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  • How to add browse and edit functionality to custom controls and modules

    If you want to allow your editors to edit some already published content without having them go to Sitefinity backend and edit widget or content item you can use Sitefinity built in Browse and Edit functionality.    Here I will describe how to implement it in your custom widgets or ...
  • 404 and custom Parameters

    In Sitefinity 4 we support parameters in the URL , not only in the query string. The only problem for now is that we have to be able to tell the difference between a valid URL and an invalid one. But when the URL does contain parameters, it gets a ...
  • Sitefinity 4.2 SP1 is now available

    Earlier today, the Sitefinity team announced the availability of Sitefinity 4.2 SP1.  Here is a snapshot from Twitter announcing the latest release. What’s New Although this is a Service Pack (and thus primarily focused on polish and fixes), a handful of nice new features were introduced. Import an existing ...
  • How to Publish Content Items in the Past

    As usual, we’ve packed a lot of fixes and improvements in the just released 4.2 SP1 of Sitefinity. If you still haven’t checked it out, go download it from your account. With this blog post, I want to highlight a feature we’ve implemented that was requested a lot. From ...
  • Avoiding uneditable content in your Sitefinity Templates

    Recently I was creating a custom widget template for the Sitefinity Blog Widget.  As part of my design, I needed to add some text to this template.  Because I was already modifying the template I simply typed this content directly into my template. Thou shalt not manage content outside the ...
  • My 3 favorite customizations to Sitefinity’s Rich Text Editor

    A few months ago Grisha (aka Greg) blogged about customizing Sitefinity’s Rich Text WYSIWYG editor (RadEditor).  Telerik sells RadEditor as a stand-alone product and it has a ton of features that can be fully utilized in Sitefinity. I’m notoriously picky about my content editing environment (just ask the Sitefinity ...
  • Edit content in full-screen with Sitefinity CMS

    I’m hatching a personal project in my spare time that is built (of course) on Sitefinity.  As part of this project, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing in Sitefinity’s Rich Text editor.  A feature I’ve started to utilize regularly is full-screen mode. Handy Tip:  You can also ...
  • Bringing Responsive Web Design to Sitefinity CMS

    Recently, the Boston Globe has received a lot of praise for their redesigned web site.  With this redesign they used a technique known as responsive web design.  This technique builds a single template/layout that dynamically adapts to any resolution or device.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to give ...
  • Creating Advanced Sitefinity 4 Widget Control Designers

    In the article Anatomy of a Sitefinity 4 Widget we looked at the basic building blocks for building a Sitefinity Widget and its associated Control Designer. Today we’ll take a look at a new example, making use of different HTML elements such as checkboxes, drop-down menus, and radio buttons. Also, ...
  • Windows Azure: What You Need to Know About the July/September Upgrades and Sitefinity

    As many of you may already know, the SQL Azure July 2011 Service Release increased the database engine version of SQL Azure from 10 to 11 which caused many applications to stop working as soon as this update was applied to the data center they were running in. Sitefinity was ...
  • Sitefinity’s roadmap for the remainder of 2011

    Last week, the Sitefinity team published the roadmap for the remainder of 2011.  This roadmap includes 2 major releases and 1 service pack.  The major enhancements found in these releases are divided into Sitefinity features and Ecommerce features. Below I’ve posted a summary of what’s still to come for Sitefinity ...
  • Extend the Image Selector for Content Items with Filtering by Album

    A while ago I wrote a blog post, showing you how you can implement your own widget to associate any content item with an image. A lot of people had interest in such a task, at least judging by the comments all of you left. With this next installment, ...
  • How to style the Sitefinity Navigation Widget

    Sitefinity’s built-in navigation widget is used to quickly create page links.  These links are based on your web site’s sitemap and automatically updated when pages are added or removed.  However, by default this navigation might not be styled to match your web site.  This post will explore how to style ...
  • Adding a new Content Type to Search

    With the release of 4.2 there are a lot of changes related to the Publishing System and the Search. They were focused mainly on the extensibility. Actually the search relies on the publishing system to process the data. There are inbound pipes which are responsible for pushing the data into ...
  • How to use jQuery and other JavaScript Libraries in Sitefinity

    JQuery and other Javascript libraries are becoming essential for modern web development.  Through these libraries developers are able to create rich interactive client-side web UI’s with minimal grief.  Sitefinity 4 makes heavy use of JQuery and other Javascript libraries in its own administrative UI.  Consequently, JQuery is included in Sitefinity ...
  • Anatomy of a Sitefinity 4 Widget

    We previously looked at a quick “Hello World” example of a Sitefinity Widget and Control Designer. Today I would like to take a closer look at the different components and options available when building widgets. I hope this will give developers a deeper understanding of the architecture to make ...
  • Change Your Sitefinity Media URLs. Three ways of doing it

    Media content has become increasingly important and preferred element for almost every content manager who aims for attracting large audience to their website. Therefore, content managers try to create unique media materials (video, audio, images) that will give them the vital competitive advantage in the dynamic business environment they operate ...
  • Quick and easy way to extend the News module by making use of the Sitefinity provider model

    In this blog post I will share with you a specific Sitefinity use case and how to go about it. User story “As a website administrators I want to have 3 different News modules just like the built-in Sitefinity News module because we have 3 different news authors who should ...
  • Disabling widget code in Sitefinity’s Page Edit Mode

    It’s extremely easy to create new Sitefinity widgets by creating a new ASP.NET control.  However, sometimes this custom code doesn’t work well in Sitefinity’s Page Editor.  In those cases it becomes necessary to disable the offending code while working in Sitefinity’s design mode.  To do this, we need to know ...
  • Vote for Sitefinity in the DevProConnections Awards

    The annual DevProConnections Awards is upon us and Telerik has 20 of its products (including Sitefinity) nominated for various categories.  The volume of coverage represented by Telerik’s product portfolio is evidence of how comprehensive the Telerik “toolbox” has become. Please help us by voting for your favorite Telerik products: Visit ...