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  • Sitefinity 3.x to 4.x – The Migration story continues!

    As you may know, currently there is a Migration tool, intended for a data migration of your Sitefinity 3.x content to a 4.x system. Our idea with it was to make it open-source, so that everyone can change it according to his specific needs. However, there were a few challenges ...
  • Building Data Layers Quickly with OpenAccess

    In last week’s webinar on building Sitefinity Intra-Site Modules, we used the Entity Framework to build a simple data layer, as we have had many requests for a module example that does not use OpenAccess. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to compare this approach to OpenAccess by ...
  • Webinar video now available – Sitefinity 4 Modules Made Simple

    Last week, Josh Morales & I hosted a webinar that demonstrated how to create a Sitefinity 4 Intra-site Module.  The focus of this webinar was to bring module creation to the wider Sitefinity community.  We wanted to show that anyone who knows ASP.NET can create a Sitefinity 4 module. Sadly, ...
  • 8 things you have to know about Sitefinity and Windows Azure

    Sitefinity and Azure Sitefinity 4.1 release brought support for Windows Azure allowing you to host your web application in the cloud. Along with the Windows Azure deployment scenario, Sitefinity also supports SQL Azure and multiple instances of your web application to achieve maximum availability. The synergy of running Sitefinity on ...
  • Sitefinity Intra-Site Module Webinar Notes

    Thank you to all who attended today’s webinar. Below are the resources mentioned during the webinar including the video, code snippets and the downloadable project. Video Watch on Telerik.TV Admin Control HTML Markup This code can be used to make your admin controls fit nicely inside Sitefinity, resembling other built-in ...
  • Register for the ‘Sitefinity 4 Modules Made Simple’ webinar

    There are 2 days remaining to register for the upcoming ‘Sitefinity 4 Modules Made Simple’ webinar.  In this webinar, Josh Morales & I will demonstrate how to create a custom Intra-site module for Sitefinity 4.x.   Intra-site modules are based on ASP.NET User Controls and extremely easy for .NET developers ...
  • Sitefinity SDK 4.1 SP2 is now available

    We’re glad to announce that our Sitefinity SDK 4.1 SP2 is now available for download in "Your account".  This release is primarily focused on bringing the updates found in the Sitefinity 4.1 SP2 releases to the SDK. Below is a short summary of changes made in this release: What’s new...
  • How to deploy Sitefinity 4 to shared hosting

    The day has finally arrived for your Sitefinity web site to leave the house.  It has been completed, tested and is ready for the web. However, publishing the web site requires it to be transferred to the production server. We have documentation that covers 3 different Sitefinity deployment scenarios (...
  • Creating Intra-Site Modules in Sitefinity 4

    In our last post, we looked at how to use the Sitefinity Backend Page Editor to easily create Page Based Modules. This time we'll take things a step further by wrapping this process into a Sitefinity module, complete with support for installing and uninstalling with the click of a ...
  • How to use ‘web.config’ transformations with Sitefinity 4

    ASP.NET applications traditionally store database connection details in the web.config file.  Once configured, the entire web application can easily utilize these settings to connect to the database.  However, Sitefinity 4 does not adhere to this traditional convention.  By default, Sitefinity stores database connection details in ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configurations/DataConfig.config.  This was done to ...
  • Creating Page-Based Modules in Sitefinity 4

    One of the most powerful features of Sitefinity 4 is the ability to use the CMS platform itself to modify its own Administration Backend. This means you can use Sitefinity to edit Sitefinity, creating pages on the backend as easily as you do on the front end. This presents a ...
  • Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 Upgrade Considerations

    If you haven't already heard, the Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 has been released. It is an essential upgrade and we encourage all our customers to install this update as soon as possible. For help upgrading, be sure to check the Sitefinity 4 upgrade documentation as well as this previous post: Upgrading ...
  • Essential Upgrade: Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 is now available

    Last week the Sitefinity team released a service pack for Sitefinity 4.1.  This service pack is loaded with over 50 features & fixes.  Many of these items were reported by customers, acknowledged in PITS and addressed in this release. All customers are strongly advised to upgrade their Sitefinity 4 ...
  • Utilizing your Sitefinity CMS license on various work environments

    In my previous blog post I wrote about how to make the most out of your Sitefinity license file. In today’s post I will continue the licensing topic and provide you with further insight on using your license on development, staging, and production environments. Let’s look at how to ...
  • Sitefinity gets plenty of attention at London Internet World 2011

    Sitefinity’s booth was immensely popular at the 3-day Internet World exhibition which took place in London from 10-12 May 2011. The Telerik team had the chance to demo the sleek interface of Sitefinity CMS to all interested visitors and speak to a great number of prospective clients and partners.
  • Internet World 2011 Recap from Day 1 & 2

    The Telerik Sitefinity team has been extremely busy at Internet World 2011. There has been huge interest towards Sitefinity and we are very happy to have the chance to demonstrate our product and the capabilities it offers to all of you. Internet World is also a unique opportunity to meet ...
  • 5 Things: Benefits of External Widget Templates

    Now that we've gone over Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity 4 Widgets, I thought it would be helpful to briefly review some of the benefits that are gained by using them in a new post in the 5 Things series. 1. Intellisense The widget template editor within Sitefinity is ...
  • Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity Widgets

    As we saw in the last post , it is possible to run server-side code by placing it directly in the Widget Template. However, although this works for quick examples, it lacks many of the conveniences of developing your template inside Visual Studio such as Intellisense and debugging. Fortunately, it ...
  • Running Server-Side Code in Sitefinity Widget Templates

    Breaking Changes NOTE: As of Sitefinity 4.2, new security enhancements will automatically strip server side code from widget templates. If you wish to run server side code on your widget templates, see this article on Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity 4 Widgets.   Widget templates in Sitefinity 4 provide ...
  • Sitefinity is coming to Internet World London

    This weekend I’ll be traveling to London to attend the Internet World conference. Internet World is a large European conference devoted to digital marketing & online business. This will be my 2nd trip to this conference. In years past, it’s been a great venue for Sitefinity (and CMS in ...