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7 Tips to Help You with Your Personalization Strategy

by Barrett Coakley

Today we’re experiencing a new era of personalization. Members of a generation steeped in Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media expect to find what they are looking for right away – wherever they are at the time and whatever device they are using.


To keep up with these rapidly evolving expectations of the online experience, best-in-class organizations are moving beyond the static cookie-cutter approach found on many of today’s websites. Instead they are proactively managing the user experience based on specific profiles and online behaviors.

The advantages of a more personalized approach are clear. Rather than asking visitors to wade through mountains of information to find what they want and need, the most relevant pages, products and offers are filtered and displayed to improve the user experience and move individuals along the path towards a purchase decision or other action.

Companies are getting the message that personalization pays off. In a survey conducted by the global publisher Econsultancy, 94% agree that personalization is “critical to their current and future success.” Two out of three say an improved business performance and improved customer experience are the main drivers. Those who have already adopted personalization report an average 19 percent uptick in sales, which “translates into hundreds of millions of dollars” of additional online revenue.

To help you with personalization, download our new infographic, Seven Tips to Help You with Your Personalization Strategy.


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