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  • Sitefinity for the Great CMS Challenge

    Are you a Sitefinity expert looking for a fun project? Are you new to Sitefinity looking for a learning experience before embarking on a large solution? Perhaps you simply like a coding challenge. Metric Marketing wants to determine the best CMS, and they’re doing it with The Great CMS Challenge ...
  • Hello Sitefinity

    May 9 was an exciting day. I was celebrating my birthday, I was flying to the Telerik North American headquarters in Boston, and I officially joined the Sitefinity team! Since this is my first post for the Sitefinity Developer Network, I felt it proper to introduce myself. My name is ...
  • Selecting a WCM? Business Requirements Don’t Matter

    When selecting a web content management system, do business requirements really matter?  Business requirements are very fickle and change all too frequently. So to some extent, what really matters more is extensibility. All too often, nontechnical users simply do not understand the dynamics of selecting the right tools and platforms ...
  • Synchronizing Sitefinity Data with the Cloud

    With the release of Sitefinity 6.0 we introduced the ability to setup a hybrid cloud solution deployment through the new cloud services connector available in all Sitefinity editions that provides two-way data synchronization. This blog post provides an overview about pricing and how to setup a connection to the cloud services....
  • How to Create a Categories Control That Lists Sub-categories in Sitefinity CMS

    In this blog post I'm going to show you how to create a Sub-categories control in Sitefinity CMS. Recently, many of you requested the ability to specify a root category in the Categories control, so that only child categories of the root category would appear on the front-end. Here's one ...
  • Integrating Sitefinity CMS and SalesForce CRM

    You have your Sitefinity CMS, you have your CRM and now you want these two to interact. It is : Doable, as Sitefinity CMS, being an ASP.NET web application, allows you to easily add any functionality; Easy, as the API of the CMS, in conjunction with the variety of ...
  • Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce has many new architectural improvements that aligns nicely with Sitefinity DNA. Sitefinity Ecommerce now has support for Multisite, Product Lifecycle, Product Workflow, Site Sync, Top Selling report and many improvements to the usability of Sitefinity Ecommerce. To go along with these new features we made some improvements ...
  • Time to Embrace Mobile

    As businesses try to hone their mobile strategy, many become dazed by the possibilities: Mobile websites? Mobile Apps? Responsive Web Design? Which to choose and when? Focus on one, or use a combination? Thus illustrates the quagmire of mobile, leading many to survey the landscape and do nothing. This inaction ...
  • Custom URL Formats for Sitefinity Hierarchical Dynamic Modules

    The following blog post is based on Slavo Ingilizov's blog post connected to custom URL formats for Sitefinity Content Modules. All hierarchical dynamic items in the Sitefinity CMS have URLs that are generated automatically from a given format. The default format includes the parent module item's name in the URL ...
  • Adding File Upload Functionality to the Jobs Module Sample from the Sitefinity SDK

    This blog post provides a sample which extends the Jobs module sample in the Sitefinity SDK so as to allow upload of files to the job application and to display a link to the uploaded files in the list of submitted applications. Here is the sample code with the below ...
  • How to Open Sitefinity News Details in a LightBox

    You're already familiar with the lightbox mode of the Sitefinity CMS video and image galleries. This blog post is going to show you how to show the details page of content items in lightbox, as well. We'll start with modifying one of the existing or creating a new news template. ...
  • Creating Responsive Sitefinity Navigation

    Web analysts and experts have already overloaded us with statistics showing that worldwide by 2014, mobile devices will dominate over desktops and laptops in terms of usage for accessing websites. That pushes web administrators worldwide to create their mobile strategy and make their websites partially or fully mobile friendly. Sitefinity ...
  • How to Display Email Campaign Issues on Sitefinity Pages

    In this blog post I'm going to show you how to place links to already sent Email campaign issues on your Sitefinity pages. The same approach can be used to link fallback versions of your campaigns, directly in the issue itself. To achieve this, we need two simple user controls:...
  • Removing Appended Query Strings When Using Archive and Categories Widget in Sitefinity CMS

    When filtering content items in Sitefinity CMS using both categories/tags widget and archive by query, a string gets appended to the previous query string. This blog post explores how you can remove it. By default archive and categories/tags widgets work with UrlPath which is by default configured on each widget ...
  • Social Share for Sitefinity News List Items

    When using the News module in Sitefinity CMS, one requirement is to be able to share a news item directly from the news list on the frontend. That way, users who find an item interesting by just reading the summary can easily share a link to the whole news item....
  • The Right CMS Can Boost SEO Performance

    There are several important factors to consider when choosing a content management system (CMS). One that’s imperative is whether the CMS advances SEO strategies, since your site won’t do you much good if it can’t be found. Sitefinity CMS by Telerik is a powerful platform for a host of reasons, ...
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing with Sitefinity CMS and Google Experiments

    Understanding the impact of your website on your visitors becomes almost as important as having a web page in the first place. Usually each page of your website has a specific goal – to capture the attention, to inform or call to a specific action, like filling up a form ...
  • Survive Any Google Panda Update – Conduct SEO Based Upon Relevance

    Say the words “Google” and “Panda” in the same breath and you just might hear a collective groan coming from the ranks of webmasters and content marketers who manage search engine optimization (SEO). The Google Panda algorithm can either make or break the search engine rankings for a website.  ...
  • Integrating GoogleMaps with Sitefinity DynamicModules

    This blog post is a continuation of our previous example for Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the Frontend. To provide a brief background in that post we demonstrated how you can easily create a widget that would display your dynamic module's content, and allow your users to filter this content dynamically ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the frontend

    The scenario for today's blog post is a pretty straightforward one - as a website developer I'd like to offer my frontend users a mechanism for filtering the list of Dynamic Module items by certain criteria. To represent the idea better, let's say we'll be dealing with Offices - we're ...