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  • Forms Duplication in Sitefinity CMS

    We have a lot of requests form clients about duplication of existing Sitefinity forms. Please find a sample showing how to duplicate a specific form programmatically: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             var fromManager = FormsManager.GetManager();               //Get an existing form             var firstForm = ...
  • Right-to-left Writing Format for Sitefinity's Backend

    Sitefinity does not contain an out-of-the box right-to-left writing theme. This short blog post illustrates how to modify your built-in theme to match your desired writing style. First, we need to download the already modified Sitefinity Theme with right-to-left writing style. Actually the only modified line is in “/CSS/Layout.css...
  • Automatically Select All Parent Taxa When Selecting a Taxon in Sitefinity's HierarchicalTaxonField

    I'd like to use the occasion to thank once again to all of you who constantly provide us with the great constructive feedback we need to come up with ideas for a good blog post article. Something that you really feel strongly about, and would like to see accomplished with ...
  • Displaying Additional User Information in a Sitefinity Forum Post

    In this blog post I will show you how you could display additional user information in a Sitefinity forum post. This user information should be available as a custom field in the users’ profile. Prerequisites: Created custom field in the users’ profile (for example: JobPosition) Code explanation: 1.  We need ...
  • Quick Tip: “Randomly” Sorting Content in Native Widgets

    Here’s a quick way to achieve a “random” sort using native Sitefinity widgets. This requires no custom code but is probably a completely “off label” use of the property involved. Moving on… Locate the SortExpression field for the widget you want to modify. Using DynamicContent as an example, click “Edit” ...
  • Import External Data into Sitefinity Custom Modules

    So, you’ve created a custom module, great! Now what? Well, now it’s time to get some data in there. Sitefinity’s Module Builder generates code samples that you can use to start interacting with custom content types right away. In this post, I’m going to show you how I used those ...
  • How to Retrieve Custom Fields from Older Versions of Items Using the Sitefinity API

    This will be a very short blog post showcasing how to get an older version from the Revision History and then get the value of a custom field. For this example we will use a document. In order to get the version history of an item, we need to ...
  • Making Your Sitefinity Widget Templates Editable through the UI - Part 2

    This blog post is an extension to the blog post from Slavo Ingilizov for making widget templates editable trough the UI. This blog post will address how to make the custom widget template persist in the UI after it has been edited (not removed after a single edit to the template) ...
  • Working with Layout Controls Programmatically

    Sitefinity's backend UI allows adding various configurations for layout controls to control the page layout display and in this blog post I will provide a sample on how to create new layout controls on a page using the API and how to query layout controls on pages. 1. To create ...
  • Adding Custom Route for Static Web Forms In Sitefinity Sites

    Today's bog post deals with the concept of using ASP.NET Routing in your Sitefinity application. Typically in ASP.NET an incoming request for a URL typically maps to a physical file handling the request (e.g. an .aspx file). However in some use case scenarios you might want to define URLs that ...
  • Workflow Rejection for Dynamic Module Items Using the Sitefinity API

    When moving Sitefinity module builder items through the workflow, the standard method used is to call. It is the extension method SetWorkflowStatus which allows you to state the status of each item to Published, Draft, AwaitingApproval, AwaitingPublishing, Rejected. dynamicItem.SetWorkflowStatus(testsItem, dynamicModuleManager.Provider.ApplicationName, "Published");            dynamicModuleManager.SaveChanges();  ...
  • Implementing Sitefinity Partial Match Search

    We have received many requests on how to achieve a partial match functionality using the Sitefinity search. By default Lucene uses exact match and if you search for “choco” you will not get any results for that have “chocolate”. In order to achieve this functionality, we need to modify the ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Ecommerce Module

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. It's not a secret that responsive design can boost the sales on your ecommerce site a lot. Since Sitefinity already offers an ecommerce module, in this blog post I'm going to demonstrate to you how ...
  • Use Your Existing Data to Fuel Your Entire Mobile Strategy

    So, you've decided to start planning your mobile strategy but don't know where to begin. Should you choose a mobile website, responsive design or go with a mobile app? There's so much information out there, how do you pick? I'm going to show you why, with the right CMS, it ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Forums

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. In my previous blog post I showed you how to extend the responsive design feature in Sitefinity CMS by styling the Dashboard for devices with higher dimensions. In this blog post I have prepared for ...
  • New MVC Goodness in Sitefinity 6.2

    As we are seeing more and more developers who use their MVC widgets in Sitefinity, we spent some time to make their life easier for the 6.2 release. A lot of issues reported in the past have been fixed, and we have also introduced support for some new functionality requested ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity ContentView-based Controls on the Frontend

    Sitefinity's ContentView class, and all its inheritors (News, Blog Posts, Events, etc. widgets) are among the most popular subjects discussed in our blog post. And there's a pretty good reason for that, after all - our ContentView widgets are one of the most important elements that build the Sitefinity experience ...
  • Dashboard Responsive Design

    With the release of the new Dashboard module in Sitefinity CMS we introduced responsive design for the dashboard page. This functionality allows content editors to track changes on the site even on their mobile phones. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to fully take advantage of ...
  • Displaying the Categories Assigned to a Sitefinity Content Item as Clickable Links

    Many of you have used our Taxonomy Fields for displaying the taxa an item's marked with on the frontend. We've received some feedback form clients that in certain cases you'd prefer to have this list of taxa behave as clickable taxonomy links, which when clicked can dynamically filter the ListView ...
  • Query Sitefinity Configurations for Retrieving Custom Fields

    The ability to add custom fields to an existing content module in Sitefinity CMS provides flexibility to achieve a various range of scenarios. One of these fields is the Choice Field. It allows users to select one of the predefined values, which can later be accessed via code, and, for ...