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  • Creating a Custom Widget Designer using Sitefinity and Sitefinity Thunder Part 1

    Description This blog posts intends to cover the newest way to create custom Designers for your widgets. This post is meant to be an addendum to Josh Morales’ excellent blog post entitled Selecting Sitefinity 4 Content Inside Widget Designers, which was posted on October of 2011. Since that time ...
  • Slower website startup times when uploading to live

    This article could help you investigate slower startup times when deploying your asp.net application to your live environments. Let's start with some basics of how an ASP.NET website is hosted in the w3wp.exe process created by the IIS for each application pool. Our experience shows that in most of the ...
  • Sitefinity Memory Usage

    We commonly get questions about the memory usage of various Sitefinity instances so I decided to share some information about the fundamental forces in play there. I will mostly talk about the memory usage on startup as it is the initial impression and causes a lot of confusion although the ...
  • Creating a Responsive MVC Based Image Carousel in Sitefinity

    Description In this post I’m going to demonstrate how easy it is to create Sitefinity MVC based, responsive image carousel widget for your Sitefinity projects. When complete you will have 3 columned carousel that will adjust its columns from 3 to 2 to 1 as you scale your browser’s width ...
  • Replacing a default view of a Sitefinity ContentView-based widget

    In our previous post - Filtering Sitefinity ContentView-based controls on the frontend we have demonstrated how you can easily inherit from a ContentView-based widget's default view and implement your additional business logic there. We also showed you how you can make this the default View Sitefinity will be using. However ...
  • Unit Tests Using Unity Dependency Injection In Sitefinity CMS

    Unit testing and dependency injection are inseparable concepts. Therefore it is quite possible that you are using or planning to use some dependency injection mechanism for the code you write with Sitefinity. Hence I decided to write about the option to use what is built in Sitefinity. In the content ...
  • Give Your Visitors What They Want – Relevant Content

    Organizing your content is great but even if you go through the trouble to meticulously categorize and tag every piece of content on your site, there will still be a section of your audience that just won’t be able to find it. We need another tactic…and that’s where displaying related ...
  • Sitefinity Authentication Expiration

    A common misconception when filling a login form is that if you check the "Remember me on this computer" check box you will be remembered on this computer forever. The actual behavior that this checkbox controls is whether the authentication cookie that is issued as a proof of your successful authentication ...
  • Indexing Content of Excel Files In Sitefinity CMS

    To be able to index the contents of .xlsx files you must create a text extractor that gets the data from published .xlsx files and adds it to a search index.   Detailed information regarding how this could be achieved you will find in this documentation article.
  • How to check whether URL parameters are resolved in pages with MVC widgets

    Sitefinity 6.2 introduces a hook which lets implement “default” behavior in controllers. You can override the HandleUnknownAction method in your controller in order to decide what to do when an action method is not resolved for a controller - which can occur if you have multiple controllers on one page ...
  • Redirect unauthorized users to a custom page

    Configuring the Front-End Login Url Since Sitefinity 5.3 you have the ability to set a FrontEndUrl property, which is defined at the Site level and can be also granularly configured per site in a Multi Site instance. The FrontEndUrl is url of a page, that you will be redirected to ...
  • How To Display a Specific Selected Form From a Dropdown in Sitefinity CMS

    This Sitefinity content management code sample meets the following requirements: When a user selects a dropdown item, a form corresponding to the selected item will be opened in the form section of the CMS. If a user chooses another item from the dropdown, some other form will be opened. User ...
  • How to Add the Visual Studio MVC Features for a Sitefinity Project

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: You are now an MVC project Visual Studio: I am now an MVC project Introduction You have been developing on ASP.NET for quite some time and you are used to the native features offered by Visual Studio, like for instance when you are adding a Controller, adding a ...
  • What Happens When the Sitefinity User Limit Is Reached

    The question with no answer  Today I am going to take a look inside a functionality, which is not used every day and even the people who have seen it before tend to forget it and… that also includes me. In the next few paragraphs, this post will quickly ...
  • A Look at Telerik Sitefinity Customization - Extending Modules to Fit Your Needs

    In an upcoming video tutorial that I'm putting together this month, I'll be continuing the theme of extensibility and customization in Telerik Sitefinity. Here's the story The Sitefinity forms module allows users to subscribe to be notified when a visitor submits a response. It's a great feature, but if the ...
  • What’s new in Sitefinity 7.0 – A look at the product roadmap

    With the upcoming product release of Sitefinity 7.0 getting closer, the roadmap has just recently been made available. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features and explore the benefits of each. Custom Fields for Pages Developers can now create custom fields for their Sitefinity pages. These ...
  • No CMS Boundaries: Key Elements for True Extensibility Webinar Follow-up

    Very recently, I presented a webinar on CMS Extensibility. We looked at what made up true extensibility and saw how to handle different extension scenarios in Telerik Sitefinity. That presentation (along with all the demos) was recorded and can be viewed by going to the Webinars on Demand section of ...
  • Building Sitefinity Module Builder Items URL Based on Item Fields

    Recently we had frequent requests from clients who want to utilize the functionality of the Sitefinity Module builder, but for some reason named their items with the same names and therefore experienced problems when the item’s details needed to be presented as the URL constructed is duplicated. In order to ...
  • Integrating Sitefinity CMS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Sitefinity is a powerful content management platform that empowers website editors with easy to use tools for creating and manipulating website content. Sitefinity also provides a very mature API for developers to interact with as well as a host of Visual Studio integrated tools which make common custom development tasks ...
  • Sitefinity Custom Form Widget with Dependent Dropdowns

    This blog post provides a sample and tutorial on how to implement a Sitefinity form widget with related dropdowns. Once you select a value from one of the dropdowns, the send dropdown is populated with values depending on the first one. For the sample I have used a list of ...
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