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  • Introducing the new Sitefinity Knowledge base

    We are making one more step towards improving your customer experience with Sitefinity's support service, this time offering you the ability to find faster and more efficiently the answers to your questions. We are very excited to introduce the new Sitefinity Knowledge base. The Knowledge Base has been redesigned ...
  • Sitefinity Enterprise Support is here!!

    Sitefinity 8.1 is already out, and what an exciting journey it has been! In addition to all the great product features we’ve also added some amazing features in our Technical Support offerings. Fulfilling the promise we made last year to improve your customer experience we’re very excited to ...
  • Introducing the new Sitefinity Documentation Portal

    It's been a busy couple of months for the Sitefinity team. Earlier this year we asked for your opinion on the Sitefinity Product, Support service, and Documentation. Your feedback was really constructive and to the point, so I wanted to use the occasion and thank you all for taking the ...
  • Improve the application start-up and the effects of page templates changes for websites with heavy load

    Output caching in Sitefinity is a very important and useful feature, especially for websites with heavy load. In a nutshell, Sitefinity caches the rendered output for a particular page (personalized pages also!) when the page is requested for the first time and stores it in memory for other requests which ...
  • How to customize the UserProfile widget Edit mode templates using out of the box FieldControls

    Recently we've received some extremely valuable feedback regarding the need to explain in details how one can customize Sitefinity's UserProfile widget template to facilitate user input when the widget is in Edit mode. This post is going to attempt at doing it, showing you how you can utilize Sitefinity's FieldControls ...
  • Change the date portion of the Date/Owner column in Sitefinity backend list of Pages to LastModified

    Hi everyone, Today's blog post was inspired by our active and creative community, and is a nice way to demonstrate how you can easily adapt the Sitefinity backend to suit your requirements with a couple of clicks.  In the Sitefinity backend all list view (e.g. list of Pages, News, Dynamic ...
  • Replacing a default view of a Sitefinity ContentView-based widget

    In our previous post - Filtering Sitefinity ContentView-based controls on the frontend we have demonstrated how you can easily inherit from a ContentView-based widget's default view and implement your additional business logic there. We also showed you how you can make this the default View Sitefinity will be using. However ...
  • Automatically Select All Parent Taxa When Selecting a Taxon in Sitefinity's HierarchicalTaxonField

    I'd like to use the occasion to thank once again to all of you who constantly provide us with the great constructive feedback we need to come up with ideas for a good blog post article. Something that you really feel strongly about, and would like to see accomplished with ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity ContentView-based Controls on the Frontend

    Sitefinity's ContentView class, and all its inheritors (News, Blog Posts, Events, etc. widgets) are among the most popular subjects discussed in our blog post. And there's a pretty good reason for that, after all - our ContentView widgets are one of the most important elements that build the Sitefinity experience ...
  • Displaying the Categories Assigned to a Sitefinity Content Item as Clickable Links

    Many of you have used our Taxonomy Fields for displaying the taxa an item's marked with on the frontend. We've received some feedback form clients that in certain cases you'd prefer to have this list of taxa behave as clickable taxonomy links, which when clicked can dynamically filter the ListView ...
  • Making the Sitefinity LanguageSelector Lead You to the Translated Details View Page

    As it often happens in life we take some things for granted. And never think about them unless someone asks us the "why this stuff works like that" question. This time the question is about our LanguageSelector widget, and in particular - "If I am viewing the details page of, ...
  • Working with Sitefinity Permissions API - Managing Permissions

    Every now and then we receive questions from our clients regarding managing permissions in Sitefinity CMS through code. With this blog post we aim at addressing the most common scenario of granting and denying specific actions on Sitefinity secured objects. Let's take Pages for example. Prior to proceeding, please note ...
  • Integrating GoogleMaps with Sitefinity DynamicModules

    This blog post is a continuation of our previous example for Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the Frontend. To provide a brief background in that post we demonstrated how you can easily create a widget that would display your dynamic module's content, and allow your users to filter this content dynamically ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the frontend

    The scenario for today's blog post is a pretty straightforward one - as a website developer I'd like to offer my frontend users a mechanism for filtering the list of Dynamic Module items by certain criteria. To represent the idea better, let's say we'll be dealing with Offices - we're ...
  • Extending Sitefinity ContentSelectorsDesignerViews

    As you'd probably guess, the following blog post draws inspiration from the constructive client feedback we get through our developer network. For the purposes of the post we're going to illustrate our explanations with an actual use case scenario: I have created a custom field for my blog post, where I ...
  • Adding MetaDescription for Blog posts

    Adding MetaDescription tags for blogs, news, etc details view page has been a widely discussed topic in the Sitefinity community. With the following blog post we aim at demonstrating you how easy it is to achieve the desired functionality thanks to the extensibility of Sitefinity's ContentView. For the purposes of ...
  • Changing thumbnail size in Image Gallery

    As with most of our blog posts this one is also a result of constructive client feedback, submitted through the support channel. The following post will briefly demonstrate the ability to modify the default thumbnail size in Image gallery frontend widget, without affecting the image quality.  By default the logic ...
  • Customizing Sitefinity SearchResults - displaying Product thumbnails and other Content type-specific data

    Many of you have requested assistance in delivering various custom functionality in the Sitefinity SearchResults widgets. From displaying the Page's description, showing custom messages depending on the type of the item, to displaying Product thumbnails. By default the SearchResults widget operates with an IResultSet containing objects of type IDocument - ...
  • Introducing PageTitleMode for ModuleBuilder DynamicContentView

    Some of you have shown particular interest in controlling the Page title behavior when viewing ModuleBuilder items. While we have this task on our to-do list, we decided that it'd be good to provide you with a solution before the actual feature implementation. With this blog post we're going to ...
  • Adding custom thumbnails sizes for Videos and Images in Sitefinity

    A couple of clients have shown interest in specifying a different size for the generated video thumbnails in Sitefinity. In this post we're going to demonstrate how you can do this and a couple more useful things with the default thumbnail generation logic.   Out of the box when uploading ...
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