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  • Removing product tax based on user role

    Sitefinity provides different options for configuring taxes based on location and and tax class for products. Some cases require a user to be exempt from taxes, for example in a B2B scenario. This can easily be achieved by creating a new tax class for products that is tax exempt. It ...
  • Increase Website Registrations and Ecommerce Sales with Sitefinity and Login with Amazon

    Image source: Amazon.com In May 2013, Amazon launched the Login with Amazon, a service providing the more than 200 million active Amazon customers a simple and secure login to other applications, games and websites. What if your website offered an option for users to register and login with their existing ...
  • Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce has many new architectural improvements that aligns nicely with Sitefinity DNA. Sitefinity Ecommerce now has support for Multisite, Product Lifecycle, Product Workflow, Site Sync, Top Selling report and many improvements to the usability of Sitefinity Ecommerce. To go along with these new features we made some improvements ...
  • Ecommerce is More Than a Shopping Cart - Plus: Take Survey and Win

    Connected to our March 14th webinar, "Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution", we are offering a short Ecommerce survey.  It's only 8 questions, and completing it makes you eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Admittedly, I’m very into Ecommerce being the Product Manager. I dream ...
  • Creating an Ecommerce Store Locator Widget

    Do you want to help your customers find your brick and mortar stores quickly by adding a Store Locator feature to your website?  I will explain how to create a basic Store Locator Widget from start to finish.  This is a rather lengthy process to explain, covering a lot of territory, ...
  • Ecommerce Wish List

    Would you like customers to save products in a wish list so they can review them later? How about sharing a wish list with friends and family to encourage gift giving? Sitefinity Ecommerce now has a wish list feature that is especially useful for customers who spend a lot of ...
  • Customizing the order confirmation email in Sitefinity Ecommerce

    One of the popular PITS items we received was to have the ability to add custom fields to the confirmation email that is sent out after an order is placed in the Ecommerce module. Starting in Sitefinity 5.4, we have the ability to add custom fields to the email template. ...
  • Sitefinity 5.4 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 5.4 has been a busy release for the Ecommerce module, we introduced a ton of exciting new features namely Wish List, a more granular tax defining mechanism for US merchants, a shiny new Sales Summary report and ability to easily search for orders in the backend. To go ...
  • Inventory Management

    As I mentioned in my Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights blog, you can now manage inventory quantities for your online store.  This blog goes into more depth about Inventory Management. Inventory management serves many purposes.  First, it helps you keep popular products in stock so that they are always available ...
  • Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights

    In Sitefinity Ecommerce 5.3, we’ve added Inventory Management, the most requested Ecommerce feature on PITS as well as some new features with promotions and discounts.  Inventory Management Inventory can be tracked at the product level or at the product variations level. Products can remain visible on the site even if ...
  • “Shop By” Filters come to Ecommerce in Sitefinity 5.2

    “Shop by Filters” also known as “Faceted Filters,” reduce the number of products displayed in a product listing.  Rather than forcing customers down a fixed path (Ex: department navigation), faceted filters allow customers to narrow down product listings using categories that best match their shopping needs. Sitefinity Faceted Filters allow ...
  • Sitefinity - Adding custom fields to search index

    In Sitefinity 5.1, custom fields can now be easily added to a Sitefinity search index.  No-longer do you need to use pipes and custom programming to include custom fields. How it works The properties for the search results widget and search index now contain a field whereby you add the ...
  • Implementing a Membership or Subscription Service using Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Out of the box, Sitefinity empowers you to easily manage permissions for CMS users and roles.  Many customers have used Sitefinity to create content pages that are assigned to certain roles; like platinum, gold or silver.   You can use these permission roles along with Sitefinity Ecommerce to create a membership ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Enhance your product images using Magic Zoom Plus

    Sitefinity Ecommerce comes package with a free 3rd party image tool called Fancybox.    FancyBox (www.fancybox.net)  is a JQuery tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style "light box" that floats overtop of web page.   Fancybox is great tool to use for displaying images, however it ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Adding related products

    Out of the box, Sitefinity Ecommerce V5 does not have an interface for relating products to each other.  This feature is currently in design, but until it is released, I would like to show you how you can create related products using the API and creating a custom view based ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–Adding a customer survey or poll after purchase

    Poll and surveys are very common in ecommerce as it provides important marketing information from customer.   Most often you will find surveys which pop-up when a customer has successfully checked out.   In this blog post, I will show you how to create your own poll / survey asking the customer ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Pre-purchasing processing hook

    Another hook introduced into Sitefinity 5.0 is a pre-processing hook that allows you to write customized code through a pre-purchase processing hook in the Ecommerce module.   This could be used to do any business logic that a merchant needs before processing an order.   A developer can create custom code and ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Importing Products into Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Using the Sitefinity API, I would like to show you how you can import products into Sitefinity Ecommerce.   How it Works The product importer is actually a widget that is placed onto a page.  Once the page has been created, bring up the page in a browser and follow ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–SEO friendly product detail URL

    By default, Sitefinity Ecommerce ships with a date formatted URL for the Product Detail page, which comes very handy if you just want to let your users know when the product was published. But as with any other part of Sitefinity, this URL can be highly customized to meet your ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Add a checkbox to confirm terms and conditions upon checkout

    In Sitefinity, modifying a template for a widget is extremely easy.   In this example, I will show you how to add a simple checkbox to the “Checkout” page, whereby the customer must click on agreeing to the terms and conditions before they can confirm the purchase. How it works By ...
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