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  • Unexpected issues with upgrades – Sitefinity 3.6 official release postponed several days

    I am very sorry to inform you that during the testing this week we have ran into some unexpected complications when it comes to upgrading older versions of Sitefinity to the new Sitefinity 3.6. While we have been determined to release the official version this week and everything was running ...
  • Sitefinity 3.6 to be released in the first week of February

    As we have released the Sitefinity 3.6 beta on Friday, there have been many questions about the date of the official release.   The official release will happen in the first week of February, or to put it plainly, next week.   The progress on making a stable, backward compatible, ...
  • Sitefinity 3.6 beta - sample bare bones module on the new backend architecture

    Since we have not released the official version, I did not have time to prepare a full blown example of the module prepared on the new backend architecture; however I’ve prepared a brief sample that demonstrates how to work with the new architecture. This sample demonstrates a pluggable module with ...
  • Sitefinity 3.6 beta - Mehfuz explains how to store your data on Amazon S3

    Sitefinity 3.6 comes with built-in support for Amazon S3. Mehfuz wrote a great step-by-step article on how to take advantage of this new feature:   http://weblogs.asp.net/mehfuzh/archive/2009/01/23/amazon-s3-support-in-sitefinity-3-6.aspx
  • Sitefinity 3.6 beta - Mapping views to use external templates

    Yesterday we have released Sitefinity 3.6 beta and one of the major new improvements are embedded control templates. By embedding templates we were able to drastically reduce the number of files that comes with Sitefinity website, but even more importantly, we have ensured that on upgrades we do not override ...
  • Sitefinity 3.6 BETA released!

    I am glad to announce that we have managed to ship Sitefinity 3.6 beta today.   You can download the installer file, if you wish to install the application from here: http://www.sitefinity.com/download/sitefinity-3-6-beta/Sitefinity_3_6_1836_standard.exe or alternatively just the empty project from here: http://www.sitefinity.com/download/sitefinity-3-6-beta/Sitefinity_3_6_1836_standard_BlankProject.zip   We have made the decision to release Sitefinity ...
  • Sitefinity 3.6 beta this week

    So, I am writing a blog post triumphantly announcing Sitefinity 3.6 beta this week, as if we have not promised to release the official release tomorrow. Yeah, among other things, I am in charge of spin here at Sitefinity team. Play along with me on this and leave few of ...
  • Collecting Sitefinity modules and user controls - a nice initiative

    Chris Bond has started a very nice initiative - he wants to collect all 3rd party modules and user controls for Sitefinity, and to list them on a single web site. The web site is http://sfmodules.logics.co.uk/ This could grow up in something very helpful for everyone. Chris is ready to ...
  • Working with selectors Part Two: File manager selector, Page id selector, Rss feed selector

      Here are some examples represents how to use File manager selector, Page id selector, Rss feed selector   File manager selector - you can select files from your project root. File manager selector allows you to upload new item to the root.   // file manager selector. [WebEditor("Telerik.FileManager.UrlWebEditor, ...
  • How to implement a drop down list or a radio button list as a meta field

    Since all meta fields are automatically saved and set by Sitefinity, there must be some procedure how Sitefinity can do this automatically. Sitefinity looks for all controls that have id of a meta key and that can be cast to ITextControl interface. The importance of ITextControl interface is that it mandates the control to ...
  • Working with selectors Part One: Content selector, Image selector, Document selector.

      I'm going to start a session of some posts about selectors in Sitefinity. There won't be a lot of coding, because I will describe some general aspects of the topic. In this post I will work with user control and selectors will be set as a properties of this ...
  • Excel DataSource

    In Sitefinity, you can bind data to a variety of data sources and one of those options is MS Excel. Although there is no data source control, you can bind a RadGrid to MS Excel programmatically using ADO.NET. The process involves connecting to the Excel sheet, select data, loading it ...
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Sitefinity

    On the internet, personal information passes between a user’s computer and a website’s server. While some of this information is non-confidential, other information is sensitive. To ensure safety, software developers encrypt information in two ways: asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption.   In Symmetric Encryption, both parties encrypt and decrypt messages ...
  • Schedule content items publishing with workflow enabled

        One more blogger is on board ready to post more and more.   In this post I am going to show you how to publish and schedule content items with workflow enabled. First we need to create a user control. I am going to work with News items. ...
  • Filter Expressions

    One of Sitefinity 3.5’s new features is Filter Expressions. These enable you to show content based on conditions, such as publication date, category, and the module’s meta fields. All of the Generic Content Based modules, which include News, Blogs, Events and Images and Documents, support filter expressions. To access a ...
  • ReplaceTool - Globally replace everything in your project with zero efforts

    Have you ever needed to change a single e-mail, located on 2000 pages with an another one? Have you experienced the problem to update 5000 links in your web site? While running some SQL queries against the project database may do the trick, the chance to screw something is pretty ...
  • Change Password and Password Recovery Controls in Sitefinity

    Although the Change Password and the Password Recovery controls, from Visual Studio, were not included with Sitefinity, you can create them yourself. First, make a user control and place a Password Recovery and a Change Password control on it. In this case, I will call them PasswordRecovery1 and ChangePassword1. Then, ...
  • Forward Mapping, Open Access and Sitefinity

    In a future release, Telerik's new OpenAccess ORM, which was recently acquired from Vanatec, will replace Nolics as Sitefinity's official ORM. One of Nolics advantages over many ORMs was forward mapping, which allowed the developer to make database tables from classes. This feature is also supported by OpenAccess and the process involves creating ...
  • I have a blog too!

    Hello! We finally migrated our blogs, so it is time for me to open my own blog. First, let me introduce myself - my name is Georgi Chokov and I am part of the Telerik Sitefinity team. I am responsible for managing all support inquires between the people in the ...
  • Google Sitemap

    There are many 3rd party tools that will make a Sitemap from a Sitefinity site for you. One of them is XML- SiteMaps.com.  To create a sitemap from their site, follow these instructions:   Go to their website Complete the form on page Download the uncompressed sitemap, which is ...