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  • Implementing Sitefinity Partial Match Search

    We have received many requests on how to achieve a partial match functionality using the Sitefinity search. By default Lucene uses exact match and if you search for “choco” you will not get any results for that have “chocolate”. In order to achieve this functionality, we need to modify the ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Ecommerce Module

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. It's not a secret that responsive design can boost the sales on your ecommerce site a lot. Since Sitefinity already offers an ecommerce module, in this blog post I'm going to demonstrate to you how ...
  • Use Your Existing Data to Fuel Your Entire Mobile Strategy

    So, you've decided to start planning your mobile strategy but don't know where to begin. Should you choose a mobile website, responsive design or go with a mobile app? There's so much information out there, how do you pick? I'm going to show you why, with the right CMS, it ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Forums

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. In my previous blog post I showed you how to extend the responsive design feature in Sitefinity CMS by styling the Dashboard for devices with higher dimensions. In this blog post I have prepared for ...
  • New MVC Goodness in Sitefinity 6.2

    As we are seeing more and more developers who use their MVC widgets in Sitefinity, we spent some time to make their life easier for the 6.2 release. A lot of issues reported in the past have been fixed, and we have also introduced support for some new functionality requested ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity ContentView-based Controls on the Frontend

    Sitefinity's ContentView class, and all its inheritors (News, Blog Posts, Events, etc. widgets) are among the most popular subjects discussed in our blog post. And there's a pretty good reason for that, after all - our ContentView widgets are one of the most important elements that build the Sitefinity experience ...
  • Dashboard Responsive Design

    With the release of the new Dashboard module in Sitefinity CMS we introduced responsive design for the dashboard page. This functionality allows content editors to track changes on the site even on their mobile phones. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to fully take advantage of ...
  • Displaying the Categories Assigned to a Sitefinity Content Item as Clickable Links

    Many of you have used our Taxonomy Fields for displaying the taxa an item's marked with on the frontend. We've received some feedback form clients that in certain cases you'd prefer to have this list of taxa behave as clickable taxonomy links, which when clicked can dynamically filter the ListView ...
  • Query Sitefinity Configurations for Retrieving Custom Fields

    The ability to add custom fields to an existing content module in Sitefinity CMS provides flexibility to achieve a various range of scenarios. One of these fields is the Choice Field. It allows users to select one of the predefined values, which can later be accessed via code, and, for ...
  • Making the Sitefinity LanguageSelector Lead You to the Translated Details View Page

    As it often happens in life we take some things for granted. And never think about them unless someone asks us the "why this stuff works like that" question. This time the question is about our LanguageSelector widget, and in particular - "If I am viewing the details page of, ...
  • How Marketing Automation Supports Your CMS Platform

    Although more and more consumers are buying online, it doesn’t mean that they want to give up the personalized service to the business with whom they are engaging.  In actuality, that personalized connection is more important than ever as they give up the human interaction.  An online brand must speak ...
  • Code Sync & Deploy in Depth

    Sitefinity 6.2 introduces exciting new features to simplify and streamline collaboration and deployment for Thunder users. Last week, I wrote about a few problems solved by these features. This week, I grabbed the latest build, and now I return with screenshots and steps to sync and deploy. Figure 1: Access ...
  • Building Sitefinity MVC Widgets with KendoUI Grid

    Building Sitefinity MVC widgets with KendoUI controls has some specifics that I will outline in this blog post. By default the Kendo Grid can be directly bound to the MVC Action that will return the json for populating the databound control. In Sitefinity CMS, however, it is necessary to bind ...
  • How To Modify an Item Template In Sitefinity CMS To Show Some Custom Data?

    In Sitefinity CMS we have a built in ability to modify any control ascx template from the backend, but to implement some custom code-behind logic, we will have to add new web control to our Sitefinity project with Visual Studio. The main ascx template difference between single item and list view ...
  • Introducing Sitefinity Code Sync & Deploy

    The release of Sitefinity 6.2 is right around the corner, and it includes a brand new feature for developers using Sitefinity SiteSync: Code Sync & Deploy. Solo or Team As a solo developer, you are responsible for delivering on all the projects development-related requirements. You must use the processes ...
  • Server-Side CAPTCHA for Sitefinity Forms

    We have had numerous requests of implementing RadCaptcha into a web form. This short post illustrates how to modify a Sitefinity form control to perform a server-side validation. Sitefinity 6.2 release will add captcha for form controls out of the box!  Register CAPTCHA as Form Control First, go to ...
  • Select the Right CMS to Personalize the Online Experience

    If you are ready to break out of your static cookie-cutter mold and personalize your website, make certain you select the right web content management platform to help.  You will want a solution that will work well for both technical and nontechnical users.  Marketers should be able to easily accomplish ...
  • Developing JavaScript Widgets for Sitefinity CMS: Async Search Results

    If you haven’t already you should read part one of this series where I describe how to get web API up and running within your Sitefinity project. Everyone knows that a large part of the user experience is performance. You want your pages to load as fast as possible and ...
  • Partial Caching for Content in a Custom Sitefinity CMS Widget

    There are times in your development cycle where you may want to exclude certain items from the page cache. You may be inclined to turn off caching for that specific page or fiddle with post cache substitution. However, when it comes to a simple widget you'd probably prefer a simple ...
  • Website Personalization in Action: Supporting the Customer Journey

    Today more and more companies adopt website personalization techniques to help them reduce online abandonment rates, improve conversion rates and drive an uptick in sales.  An important factor in making personalization programs work is to understand the online customer journey.  A Website Personalization Scenario Online visitors will interact with your ...