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  • Whether It’s Patients or Doctors the Goal Is Still Connecting

    Walking the floor of the SHSMD healthcare conference in Washington D.C., I noticed booths from vendors promoting everything from high tech software solutions to branded clip-on epoxy signs for stethoscopes. All I could think of was that almost all the vendors were trying to help with marketing and engagement. Every ...
  • Digital Marketing Is Here… Mostly

    Attending the DMA &THEN Conference The 2015 DMA &THEN conference is an interesting event, but definitely an event in transition.   The DMA itself is having a bit of an identity crisis. While DMA stands for Direct Marketing Association, the tagline on www.dma.org is, “Advancing and Protecting Responsible Data-Driven Marketing.” ...
  • Introducing the new Sitefinity Knowledge base

    We are making one more step towards improving your customer experience with Sitefinity's support service, this time offering you the ability to find faster and more efficiently the answers to your questions. We are very excited to introduce the new Sitefinity Knowledge base. The Knowledge Base has been redesigned ...
  • Improvements in Upgrading Sitefinity in Load Balancing Environment

    In this blog post I would like to explain a new feature released in Sitefinity 8.2 that allows older Sitefinity assemblies to attempt to run on a newer (upgraded) database. As you may know, upgrading Sitefinity in a load balancing environment without downtime and data loss requires quite a complicated ...
  • Troubleshooting Lucene Search Issues

    Sometimes, a search query does not return the expected results. Or displays some entries which should not be returned. Or returns results in a counter-intuitive order. This article shows ways to troubleshoot those issues. Luke to the rescue Luke is the tool of choice to understand search results. It is ...
  • Sitefinity CMS Wins a 2015 Silver Stevie Award

    We are pleased to announce that Sitefinity CMS has been awarded a Silver Stevie on this year’s American Business Awards. Sitefinity was recognized in the category for New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Content Management Solution. This is the second time a Sitefinity product receives a ...
  • Adding custom classification to the Sitefinity search index

    With the Sitefinity 7.3 release came many improvements to the search and indexing. Out of the box partial match search and indexing of tags and categories to name a few. Adding the tags and categories to the additional fields for indexing will now automatically translate the guids of the the taxa ...
  • Change the time format of the date field when creating Events in Sitefinity

    When creating events, the time format is 24 hours. This can cause confusion for users in the US, since the preferred format there is AM/PM.  To change the format, we need to create a new template for the DateTime field. It will not contain any markup changes, we will add ...
  • How does Single Sign-On work with Sitefinity?

    Sitefinity can be setup to use Single Sign-On (SSO) combined with Windows Authentication, as described on http://docs.sitefinity.com/administration-set-up-sso-with-windows-authentication. This article shows what is happening under the hood and how all the pieces fit together. 1) The Sitefinity site redirects to the STS site Whenever users need to be authenticated, Sitefinity ...
  • Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud Wins a 2015 Bronze Stevie Award

    Happy to share that the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is a Bronze Stevie Award winner in this year’s International Business Awards. Sitefinity was recognized in the category for Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Marketing/Public Relations Solution. This is the second recognition Sitefinity DEC has ...
  • July Updates for the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

    This July’s release of the Digital Experience Cloud marks a few amazing improvements that will help you understand your customers much better and drive more meaningful conversations with them. For those of you who don’t fully understand what the Digital Experience Cloud does, here is an overview:  What is the ...
  • Top 100 UK Digital Agencies Report 2015 Is Out

    The Top 100 Digital Agencies Report, published by Econsultancy and sponsored by Sitefinity, ranks agencies according to fee income from their UK digital activities. You can download the report by following this link.  About the Report The Top 100 Digital Agencies report, published annually since 2002, is the ...
  • Sitefinity Enterprise Support is here!!

    Sitefinity 8.1 is already out, and what an exciting journey it has been! In addition to all the great product features we’ve also added some amazing features in our Technical Support offerings. Fulfilling the promise we made last year to improve your customer experience we’re very excited to ...
  • Sitefinity 8.1 for MVC and Front-End Developers

    Sitefinity 8.1 is not the first release with a major investment in MVC and Front-end technology. For over a year and a half a dedicated team of engineers has been working full time on improving the development story under the codename “Project Feather”. Since then the team has released an open ...
  • Simplifying Web Content Translations Management

    Today many organizations use multilingual content to better engage with their diverse audience, enter new markets and ultimately grow their business. Sitefinity CMS already makes it easy to manage multilingual websites and we are now taking it a step further by simplifying and automating the content translation process when working with a ...
  • Insights and Personalization for Mobile Apps with Progress Sitefinity 8.1

    Among some of the very exciting announcements for Sitefinity 8.1 is one new capability that marks a very important step in bridging web, mobile, personalization and analytics. The new Mobile SDKs bring personalization and customer journey optimization directly to the world of mobile apps and this could open some very exciting opportunities ...
  • Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud Named EContent Trendsetting Product of 2015

    We at Telerik Sitefinity™ are delighted to share the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud was named EContent Trendsetting Product of 2015. "I rely on dozens of tools every day to get my job done. We all do, but tools are especially important in the digital media industry," says EContent editor, Theresa ...
  • Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders 2015: Become Customer-Obsessed or Fail

    The Sitefinity Team attended the Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders in New York city April 14th and 15th and heard what marketing teams from global leaders are concerned about and their projects and strategies. It was great to hear from what companies such as SAP and Google were ...
  • Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards 2014: Celebrating Innovation and Online Excellence

    The Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards continue to celebrate innovation and online excellence. Since their inception in 2011, the Website of the Year awards have been recognizing Telerik® Sitefinity™ websites for their creativity, design, user experience, functionality and overall website presentation. This year, 380 Sitefinity websites were nominated in ...
  • Rank higher in Google search results with Progress Sitefinity CMS

    As mobile is becoming mainstream, technology companies are starting to integrate it deeper into their strategies. Google recently announced that it will be changing its search engine algorithm to give more weight to mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. This is what they announced officially: "Starting April 21, we will be ...
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