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  • What’s new in documentation for the past two weeks

    We just published a batch of new documentation topics. The highlights this time include more topics about creating payment processor providers in ECommerce, as well as a new section for Field Controls. There are also the new features of Thunder, of course. A detailed list of topics follows. Ecommerce Creating ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–Adding a customer survey or poll after purchase

    Poll and surveys are very common in ecommerce as it provides important marketing information from customer.   Most often you will find surveys which pop-up when a customer has successfully checked out.   In this blog post, I will show you how to create your own poll / survey asking the customer ...
  • What's New in Sitefinity Thunder

    Last Friday marked yet another update to the Sitefinity Thunder extension for Visual Studio. Here are some highlights since the last blog post update. Create Website Templates in Website Projects The Website Template project was introduced in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.9. Now, you can create these templates (combining Themes and Master ...
  • What's new in documentation for the past two weeks

    As usual, we’ve been busy updating the Sitefinity documentation. As you might have guessed from the previous blog posts, we’ve focused on the ECommerce guide recently. Here are the new topics. ECommerce Guide Downloadable Files Querying the “Downloadable goods” library Uploading files to the “Downloadable goods” library Adding downloadable files ...
  • PerForm Better: How to Process the Sitefinity Forms Responses

    Following up on one of the Rado’s posts about implementing notifications for incoming Forms responses, I wanted to cover how to further customize the Forms widget to actually process the individual responses. Some people would have many specific project requirements. Those include many scenarios and integrations with external systems. In ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Pre-purchasing processing hook

    Another hook introduced into Sitefinity 5.0 is a pre-processing hook that allows you to write customized code through a pre-purchase processing hook in the Ecommerce module.   This could be used to do any business logic that a merchant needs before processing an order.   A developer can create custom code and ...
  • How to display an image gallery for each news item

    We’ve seen many requests for the option to associate a Sitefinity news item with a collection of images. A long time ago I blogged on how you could associate a single news item with a single image. Extending that sample to enable multiple image selection is not very hard, and ...
  • Using Update panel in Sitefinity - Part 2

    Let's start with a little introduction on what the UpdatePanel is and how it can help you achieve a wide range of scenarios. The UpdatePanel is a server control, which allows you to refresh selected parts of the page instead of refreshing the whole page with a postback. It enables ...
  • What’s New in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.9

    Thunder Update: An issue with registering templates was discovered and has already been patched. Be sure to update to the latest Sitefinity Thunder version for the fix! Sitefinity Thunder continued it's timely release schedule last week with a new 1.0.9 release. Here are some highlights. Website Template Project Type A ...
  • Sneak preview: Email Campaigns in Sitefinity 5.1

    During the first ever Sitefinity & Beyond conference in London partners and customers of Sitefinity had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of the upcoming improvements in Email Campaigns in Sitefinity 5.1. While on first sight we are introducing some new features and improved user interface, I want to ...
  • Sitefinity visited Chicago for CMS Expo

    Last week a few of my colleagues and I attended CMS Expo, an annual business and learning conference held in Chicago.  CMS Expo is not the typical exhibition show. It is rather a casual learning conference filled with back-to-back learning sessions, open-minded people, leading industry speakers and analysts. It ...
  • What’s new in Sitefinity documentation for the past two weeks

    OK. We have tons of new stuff this time. We’ve covered a big chunk of the ECommerce API in the developers guide and revised some old topics for Security. We are also trying hard to keep the documentation up to date with everything new released in Thunder. We’ve managed to ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Importing Products into Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Using the Sitefinity API, I would like to show you how you can import products into Sitefinity Ecommerce.   How it Works The product importer is actually a widget that is placed onto a page.  Once the page has been created, bring up the page in a browser and follow ...
  • Digesting 3-weeks of Sitefinity news after circling the globe

    During the past 3 weeks I’ve been travelling around the world attending conferences and my email is completely out of control.  I’ve been trying to catch-up on Sitefinity news and  decided to share my summary with the community. Major events Apr. 17th - First ever Sitefinity conference Apr. 19th – ...
  • What’s New in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.8

    As mentioned in Last week's Sitefinity Thunder webinar, the free extension is on a very aggressive release schedule, with a new release coming approximately every two weeks. Last week marked the latest Thunder release, which coincided with the Sitefinity 5.0 Service Pack 1. If you haven't already downloaded ...
  • Sitefinity's Participation at Internet World: a Marketing Perspective

    It’s been great three days for the Sitefinity team at Internet World 2012 - Europe’s premier event for digital marketing and business. After a hectic preparation for the conference, we were very happy to see a great visitor interest in the Sitefinity booth and demos, and a very high attendance ...
  • Reflections from Sitefinity & Beyond, London

    On April 17th the Sitefinity & Beyond conference in London brought together Sitefinity customers and partners from the UK, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Finland. With 100+ attendees, Sitefinity community members and partners, Sitefinity & Beyond London 2012 offered many networking opportunities and fun. The Venue...
  • Using conditional templates in your custom widgets

    As Sitefinity gets bigger as a software project, many small features that get implemented may stay unnoticed. While trying to solve problems, developers often provide solutions that may be used elsewhere, and not just the specific feature they are implementing. This is how design patterns are born. We do have ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–SEO friendly product detail URL

    By default, Sitefinity Ecommerce ships with a date formatted URL for the Product Detail page, which comes very handy if you just want to let your users know when the product was published. But as with any other part of Sitefinity, this URL can be highly customized to meet your ...
  • Sitefinity Thunder Webinar Notes

    I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who attended today's Webinar on Sitefinity Thunder. I am working on making a video available as soon as possible, so please watch this space for updates (I'll also post an update on Twitter). I'm also compiling the Q&A, getting ...