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  • The Best Way to Automate Responsive Video Embeds

    A Content Management System such as Progress Sitefinity is a great tool for empowering marketing professionals to deploy any piece of content. However, some content types—videos, slideshow presentations, maps and other externally embedded pieces—may require additional effort for displaying on a responsive website. It’s important to be able to scale ...
  • Mobile Micro-moments: Are You Optimized?

    Mobile devices have redefined us: how we search, learn and buy. Through these small devices, we are easily connected to the world, our favorite brands and the oddest facts—if we so choose to google them—wherever we go. In fact, Google has labeled these instances of connection “micro-moments.”  According to Google...
  • From Project Inception to Post-Release Optimization

    We design, build and operate digital services across the touch-point spectrum. From corporate websites and e-commerce platforms to mobile native apps and digital campaigns. We must support digital transformation that delivers great user experience. In order to deliver the ultimate digital experience that transforms our perceptions, we should have a ...
  • How to Make Good Content: 6 Ways Forward

    You know it when you see it, don’t you? Good content. It grabs your attention, and keeps it. It educates with a minimal time investment, then sends you on your way feeling better for having engaged. It may even motivate you to engage again. So how to you create it? ...
  • Bring Stability with Continuous Delivery in Sitefinity 9.2

    When thinking about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for Sitefinity CMS, we should think of those processes as the standard ones that are applied to ASP.NET applications. First we choose the environment—single server, multiple servers with load balancer, Azure or Amazon. In order to automate the delivery process and eliminate ...
  • How Load-balancing Was Improved in Sitefinity 9.2

    In a load-balancing scenario all instances of an application must have the same configurations across the nodes, and when a new version comes it should update the nodes one at a time and avoid down time. There are two types of configuration settings in the CMS. The first ones are ...
  • Expand Your Customer Portfolio to Drive Customer Success

    The first four articles in this series focused on personalizing at the beginning of a visitor’s journey. They explored how to provide an engaging experience which would result in them taking the next step with you, moving them further down the funnel to become a customer. The next two installments ...
  • ABM: Making the Unknown Website Visitors Known

    In our fourth installment of this six-part series, we will explore how we as marketers can expand our reach when personalizing. In all analytics platforms, we can easily see the breakdown of new versus returning users. And we can identify which pages they go to and how many conversions were ...
  • The surprising potential of peripheral vision in driving user attention

    Have you ever worn glasses then after a while switched to contact lenses? If so, you know how unreal it feels. Like accessing another perception to explore the world around you, it’s a new experience, a new sense through which you are completely aware of the space and movements around you. You feel excited, alive. But why is ...
  • Persistence Pays Off in a Nurture

    My team uses technology and data to enable our business processes—this would classify me as a “digital marketer.” In my role and working for Progress any prospective salesperson is going to know we have a marketing technology stack, and I am a target to be sold the latest solution that ...
  • Drive Engagement: Serve More Relevant Content to Personas

    In our third installment of this six-part series, we will explore the benefit of personalizing content for target personas. Most marketing organizations create marketing personas when creating a go-to-market strategy. Depending on your organization, some personas may not make it past the PowerPoint slide. Others warrant a robust content strategy ...
  • 5 Free Ways to Enhance Your Content with Data Visualization

    Have you ever spent countless hours researching and writing about a topic, only to have dismal number of interactions with your content? This is a writer’s worst nightmare. Avoid the pitfall of no one reading your hard work by following these tips to make your content pop. My greatest revelation ...
  • Accelerate DevOps and Drive Consistency with Sitefinity 9.2

    In today’s digital world, the role of IT is transitioning. Changing from technology provider to business partner as businesses strive to meet the needs of demanding digital consumers. To respond, developers seek innovative ways to streamline processes and improve output, all without sacrificing functionality—or quality. If done right, they’ll be ...
  • 4 Guerrilla Content Tactics (with examples) for your Content Marketing Strategy

    Every so often you need “guerrilla activity” to boost your content marketing results. Of course, having a sound and well-coordinated content marketing strategy is a must for just about any company these days. And a great guerilla tactic will only benefit you if it fits into the larger strategic plan. ...
  • Content is King But the Customer Journey Reigns Supreme

    Digital marketers have heard it ad nauseam—Content is King!—but without a way to effectively leverage content to drive action and harness the resulting data, your results will disappoint. The Metrics Say it’s Mighty Noisy Out There Content best practices are imperative as the volume of content grows and levels of ...
  • How I Fell Off My Digital Platform Shoes

    The mid-1990s saw the reemergence of the platform shoe. It also saw the popular adoption of the internet. Check this out! We’ve obviously come a long way since that time, not only in fashion, but in our understanding of what the internet can do. Those of us in marketing ...
  • Drive Users through Funnel with Behavioral Personalization

    In our second installment of this six-part series, we will explore the benefit of using a visitor’s behavior to personalize their journey.  Think about it: each visitor who comes to your website has a unique experience. Some may share similar paths, but at some point their journey will differ—especially ...
  • Getting started with the Sitefinity’s MVC capabilities (AKA Feather)

    Before you start developing with Sitefinity, you need to choose between a WebForms and MVC approach. While both can provide a beautiful experience today, the MVC capabilities are the future of the Sitefinity CMS and should be your choice. This post will look at the big picture covering the main ...
  • Make Your Website the Center of Your Digital Empire

    Brands strive to exist wherever their audience gathers, and they’re always on the lookout for the next proverbial watering hole. Whether it’s a new social network, image sharing app or anything else, businesses are ready to jump on the platform du jour and engage their target audiences. Building Your Brand ...
  • 5 Simple Steps to Drastically Improve Email Marketing

    Email is extremely personal. It's one thing we generally don't share with anyone, including long-time friends and family members. However, a shocking 67% of people surveyed reported that they share email and social networking passwords with their partners. This means that when you, as an entity, send an email to ...
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