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  • The Right CMS Can Boost SEO Performance

    There are several important factors to consider when choosing a content management system (CMS). One that’s imperative is whether the CMS advances SEO strategies, since your site won’t do you much good if it can’t be found. Sitefinity CMS by Telerik is a powerful platform for a host of reasons, ...
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing with Sitefinity CMS and Google Experiments

    Understanding the impact of your website on your visitors becomes almost as important as having a web page in the first place. Usually each page of your website has a specific goal – to capture the attention, to inform or call to a specific action, like filling up a form ...
  • Survive Any Google Panda Update – Conduct SEO Based Upon Relevance

    Say the words “Google” and “Panda” in the same breath and you just might hear a collective groan coming from the ranks of webmasters and content marketers who manage search engine optimization (SEO). The Google Panda algorithm can either make or break the search engine rankings for a website.  ...
  • Integrating GoogleMaps with Sitefinity DynamicModules

    This blog post is a continuation of our previous example for Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the Frontend. To provide a brief background in that post we demonstrated how you can easily create a widget that would display your dynamic module's content, and allow your users to filter this content dynamically ...
  • Filtering Sitefinity DynamicContentView on the frontend

    The scenario for today's blog post is a pretty straightforward one - as a website developer I'd like to offer my frontend users a mechanism for filtering the list of Dynamic Module items by certain criteria. To represent the idea better, let's say we'll be dealing with Offices - we're ...
  • Implementing Sitefinity Ecommerce Enhances User Experience and Content Management

    As a Sitefinity Platinum Partner, we know all the details of the CMS and the potential it holds for our clients, but were particularly pleased with the Ecommerce functionality. When one of our retail clients, Katz ACE Hardware, wanted to automate certain parts of their business processes, we found ...
  • Post-Webinar Post: OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity

    This post comes to complete my webinar from March 28th, "OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity". Shared Links Here are the relevant links which were shared in the webinar: Telerik’s OpenAccess blogs OpenAccess fluent mapping documentation OpenAccess artificial types documentation OpenAccess samples-kit OpenAccess AgregateMetaDataSource documentation OpenAccess Multi-Table Entities documentation OpenAccess ...
  • How to create lightbox gallery in a custom module

    We have received a request for the ability to create a lightbox type of gallery with images from a custom module. This blog post will show you how to achieve this. There are two possible approaches. Both of them require mapping the template of the dynamic module widget. This is ...
  • Sitefinity Workflow: Defining the Scope of the Workflow by Page Groups

    “Divide et impera” or Divide and Conquer In a series of blog posts, we have examined how the workflow can be used to achieve various customizations. The posts reviewed how we can create advanced customizations to help meet any business case with ease by using code and guard activities. This ...
  • Configuring CompareValidation for FieldControls in Sitefinity modules

    In Sitefinity you have the ability to compare the value of two field controls. Validation requirements that are going to be used when comparing against other controls' values are: Control to compare, Operator and Validation violation message. Below you could find an example for validating two custom field controls of ...
  • Creating Self-installing Widgets and Modules in Sitefinity

      As developers, we want to simplify our life with elegant solutions that save time and solve problems. We identify steps that can be described with a process and we try to automate those. The Motivation The installation of Sitefinity widgets and modules is a task that can be encapsulated ...
  • Trim the Search Results based on permissions / roles

    Edit: The code was updated to work correctly when Paging is enabled. This blog post will guide you through the steps on how to trim the search results based on permissions or roles. Let's start with the use case:  I've got a page which is visible only to authenticated ...
  • Kick Start Your Mobile Strategy with the Five Ps

    I’m fresh back from the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) show in London. We had a great crowd at the Sitefinity stand for our mini-seminars, and particularly for my inspired seminar about the “5 P’s” organizations can use to kick start their mobile strategy.  Since mobile strategy is ...
  • Ecommerce is More Than a Shopping Cart - Plus: Take Survey and Win

    Connected to our March 14th webinar, "Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution", we are offering a short Ecommerce survey.  It's only 8 questions, and completing it makes you eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Admittedly, I’m very into Ecommerce being the Product Manager. I dream ...
  • With Sitefinity 5.4, all cylinders are firing

    With the release of Sitefinity 5.4, we, at Falafel Software Inc, have been very energized and extremely pleased with the quality and direction of the product. Hats off to the entire Sitefinity team at Telerik for a job well done. Over the past year, we have seen increased demand for ...
  • Creating an Ecommerce Store Locator Widget

    Do you want to help your customers find your brick and mortar stores quickly by adding a Store Locator feature to your website?  I will explain how to create a basic Store Locator Widget from start to finish.  This is a rather lengthy process to explain, covering a lot of territory, ...
  • Ecommerce Wish List

    Would you like customers to save products in a wish list so they can review them later? How about sharing a wish list with friends and family to encourage gift giving? Sitefinity Ecommerce now has a wish list feature that is especially useful for customers who spend a lot of ...
  • Tweet Us at #esitefinity and Win: What Do You Expect from an Integrated CMS + Ecommerce Solution?

    In a world of rapid internet and technological advancement, online shopping is steadily growing and therefore, requires new approaches to generate online sales. Product advantages alone are not enough to drive revenue and make an online merchant stand out among the competition. Ecommerce is much more than a shopping cart. ...
  • Extending Sitefinity ContentSelectorsDesignerViews

    As you'd probably guess, the following blog post draws inspiration from the constructive client feedback we get through our developer network. For the purposes of the post we're going to illustrate our explanations with an actual use case scenario: I have created a custom field for my blog post, where I ...
  • Customizing the order confirmation email in Sitefinity Ecommerce

    One of the popular PITS items we received was to have the ability to add custom fields to the confirmation email that is sent out after an order is placed in the Ecommerce module. Starting in Sitefinity 5.4, we have the ability to add custom fields to the email template. ...