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  • Sitefinity 3.5 out

    In case you’ve missed the forum announcement, we have released Sitefinity 3.5 last week. I’ve been out of office on a vacation  - carefully scheduled to avoid prerelease madness – so I couldn’t blog about it sooner. Anyhow, long story short – it is out. The release notes, together with ...
  • Sitefinity controls - new topics in Developer Manual

    Many of you have asked on this blog why have I stopped posting code samples here. Apart from being quite busy lately, the biggest reason is that I am posting samples now in the Developers Manual. I believe it is a better medium, since the content and samples are much ...
  • First book on Sitefinity: Sitefinity Made Easy, by Aimee Nusz

    Aimee Nusz has written a book on Sitefinity, published by Falafel. The book is aimed at users and power users or as Falafel has put it: “This two-day courseware aims to teach non-developers how to build a viable web site in two days. Each lesson builds on the skills learned ...
  • Our friends at Habaneros came up with a nice workaround

    Our friends at Habaneros Consulting Group have found a problem with Events Schedule View control when workflow is turned on and let us know about it - but not to leave it at that - they've also came up with a workaround and send it to us. We are really ...
  • Few weeks later...

    It has been few weeks since we have released the all new and shiny developer manual. As promised we’ve been updating it since then (though the Monday thing failed miserably, we’ve managed to update manual once per week – so that’s how it’s going to be from now on – ...
  • Dev manual updates to be released on Mondays

    Sorry, for misinforming everyone, but there is a little change in a plan - in regards to releasing the updates of developer manual. My initial idea was to do it every Friday - but turns out there are some technical issues in regards to the build and upload of the ...
  • Developer manual - scheduled topics for July 11th, 2008

    As we have promised, the developer manual will be updated every Friday in the months to come. This coming Friday, we are planning on releasing following topics: Events module API Walkthrough Pluggable module topics (the current section will be completely revised): Starter-kit: Bare-bones pluggable module Simple pluggable module Pluggable module ...
  • New developer manual published

    We have published new developer manual and we are not happy with it. But, that’s the good news. Namely, we weren’t able to explain everything we wanted, but we also didn’t want to make you wait six months until we are “happy”, so we decided we will release the new ...
  • MetaMaster 2008 - finally released!

      Nice title, ehh? Since everyone seems to be releasing something these days, I thought I’d give it a try on my blog as well. From now on, I’ll be branding all the code samples.  For the time being all the samples will be released under RandomSFCode label (until I ...
  • Control designer for user control - the one that actually works

    In the HOW TO: Create control designer for user control post I have very nicely explained everything, except that I have zipped completely wrong files. I am really sorry for that and apologize to anyone who ran into problems and frustration with that code sample. On the bright side, it ...
  • Sitefinity 3.2 Service Pack 2 released

    In case you've missed the post on the forum, we have released Service Pack 2 for Sitefinity 3.2 on Friday. As usually, not to repeat ourselves the full info about the release, installation instruction, known issues and of course the download link you can find at the forum announcement here...
  • ArchiveControl workaround - per popular demand

    We’ve had archive control as a Sitefinity built in control for a brief time, however there were some performance issues with it, so we took it out - until we get time to rebuild it. We’ve got quite a few complaints about removing that control and most of the people ...
  • RegisterRequiresControlState Error + Workaround

    Thanks to our great community we have discovered a hard-to-track bug that happens on websites with a greater amount of traffic. Since you may be experiencing this bug as well, we’ve decided to publish the workaround here on the blog as well as some background. The error manifests itself every ...
  • Thank you Joseph

    As many of you have discovered, Events module did not make it to the developers documentation. We've tried to squeeze it in, but there was simply no time. So to all of you trying to develop something against the Events module I'd like to point out the walkthrough we've received from Joseph ...
  • HOW TO : create a control designer for user controls

    [UPDATE: problems reported in the comments below this post have been fixed and files for download have been updated] As you may have noticed on some of our controls, when you edit them in a page editor, there are two modes for editing the control (or setting the properties). There ...
  • Service pack 1 for Sitefinity 3.2 out

    I am really glad to inform everyone that we have released Service Pack 1 for Sitefinity 3.2 version. Ton of issues have been fixed, and most of the medium trust issues - which I am sure will be a really good news to everyone taking advantage of our deal with ...
  • Sitefinity on DiscountASP.NET

    As it is painfully obvious from the absence of new post, I am really busy these days working on the upcoming Service Pack for Sitefinity 3.2. So, until I get back and continue the started series and start some new projects on the blog I've been thinking about for a ...
  • Sitefinity 3.2 official release out

    Sitefinity 3.2 has been officially released. I have already wrote extensively about this release and the only thing left is to point you to the official announcement with release notes and instructions for download and installation. Enjoy! http://www.sitefinity.com/support/forums/support-forum-thread/b1043S-bcehhe.aspx
  • Sitefinity 3.2 BETA out!

    I am very pleased to announce that few minutes ago we have released Sitefinity 3.2 BETA. The official announcement together with known issues, installation notes and other valuable information you can find on our forums. Sitefinity 3.2 is a very ambitious release, which you will undoubtedly see from the ...
  • New Telerik blogs running on Sitefinity!

    Telerik blogs, over at blogs.telerik.com have been revamped and are now running on Sitefinity. If you've ever wondered how would Sitefinity handle lots of bloggers, posts and visitors that's a perfect place to check it out. From what I am gathering our colleagues in other teams are quite satisfied with ...
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