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  • So, how do you feel about .NET 3.5?

    We are working on Sitefinity 4.0 at the moment, but have decided that some of the refactoring we’ve done would be very useful to you, so we will probably release Sitefinity 3.6 with those improvements and not wait all the way to 4.0.  We don’t have exact date yet, but ...
  • Meet the crew next week

    Next week Sitefinity crew will be all over the world (well not really, but sounds very good when I put it that way). One part of the team you’ll be able to meet in Boston at Gilbane, while other part is going to IMS London. Needless to say, ...
  • In the mean time series (part 6): "Products" module - simple implementation with enabled localization

    Once again, I will post a ridiculously short and simple post. In this post I will demonstrate how to enable localization on products module. The idea is, of course, that we can have different versions of products depending on the culture/language end user selected. NOTE #1: Since this post is ...
  • In the mean time series (part 5): "Products" module - simple implementation with enabled permissions and workflow

    Ok, this will be a ridiculously simple and short post. This, precisely, is the reason why you should buy a CMS and not build one on your own. In this post, we will turn on the workflow for our products module in no more than two steps and less than ...
  • Telerik.com running on Sitefinity

    It is my great pleasure to announce that Telerik.com is running on Sitefinity starting from today. I hope that you will all enjoy the new website. It was a truly amazing experience to work on a site of such a scale and Sitefinity as a product has become much better ...
  • In the mean time series (part 4): BONUS TRACK - "Products" module - implementing search index

    Feeling bad that we’ve let you wait so long for this series, though we’ve announced it back in the mid summer, I’ve decided to throw in a bonus track. You will not find this post on the roadmap, though it will eventually make it to the manual. In this ...
  • In the mean time series (part 3): "Products" module - simple implementation with enabled permissions

    There have been quite a few requests for this particular example, and may I add, most of the angry posts regarding the developer’s manual were related to the lack of this sample. Admittedly, when I put the roadmap for this series in the manual I wasn’t going to tease you, ...
  • In the mean time series (part 2): "Products" module - simple implementation with enabled comments

    Ok, after short break with SiteActivity control, back to the serious stuff. Continuing the “In the mean time series”, we are making headway to the full-fledged products module. In this post I will demonstrate how to enable comments on our products module – module based on Generic Content. NOTE: ...
  • SiteActivity control - display the last X modified pages

    I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to make a short post on something simple, to give you the break from the epic series and posts I’ve been posting lately. So, in this post I’ll explain how to create a simple user control that displays x number of ...
  • Working with ContentViewDesigners (part 6): Implementing a custom designer

    We’ve arrived at the end of ContentViewDesigner series. The last post in the series will explain how to implement a custom designer. Many of you may have noticed that while I keep talking about ContentViewDesigners, the ContentView control itself does not have a designer. In this post we are going ...
  • In the mean time series (part 1): "Products" module - simple implementation with enabled tags

    About the series At the moment our team is being overwhelmed with different tasks, and since updating the Developer’s Manual requires involvement of several different people, I will be patching the missing topics from the developer’s manual here on the blog. As soon as the things get back to normal, ...
  • Working with ContentView designer (part 5): Implementing custom designer setting

    In order to get this sample working, you will need to get the Sitefinity 3.5 Service Pack 1, so please go to your client.net account and grab your own version. NOTE: You can scroll down to the end of post and grab the sample code with quick installation instructions In ...
  • Working with ContentView designer (part 4): Introduction :)

    Yep, I did it again; started a series without an introduction. Romi pointed out to my ill practice, so here I am, writing an introduction in the fourth part of the series. What are ContentView designers ContentView designers were introduced in Sitefinity 3.2. Their purpose is to allow end users ...
  • Sitefinity 3.5 Service Pack 1 released

    I'm glad to inform you all that we have released Sitefinity 3.5 Service Pack 1. Now, head to your Client.net accounts, grab your copy and upgrade so that we can continue with the custom ContentView settings samples - which requires the v3.5 SP1. There are no yet any official ...
  • How to associate Image Gallery with content item (e.g. news item) - finishing touches

    I've wrote a blog post few days ago on subject of associating ImageGallery with content item (such as news item). Apparently, I was in such a hurry that I didn't notice that single images could not be opened once the gallery displays. Now, this comes from the fact that both ...
  • Working with ContentView designers (part 3): ContentSetting control

    Sitefinity in its current version comes with two built-in settings: TextSetting and ContentSetting. In the previous post I’ve explained the TextSetting control and in this one we will explore ContentSetting. Why have different setting controls? Before I dig into the details, the first question that ought to be answered is ...
  • Working with ContentView designers (part 2): TextSetting control

    In the previous post about ContentView designers I’ve explained how to add new settings to the ModeSettings collection to give your end users more control over how will EventsView control look like. We’ve added four TextSetting controls and I didn’t go into detail what exactly the properties of these settings ...
  • Making expandable NewsView control with jQuery

    Recently, we’ve seen a lot of people asking how to implement a NewsView control that would behave as a ExpandableList. After a short deliberation, jQuery came as a most natural solution. In this post I will explain how to modify current List & Page mode of the News View control ...
  • Working with ContentView designers (part 1)

    In version 3.2 we have released new designers for ContentView based controls (BlogPosts, NewsView, EventsView…). While to the end user it didn’t seem like much of a change, we have introduced quite an improvement, just haven’t had the time to explain it. In the next few posts I will be ...
  • How to associate Image Gallery with content item (e.g. news item)

    Reading through the support tickets I’ve come across an interesting request. One of our clients wanted to know how to associate an image gallery with a content item. Now, some of you may have already seen the kb on how to associate content item with a file (http://www.sitefinity.com/support/knowledge-base/kb-article/b1154K-bakd-b1154T-cgh.aspx), ...
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