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  • Handling Large Files in Sitefinity (a.k.a Streaming)

    It has been some time since my last blog post. And that is due to our incredible efforts on the next version of Sitefinity, 4.0. We didn't forget 3.x, however, and we recently released a service pack for it. The service pack fixes numerous issues thanks to our community - ...
  • Sitefinity Streaming API: Common tasks

    This is a part of the blog post series that explain the new streaming API for Sitefinity 3.7 SP3. You can view the TOC in the first blog post. I described why Streaming API was needed in Sitefinity, and then I covered on the new API and the changes ...
  • Sitefinity Streaming API: Overview

    This is a part of the blog post series that explain the new streaming API for Sitefinity 3.7 SP3. You can view the TOC in the first blog post. In my previous blog post, I introduced the problem and explained our approach towards fixing it. Now, I am ...
  • Sitefinity Streaming API: Corner cases

    This is a part of the blog post series that explain the new streaming API for Sitefinity 3.7 SP3. You can view the TOC in the first blog post. I talked about the API of streaming, explained why it was needed and some of its limitations. Now, I will give ...
  • Sitefinity Streaming API: Changes to Existing API

    This is a part of the blog post series that explain the new streaming API for Sitefinity 3.7 SP3. You can view the TOC in the first blog post. So far, I've explained the why we needed streaming API and its limitations, and then I covered quickly on ...
  • Social Bookmarks control for Sitefinity pages

    In this week's Tip of the Week blog post we will sample a custom control which adds social bookmarks to any page within Sitefinity. In order to achieve this we will create a custom control and reuse some of the already available social bookmarks mark-up. First let's start by creating the ...
  • Now Available in the Sitefinity Marketplace

    I’m happy to announce that the Sitefinity community has been very active lately creating new items for Sitefinity’s Marketplace. Several new items have recently been posted to Sitefinity’s Marketplace.  Events Map Plugin Events Map is a plug-in that displays events on a global map via Google Maps. It produces ...
  • How to secure Sitefinity’s Administrative UI

    Sitefinity’s Administrative Web Interface is accessed by adding /Sitefinity to the web site’s URL.  Users are then required to provide a valid username & password to gain entry to Sitefinity.  By default, Sitefinity’s administrative username is set to admin. A few customers have expressed concern that this does not ...
  • Send items from Images and Documents module as e-mail attachments

    In this blog post we will sample a custom control which allows users to select files uploaded to images and documents module and send them as e-mail attachments. We will create a custom control and make it look similar to the built in Download List control. However this control will ...
  • Expose SpamProtector (Captcha) as a public property of a ContentView based control

    Each ContentView based control represents content items that have been created from the backend or programmatically. The ContentView based control has two modes List - shows all items as a list. Details - shows a single item from the list. Build-in ContentView based controls are - EventsView, BlogPosts, NewsView, ContentView ...
  • Roles Selector and hiding control based on user's roles

    In the following blog post I will sample the creation of a custom WebUITypeEditor which will select roles from the default roles provider and return them as a string array. Then I will use this selector in a control derived from Generic Content Control in order to make it "secured" ...
  • Download List control to group items for download by parent library

    This week's Tip of the Week blog post is going to sample a custom download list control. The difference between this control and the built-in one is that the custom one is going to display the downloadable items in separate tables, broken down by parent libraries to which they belong. Bellow you can see the resulting ...
  • Optimize backend CategoriesView performance in Sitefinity 3.7

    Recently we received several bug reports from some of our customers about problems with CategoriesView performance when they have over 200 categories. We ran some test and it turned out that the counting that we perform and the view structure produced very large output. This leads to server timeout or ...
  • SiteMenu Builder

    This post will show you how to create custom navigation menu for your website, where you can specify which pages you want to see and which not. There are many cases where you want to have two level navigation or several navigational  menus. Each time you will have to do ...
  • Implement caching by domain name

    Sitefinity's built in caching mechanism caches cached objects by relative path, rather than by the full path. Sometimes you may need to display the same page in different sub-domains, and have different information displayed based on what sub-domain the user is on. The purpose of this blog post is to sample how ...
  • Save Images from the Images and Documents module back to the file system

    When you upload images from your file system to Sitefinity using Images and Documents module all items go to the database as binary object. In some cases you may need to get this Images back to your file system - upload them in another project, back up on the server, ...
  • Building a secured Sitefinity website

    During the past few weeks I spotted a trend among our customers - web security and hacking concerns. With this blog post, we will cover how Sitefinity is protecting you from being hacked with some of the well known web attacks. We will also mention some of the basics you ...
  • Implementing scheduled services in Sitefinity 3.x

    In this post I will show you how to create scheduled services that could be executed on a certain period of time - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. The post will expose web service that runs a Sitefinity search index. The implementation requires   1.Creating a web service in Sitefinity...
  • Tabbed blog controls

    The bellow blog post will guide you how to create a control to display blog authors, blog archive and blog tags in a fashion similar to the one on the Sitefinity Blogs.   What we have to do is to create a custom control and a template for this ...
  • Extend RadEditor dialogs to add captions for images

    This post is inspired by a customer request to provide functionality for adding captions to images inserted through the RadEditor when creating/editing content items. In order to achieve this we will need to work with the external templates for Sitefinity controls. We have to map all templates for controls in ...