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  • Tweet Us at #esitefinity and Win: What Do You Expect from an Integrated CMS + Ecommerce Solution?

    In a world of rapid internet and technological advancement, online shopping is steadily growing and therefore, requires new approaches to generate online sales. Product advantages alone are not enough to drive revenue and make an online merchant stand out among the competition. Ecommerce is much more than a shopping cart. ...
  • Extending Sitefinity ContentSelectorsDesignerViews

    As you'd probably guess, the following blog post draws inspiration from the constructive client feedback we get through our developer network. For the purposes of the post we're going to illustrate our explanations with an actual use case scenario: I have created a custom field for my blog post, where I ...
  • Customizing the order confirmation email in Sitefinity Ecommerce

    One of the popular PITS items we received was to have the ability to add custom fields to the confirmation email that is sent out after an order is placed in the Ecommerce module. Starting in Sitefinity 5.4, we have the ability to add custom fields to the email template. ...
  • Sitefinity 5.4 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 5.4 has been a busy release for the Ecommerce module, we introduced a ton of exciting new features namely Wish List, a more granular tax defining mechanism for US merchants, a shiny new Sales Summary report and ability to easily search for orders in the backend. To go ...
  • Dynamically resolving Sitefinity links when using HtmlField

    This is a solution to dynamically resolving links for sites running version of Sitefinity lower than 5.4 sites. Sitefinity 5.4 provides this out of the box. When using HtmlField in user control or by adding custom fields of type LongText to Sitefinity modules and selecting pages, images, documents or videos ...
  • Sorting the Search Results

    Scenario I want to be be able to give certain search results higher precedence than others in the full list of results. Think of it as putting the sponsored / featured search results on top of the others.  Here is my particular scenario: I have lots of news items. I ...
  • You Had Me at Hello: How Do YOU Pick a CMS?

    The other day, I was in a team meeting with a web development agency from Maryland who has been developing on Sitefinity with increasing frequency. I was interested to hear what their experience was with their clients during the CMS selection process. They don’t work exclusively with Sitefinity, but ...
  • Adding MetaDescription for Blog posts

    Adding MetaDescription tags for blogs, news, etc details view page has been a widely discussed topic in the Sitefinity community. With the following blog post we aim at demonstrating you how easy it is to achieve the desired functionality thanks to the extensibility of Sitefinity's ContentView. For the purposes of ...
  • Changing thumbnail size in Image Gallery

    As with most of our blog posts this one is also a result of constructive client feedback, submitted through the support channel. The following post will briefly demonstrate the ability to modify the default thumbnail size in Image gallery frontend widget, without affecting the image quality.  By default the logic ...
  • Better All Around: What Our Community Likes the Most About Sitefinity

    The recent enhancements of Sitefinity made us wonder which was the most useful product feature improvement for you? Thanks everyone who took part in the #likethemost conversation on Twitter. We appreciate your feedback, plus it provides our product team some insight for upcoming releases. The Dynamic Module Builder was the ...
  • Post-Webinar Post: Common Issues with Sitefinity Upgrades

    This post comes to complete my webinar from yesterday, "Common Issues with Sitefinity Upgrades". The Recorded Webinar The webinar is currently available on demand for free view at the following link: http://www.sitefinity.com/developer-network/webinars/webinars-on-demand/common-issues-with-sitefinity-upgrades The Magical Batch Files  There appeared a certain interest in the batch files I was using ...
  • Better All Around: Which Is Your Favorite Sitefinity Enhancement?

    The next Sitefinity release is just around the corner. While Sitefinity always strives to add the features businesses need, the last several releases have primarily focused on making Sitefinity better for our current customers. The development team reviews popular requests and then enhances a mix of functionality and features to ...
  • Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful: A .NET CMS Story

    As I go about my day marketing Sitefinity, I’ve noticed a recurring theme. At times it appears that one of Sitefinity’s greatest strengths: our usability and clean interface, is viewed by some as a disadvantage. It’s akin to a beautiful woman also being exceedingly smart.  She’s often dismissed because of ...
  • Including item titles in the Sitefinity breadcrumb

    The breadcrumb is an essential piece of navigation to every web site. Sitefinity lets you create such navigation using the Breadcrumb widget, available in the toolbox out of the box. By default that widget displays your path and current position in the site page hierarchy. Sometimes this is not ...
  • Adding functionality for deleting multiple products at once

    When working with the Ecommerce module you might encounter the need to remove multiple products from the CMS at once. By default, the backend grid view allows you to delete one product at a time, which will slow down the process, if you need to remove several products at once....
  • Droomlapress II: Why Sitefinity is Better

    Thanks to everyone for a good conversation on the original Droomlapress blog. That post reviewed my personal experiences as an open-source administrator, and why I felt Sitefinity was better. Comments to "Confessions of a Recovering Droomlapress Administrator" wanted more specifics about how we thought Sitefinity was better than our Droomlapress ...
  • Rackspace Cloudfiles provider for Sitefinity

    A month or so ago, we've started a developer-only Google+ community called Sitefinity Devs and in matter of days bunch of developers joined and started discussing all kind of Sitefinity code. As a result of one of these discussions, Steve McNiven-Scott (@stevemcniven http://www.sitefinitysteve.com/) ended up building a ...
  • Sitefinity Workflow: Advanced Notifications for Content Approval

    Sitefinity’s content change notifications are a convenient way to keep designated people informed about  content changes to your website. By applying workflow to selected content items with just one check-box, you can notify authorizers of content pending approval: Notification Messages Notifications are easy to activate and manage in Sitefinity. There is ...
  • Using and Customizing Sitefinity Workflow with Guard Activities

    The Sitefinity workflows are built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WWF). By utilizing our implementation on WWF, you can leverage that technology and completely customize the logic executed within the process flow in the system to meet the needs of virtually any business scenario. The workflow does so much more ...
  • Idiotproof: Protecting Your Website from the Non-Technical Class

    I’ve readily admitted that I’m not an IT guru. That being said, when I started at Sitefinity, they gave me the keys to the back end within two days. As a new employee, I thought, “Wow, they’re awfully trusting of the new gal!” Then I started to wonder why. My ...