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  • Create a Sitefinity Theme in a Class Library

    This blog post will outline how to create a Sitefinity Theme in a class library. To start, if you do not have a Theme, you can generated one with Sitefinity Thunder. After that, add a new class library and move the theme files to it: http://screencast.com/t/m6mlNPlOkMs. In order to ...
  • Implement Related Comboboxes in Widget Designer For Page Control in Sitefinity CMS

    The implementation of two comboboxes in designer in Sitefinity CMS is an easy task. The bigger challenge is to "link" them and populate one depending on the other's value. In this sample I have generated a ready-to-use widget with designer with Sitefinity Thunder Extension for Visual Studio. Thunder wires up ...
  • Working with the Sitefinity Event System

    Being able to work with Sitefinity events has been around since 5.1 but I've never dug into it until now. After implementing the method to do some customization of a module created with Module Builder, I came away with some knowledge. In this post I'm going to distill what I ...
  • Reordering Controls In Sitefinity Page Toolboxes

    This blog post provides a sample of reordering Sitefinity page toolbox controls through the configuration API. Here is a sample web form that contains this sample code which reverses the order of the toolbox control in the preselected section. A video of how the reordering function works is available here....
  • Customize RadEditor with Scripts in the Sitefinity Backend

    In this blog post, I will show you how you can customize RadEditor in the Sitefinity backend. In this example, we will disable the filter for scripts (by default script tags are removed from the html). This approach could be used in any other cases you need to change the ...
  • Copy Page Groups Between Sites In Multisite Scenario

    This blog provides a sample web form that can be used to copy a specific page and all of its child pages between two Sitefinity sites in multisite scenario. This can be very useful if you create new site and don't want to copy the whole page structure from another ...
  • Adding Image to a Blog RSS Feed in Sitefinity

    RSS feeds are a convenient way to inform users instantly when a new blog post is available for them to review and comment. This post will show you how to add an image in the feed’s list. The first thing you will need to do is add a custom field ...
  • Global Search and Replace in Sitefinity Content Blocks

    Sitefinity offers Shared Content Block, which allows static content on multiple pages to be easily managed from one place, eliminating the need of going through every page and editing it. However, in some cases, there are content blocks that are not shared and we would like to easily replace content ...
  • Adding Custom Search Results into Sitefinity Search Results Widget

    The Sitefinity search results widget renders search results for content that is saved in Sitefinity search index. In order to make the search result widget render a result which is not located in Sitefinity search, the search result can be added on the fly while searching. The data to construct ...
  • Hiding Custom Field Sections for Different Providers with Sitefinity Multisite Management

    In a multisite management scenario all Sitefinity modules have the same custom and built-in fields for all sites because custom fields are added to a whole type (NewsItem, BlogPost, etc.) and are not unique per site. A customization can be added to make certain fields hidden in some sites to ...
  • Downloading Sitefinity Documents Programmatically

    The samples provided in this blog post show how to download different types of Sitefinity documents programmatically. In the code we get a specific document by title, download its stream and then save the stream to a file in a specified directory of the project. Sample 1: Downloading a pdf ...
  • Secure Cookies in Sitefinity CMS

    FedAuth, FedAuth1 and .ASPXAUTH are cookies connected to Claims and Forms Authentication. To secure these cookies you need to first secure the Sitefinity backend with SSL. You could find additional information regarding the configurations in our Sitefinity documentation and the following blog post. Note that all backend pages should ...
  • Extending Client Component of Field Controls in Sitefinity CMS

    Recently more and more people request to extend the client component (the Javascript) of the built-in field controls in Sitefinity for various reasons, so in this short post I will try to explain the basic ways to do this.  For the purpose of this demo I will take the FlatTaxonField ...
  • Visual Studio Integration Tip - Control Designers

    It’s no surprise that people are more likely to use something when it looks nice and is easy to navigate. Sitefinity Thunder makes it simple to transform cryptic and confusing widgets into ones that users will actually enjoy well...using. First, let’s take a quick look at the “cryptic and confusing” ...
  • Registration Widget with Integrated Captcha Spam Protection in Sitefinity CMS

    Integrated Captcha spam protection in registration widget is widely requested from many of our clients. In the following blog post I will demonstrate how to implement a custom registration control with integrated RadCaptcha. For this modified control we will use the default template for the Registration widget. Here is the ...
  • Forms Duplication in Sitefinity CMS

    We have a lot of requests form clients about duplication of existing Sitefinity forms. Please find a sample showing how to duplicate a specific form programmatically: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             var fromManager = FormsManager.GetManager();               //Get an existing form             var firstForm = ...
  • Right-to-left Writing Format for Sitefinity's Backend

    Sitefinity does not contain an out-of-the box right-to-left writing theme. This short blog post illustrates how to modify your built-in theme to match your desired writing style. First, we need to download the already modified Sitefinity Theme with right-to-left writing style. Actually the only modified line is in “/CSS/Layout.css...
  • Automatically Select All Parent Taxa When Selecting a Taxon in Sitefinity's HierarchicalTaxonField

    I'd like to use the occasion to thank once again to all of you who constantly provide us with the great constructive feedback we need to come up with ideas for a good blog post article. Something that you really feel strongly about, and would like to see accomplished with ...
  • Displaying Additional User Information in a Sitefinity Forum Post

    In this blog post I will show you how you could display additional user information in a Sitefinity forum post. This user information should be available as a custom field in the users’ profile. Prerequisites: Created custom field in the users’ profile (for example: JobPosition) Code explanation: 1.  We need ...
  • Quick Tip: “Randomly” Sorting Content in Native Widgets

    Here’s a quick way to achieve a “random” sort using native Sitefinity widgets. This requires no custom code but is probably a completely “off label” use of the property involved. Moving on… Locate the SortExpression field for the widget you want to modify. Using DynamicContent as an example, click “Edit” ...