinity CMS by styling the Dashboard for devices with higher dimensions. In this blog post I have prepared for ...
  • Dashboard Responsive Design

    With the release of the new Dashboard module in Sitefinity CMS we introduced responsive design for the dashboard page. This functionality allows content editors to track changes on the site even on their mobile phones. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to fully take advantage of ...
  • How to Create a MegaMenu in Sitefinity

    Since many of you are interested in creating MegaMenu navigations with Sitefinity I decided to write a blog post about it. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to create two types of MegaMenu navigations. The first one is a dropdown navigation, where the direct children of ...
  • How to Create a Categories Control That Lists Sub-categories in Sitefinity CMS

    In this blog post I'm going to show you how to create a Sub-categories control in Sitefinity CMS. Recently, many of you requested the ability to specify a root category in the Categories control, so that only child categories of the root category would appear on the front-end. Here's one ...
  • How to Display Email Campaign Issues on Sitefinity Pages

    In this blog post I'm going to show you how to place links to already sent Email campaign issues on your Sitefinity pages. The same approach can be used to link fallback versions of your campaigns, directly in the issue itself. To achieve this, we need two simple user controls:...
  • How to create lightbox gallery in a custom module

    We have received a request for the ability to create a lightbox type of gallery with images from a custom module. This blog post will show you how to achieve this. There are two possible approaches. Both of them require mapping the template of the dynamic module widget. This is ...
  • Including item titles in the Sitefinity breadcrumb

    The breadcrumb is an essential piece of navigation to every web site. Sitefinity lets you create such navigation using the Breadcrumb widget, available in the toolbox out of the box. By default that widget displays your path and current position in the site page hierarchy. Sometimes this is not ...
  • How to schedule unpublish when an item is published

    If you still haven't got a chance to take a look at the part of our documentation about modifying existing Sitefinity workflow, may be this is the right moment. My colleague Radoslav Georgiev  already showed you how to  customize the Workflow notification messages. This blog post is about changing the AnyContentWorkflow.xaml in order ...
  • Changing the default template of email notifications for forms responses

    In the past few weeks there has been increasing number of requests by our clients on how to make a custom template for forms notifications. With this blog post we will create one and register it in our project so that we can customize it further as we like. Create ...
  • Introducing PageTitleMode for ModuleBuilder DynamicContentView

    Some of you have shown particular interest in controlling the Page title behavior when viewing ModuleBuilder items. While we have this task on our to-do list, we decided that it'd be good to provide you with a solution before the actual feature implementation. With this blog post we're going to ...
  • Adding custom thumbnails sizes for Videos and Images in Sitefinity

    A couple of clients have shown interest in specifying a different size for the generated video thumbnails in Sitefinity. In this post we're going to demonstrate how you can do this and a couple more useful things with the default thumbnail generation logic.   Out of the box when uploading ...
  • How to display an image gallery for each news item

    We’ve seen many requests for the option to associate a Sitefinity news item with a collection of images. A long time ago I blogged on how you could associate a single news item with a single image. Extending that sample to enable multiple image selection is not very hard, and ...
  • Using Update panel in Sitefinity - Part 2

    Let's start with a little introduction on what the UpdatePanel is and how it can help you achieve a wide range of scenarios. The UpdatePanel is a server control, which allows you to refresh selected parts of the page instead of refreshing the whole page with a postback. It enables ...
  • Extending Sitefinity search functionality - Autocomplete

    NOTE: The following blog post has been updated for compatibility with the latest Sitefinity versions.  Autocomplete functionality has been one of the most useful things implemented on a search box. Not only the displayed suggestions can speed up your search by simply clicking on one of them instead of typing ...
  • Implementing search for Users Administration screen in Sitefinity backend

    NOTE: Please note that the template has been revised to address the changes in Sitefinity 5.0 SP1 - build 5.0.2800 If you're experiencing any problems running the sample in the above mentioned version, please download the revised template - UsersListCustom and replace the old one in your ControlTemplates folder.  ...
  • Sitefinity and the ASP.NET Code-Behind Model

    There are many ways to programmatically modify the pages which Sitefinity dynamically generates. One way is to develop .ascx user controls and plug them into the pages as Layout controls, Page controls or Form controls. The process is pretty straight forward and there are many resources devoted to this very ...
  • How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications

    Update This blog post relates to Sitefinity 4.x versions. With Sitefinity 5.x and older versions you can use the Notifications service to send the notifications. Please use this article if you are on Sitefinity 5.x or later: How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications. The following blog post will cover ...
  • How to implement notifications for incoming Forms responses

    The following blog post will examine how to implement notifications for Forms responses. We are going to implement this feature to be available out of the box, and you can use this quick and easy approach to have the notifications until we release them as part of the system. The ...
  • CAPTCHA for Sitefinity Forms

    Recently there have been a number of requests for adding a CAPTCHA to the Sitefinity Forms widgets. Since the standard CAPTCHA controls that work with postback are not suitable for the Forms control, I am going to walk you through the process of implementing a client-side CAPTCHA control which can ...
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