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  • Tips to optimize your website performance

    Here are some good practices that you can use to optimize the performance of your website. Ensure that compilation debug property is set to false on your production - Don’t run production ASP.NET Applications with debug=”true” enabled . Enable PageCaching - the default CachingProvider that is used for pages ...
  • Expose SpamProtector (Captcha) as a public property of a ContentView based control

    Each ContentView based control represents content items that have been created from the backend or programmatically. The ContentView based control has two modes List - shows all items as a list. Details - shows a single item from the list. Build-in ContentView based controls are - EventsView, BlogPosts, NewsView, ContentView ...
  • Optimize backend CategoriesView performance in Sitefinity 3.7

    Recently we received several bug reports from some of our customers about problems with CategoriesView performance when they have over 200 categories. We ran some test and it turned out that the counting that we perform and the view structure produced very large output. This leads to server timeout or ...
  • SiteMenu Builder

    This post will show you how to create custom navigation menu for your website, where you can specify which pages you want to see and which not. There are many cases where you want to have two level navigation or several navigational  menus. Each time you will have to do ...
  • Save Images from the Images and Documents module back to the file system

    When you upload images from your file system to Sitefinity using Images and Documents module all items go to the database as binary object. In some cases you may need to get this Images back to your file system - upload them in another project, back up on the server, ...
  • Implementing scheduled services in Sitefinity 3.x

    In this post I will show you how to create scheduled services that could be executed on a certain period of time - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. The post will expose web service that runs a Sitefinity search index. The implementation requires   1.Creating a web service in Sitefinity...
  • Implement Forum subscription in Sitefinity 3.x

    In this post I will show you how you can implement Forum subscription in Sitefinity. Instead of going each time to a given post you can just subscribe to the forum post and receive email notification once someone reply to you or you just want to stay informed about the ...
  • Christmas Bonus - Workflow with comments in Sitefinity 3.x

    In this blog post I will show you how to create a workflow with comments. This is very useful when the workflow for your website is enabled and you want to leave a message to your content editors why a give content has been approved, declined, published. Generally the idea ...
  • Insert/Update/Delete content items with RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX

    In this blog post I am showing how to create a custom RadScheduler control that can be used to insert/update and delete content items. Generally the implementation is related to Events provider and IEvent objects. All data for the items managed through this control is persisted by the default Events ...
  • Filter CategoriesTree control by Blog.

    The main reason of this post is a discussion that I had in Sitefinity's forum post. So, the problem here is that you have BlogPosts control that supports filtering, but the same does not apply for CategoriesTree control. Using BlogPosts FilterExpression property you can  show only a specific blog ...
  • Insert/Update/Delete content items with RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    In the following blog post I'm  going to show you how to create a custom control that uses one of the most powerful controls form Telerik.Web.UI suite - RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX and its functionality to Insert/Update/Delete content items. The control will allow you to populate the RadGrid with items ...
  • Separating search results in multilingual websites

    If you have a bilingual or multilingual Sitefinity based website that uses standard SearchBox and SearchResults controls with reference to all pages you will see that the SearchResults control will return all ResulItems no matter of the culture you use. So it will be not useful for my English speaking ...
  • How to force newly created users to enable their accounts.

    This is a general topic that shows extending the server CreateUserWizard control. I am going to show you how you can force newly create users to confirm their registration to your website by sending an email message. Actually this is a simple implementation that could be extended depending on your ...
  • Creating a custom WebUITypeEditor

    The purpose of this post is to show how you can create a custom WebUITypeEditor. There are a lot of cases, where you would need to extend some base controls and implement a custom logic requiring to get some id or other value from a custom web editor. This post ...
  • Let's hide Upload Controls section from Sitefinity 3.6 toolbox

      I few days ago I created a post about how we can hide controls from Sitefinity toolbox section. Now I am going to show you how to hide upload controls section of the toolbox - check out figure 1. The idea here is that even you deny the ...
  • HACK: How to hide controls from toolbox section in Sitefinity 3.6

      I know that many of you have asked us about this. How we can hide some controls, so that a certain users will not be able to use them. Ok, me and one of our developers decided to provide this solution for you.   Firs we create a class ...
  • Working with selectors(WebEditors) part 3. Blog selector and Newsletters group selector.

    1. Blog selector( web editor) This web editor is useful if you want to select some of the blogs you have already created. Example: Here we are creating an user control where we add BlogPosts control.   <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="WebEditor.ascx.cs" Inherits="CustomControls_WebEditor" %> <%@ Register Assembly="Telerik.Blogs" Namespace="Telerik.Blogs.WebControls" TagPrefix="blogs" %>...
  • Working with selectors Part Two: File manager selector, Page id selector, Rss feed selector

      Here are some examples represents how to use File manager selector, Page id selector, Rss feed selector   File manager selector - you can select files from your project root. File manager selector allows you to upload new item to the root.   // file manager selector. [WebEditor("Telerik.FileManager.UrlWebEditor, ...
  • Working with selectors Part One: Content selector, Image selector, Document selector.

      I'm going to start a session of some posts about selectors in Sitefinity. There won't be a lot of coding, because I will describe some general aspects of the topic. In this post I will work with user control and selectors will be set as a properties of this ...
  • Schedule content items publishing with workflow enabled

        One more blogger is on board ready to post more and more.   In this post I am going to show you how to publish and schedule content items with workflow enabled. First we need to create a user control. I am going to work with News items. ...