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  • Put Personalization to Work for You: A Six-Part Series

    Part I: Market Outside of the Inbox It seems that everyone is talking about personalization, but very few are doing anything about it. At Progress, we drive innovation by using our own tools to execute on personalization campaigns every day. In this six-part series, we will share with you some ...
  • 3 Ways Digital Transformation Pays Off

    When you’re considering embarking on digital transformation at your organization, your primary thought is likely: is it worth the effort? More often than not, the answer is a decisive: yes. Today’s consumers are digital consumers. If your business is not optimized for web, mobile and ecommerce, or if your backend ...
  • 5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

    Content is King. Bill Gates said it in 1996 and by now every marketing department has that phrase carved in stone, memorized by heart, plastered on a t-shirt and stuck to a bumper. The notion that quality content is the most effective way to attract users online is well established. ...
  • Putting ABM into Practice: 5 Tips to Get You Started

    Suddenly, everyone’s talking about Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It’s not really new, but it’s the newest buzzword among sales and marketing folks who have known all along that the best way to sell a product is directly to the customer with a personalized message. So why all the recent hype? Well, ...
  • Marketing that Matters: What Demand Gen, PR, Social, Lead Gen and Content Have in Common

    I recently had a conversation with a former colleague who I've worked with for years, and she asked me about making transitions in your career and how it relates to what you do now. We had a great conversation, but it's something I had been thinking about on and off ...
  • Social Media Mediums and You Part 1—The Standard Platforms

    Social Media is nothing new, but different social media networks, how they operate and who’s using them is in constant flux. What’s popular today may not be tomorrow, and who you’re talking to may change quickly. Every network isn’t for every business, and it’s important to use your resources wisely; ...
  • Marketing Lessons from the Appalachian Trail

    Don’t Leap to Conclusions from Your Data When I hike alone, I carry a satellite beacon as well as my cell phone in case of emergency. It also lets friends and family follow my progress via social media. The image below is part of a tracking report from my hike ...
  • Upgrade Technology to Unleash Innovation

    Technology is one of the leading enablers for innovative companies. Implementing new technology can unlock the path to new opportunities that may have been unavailable previously. Technology is a driving force in today’s business world. Whether enterprises are trying to build a better website, leverage data to fine-tune product development ...
  • Transforming Sitefinity Sites into Apps with Minimal Coding

    Sitefinity is a powerful and scalable CMS for websites, but what about a mobile app? With NativeScript or Telerik Platform you can transform your sites into apps. Sitefinity is a powerful CMS solution for creating websites, with capabilities that scale and allow you to easily manage hundreds of sites in ...
  • The Time to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly is Running Out

    Google recently announced two upcoming changes to mobile search results that they think will help make it easier for users to find content while on a mobile device. The changes will impact the ranking of your website in search results and involved the following: Simplifying Mobile Search Results. For ...
  • Long Live Content-Driven Mobile Apps

    We  continue to expand and improve our mobile offering by providing a better, easier and faster way for creating content-driven mobile apps. Our latest efforts have focused on a seamless integration between Sitefinity CMS and the Telerik Platform, a comprehensive solution for designing, building, deploying, managing and analyzing all ...
  • Optimize Marketing and Sales with Sitefinity DEC Attribution

    Attribution is the practice of assigning value to company activities based on their effect on desired business goals. Measuring it gives us an idea about which company processes or initiatives need to be optimized. Measuring attribution is not a complex concept. What makes it challenging is gathering and analyzing the ...
  • Remove Blind Spots from Your Digital Marketing in 2 Steps

    Let’s face it—we all have our blind spots. Not just in our side mirrors while driving, but in our daily activities as well. In any complex situation, the human brain tends to oversimplify, which means immediately we are missing a lot of what’s actually happening. The bad news: In digital ...
  • Customer Experience Top of Mind for Luxury Car Dealer

    Buying behaviors today show that a customer’s first touch is digital. Whether it’s through a website, search engines or social channels, by the time a customer chooses to engage you directly, they’ve done over two-thirds of their decision-making. And if you are selling cars, you better be ready with an ...
  • Sitefinity, Meet OpenEdge; OpenEdge, Meet Sitefinity

    In the world of business application and data management, there is OpenEdge. OpenEdge is a platform for rapid application development, deployment and management. The platform incorporates data and application servers, advanced business language (ABL), business rules and business process management. It also encompasses Telerik Platform, which enables cross-platform native mobile ...
  • Sitefinity 9.1, Continuous Improvement

    We are excited to announce the release of Progress Sitefinity 9.1. Along with our newly updated brand, the new Sitefinity 9.1 continues our commitment to deliver new features and improvements to help organizations increase digital business agility across all channels. Sitefinity 9.1 enables development, IT and marketing to make changes ...
  • How to Enable Digital Marketing Agility

    In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of digital agility and how marketing’s ability to quickly create and deliver personalized customer experiences is hampered when they are dependent on technical resources to implement required functionality. There are several ways to increase agility beginning with technology that helps automate ...
  • Sitefinity Desktop Application Discontinued with 9.1 Release

    We have decided to discontinue the Sitefinity Desktop Application with the Sitefinity 9.1 release in May, 2016. The desktop application will no longer be available for download and the Sitefinity DAM Module, which provided the API connectivity for the desktop client, will not be available after the 9.1 release. Support ...
  • End of Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Older Versions

    On January 12, 2016 Microsoft ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) and stated that only the latest version, IE 11, will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In light of this Microsoft decision we have ...
  • 5 Challenges of Personalization

    This post is part of a series about tips to improve personalization (read post 1 and post 2). If you tackle personalization in a one-off fashion, such as targeting just one banner to one persona, the process is relatively easy. However, once the analytics prove this has been successful ...
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