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  • “Shop By” Filters come to Ecommerce in Sitefinity 5.2

    “Shop by Filters” also known as “Faceted Filters,” reduce the number of products displayed in a product listing.  Rather than forcing customers down a fixed path (Ex: department navigation), faceted filters allow customers to narrow down product listings using categories that best match their shopping needs. Sitefinity Faceted Filters allow ...
  • Sitefinity 5.2 is now available! Release overview.

    In case you missed it, Sitefinity 5.2 is now officially released.  This release contains some major new features, as well as some smaller features that we haven’t yet fully explored.  Over the next several weeks we’ll publish a series of blog posts that explain each of these highlights.  ...
  • Sitefinity Thunder supports Visual Studio 2012 and helps developers avoid ALT + TAB

    Earlier today Microsoft announced the official availability of Visual Studio 2012 and we are happy to announce that the latest release of Sitefinity Thunder, a Visual Studio plug-in that helps developers extend Sitefinity CMS, has now been updated to support Visual Studio 2012.  This extended support is included alongside ...
  • Digesting 3-weeks of Sitefinity news after circling the globe

    During the past 3 weeks I’ve been travelling around the world attending conferences and my email is completely out of control.  I’ve been trying to catch-up on Sitefinity news and  decided to share my summary with the community. Major events Apr. 17th - First ever Sitefinity conference Apr. 19th – ...
  • How Sitefinity helps prevent broken page links

    I was recently chatting with our sales team and learned that several customers did not know they could move pages by simply dragging & dropping them to a new location in Sitefinity’s page manager. This is nice little feature that makes it quick & easy to organize the website.  Not ...
  • Make your Sitefinity web site more navigable with the Breadcrumb widget

    What is this page?  How do I get back to where I was?  For large web sites it's relatively easy for customers to become lost or navigate to a section where they feel they cannot escape.  Breadcrumb navigation is a tried & true technique for giving visitors a “You are ...
  • The era of 5.0 has begun–Sitefinity 5.0 released

    Moments ago, the Sitefinity team uploaded Sitefinity 5.0.  This is our first release of 2012 and it adds numerous features and enhancements for Sitefinity customers.  We previewed this release a couple of weeks ago, but it’s now available to everyone to download and use. Download Sitefinity 5.0 from your Telerik ...
  • Come see Sitefinity 5.0 and lots of new Telerik Q1 Features

    It’s that time again; 3 times per year Telerik delivers updates across its entire portfolio of products.  Then, during a full week of webinars, my evangelism colleagues & I show what’s new in each of these releases.  These webinars include free licenses, contests and lots of great information. The ...
  • Building real-world modules with Sitefinity’s new Module Builder

    During yesterday’s webinar we provided the first ever in-depth look at Sitefinity 4.4’s new Module Builder.  This valuable productivity tool is designed to help developers rapidly create extensions (new modules) for their Sitefinity projects, while still providing a framework that can be customized for a wide variety of use ...
  • This week – Deep explorations of Sitefinity’s new Module Builder

    I’m pausing briefly from my webinar preparation to remind everyone that we’ll be conducting 2 webinars this week where we explore Sitefinity’s new Module Builder.  Webinar details Building real-world modules with Sitefinity’s new Module Builder JANUARY 11, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST The Module Builder tool, that is ...
  • Your Holiday Gift: We'll upgrade your Sitefinity 3 website for you

    During the past few weeks we’ve highlighted the advantages of Sitefinity 4 and how to upgrade from Sitefinity 3.  To close out 2011 the Sitefinity team is extending a special offer to 10 lucky customers… We’ll personally upgrade your Sitefinity 3 website. These upgrades will be done by the ...
  • How to disable Sitefinity’s default navigation styling

    Sitefinity includes a navigation widget that is fully aware of your site map and renders all manner of navigation links: Behind the scenes, this widget is driven by Telerik’s RadControls (TabStrip, Menu, SiteMap, etc.).  This enables the navigation widget to inherit the rich functionality of these controls.  However, it also ...
  • What’s new in Sitefinity for Q3 2011

    This has been a huge week for Telerik products.  Throughout this week we’ve had webinars exploring the new features available in each new release of Telerik’s many products.  This included Sitefinity CMS where we explored the new Ecommerce features, the Image Editor, Performance Improvements and the new Social Media widgets.  ...
  • Q3 is here - Time for another big Sitefinity webinar

    It’s that time of year again.  No, I’m not talking about the Holidays, but instead about Telerik’s upcoming Q3 release webinars.  3 times a year Telerik delivers updates across its entire portfolio of products.  During these webinars, we highlight the new opportunities available in each of these new releases....
  • Sitefinity – This is what you missed in September 2011

    September was a very busy month.  Even being on the inside the news and information has flown faster than I can digest.  If I’m overwhelmed, then I’m guessing everyone else is too.  Below I’ve summarized the highlights from this past month. Major Highlights Sitefinity 4.2 SP1 was released – This ...
  • Sitefinity 4.2 SP1 is now available

    Earlier today, the Sitefinity team announced the availability of Sitefinity 4.2 SP1.  Here is a snapshot from Twitter announcing the latest release. What’s New Although this is a Service Pack (and thus primarily focused on polish and fixes), a handful of nice new features were introduced. Import an existing ...
  • Avoiding uneditable content in your Sitefinity Templates

    Recently I was creating a custom widget template for the Sitefinity Blog Widget.  As part of my design, I needed to add some text to this template.  Because I was already modifying the template I simply typed this content directly into my template. Thou shalt not manage content outside the ...
  • My 3 favorite customizations to Sitefinity’s Rich Text Editor

    A few months ago Grisha (aka Greg) blogged about customizing Sitefinity’s Rich Text WYSIWYG editor (RadEditor).  Telerik sells RadEditor as a stand-alone product and it has a ton of features that can be fully utilized in Sitefinity. I’m notoriously picky about my content editing environment (just ask the Sitefinity ...
  • Edit content in full-screen with Sitefinity CMS

    I’m hatching a personal project in my spare time that is built (of course) on Sitefinity.  As part of this project, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing in Sitefinity’s Rich Text editor.  A feature I’ve started to utilize regularly is full-screen mode. Handy Tip:  You can also ...
  • Bringing Responsive Web Design to Sitefinity CMS

    Recently, the Boston Globe has received a lot of praise for their redesigned web site.  With this redesign they used a technique known as responsive web design.  This technique builds a single template/layout that dynamically adapts to any resolution or device.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to give ...
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