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  • Sitefinity Self-Service License Management Improvements

    Today we released new functionality on our websites that provides customers with access to new self-service features to manage Telerik® Sitefinity™ licenses and register domains within their Telerik account that will make completing these tasks faster and simpler than ever before. You can now register all domain types with a Sitefinity ...
  • Methods to Personalize the Customer Journey

    Personalizing the web experience for your customers has never been more important. A growing number of businesses are adopting personalization, and an increasing number of users have come to expect it. In Part 1 of this series we looked at how personalization works. In this installment, we will explore how ...
  • CMS Critic Awards Sitefinity “Best CMS for Marketers” Award

    CMS Critic recently released its 2015 Awards and we are proud to announce that Sitefinity was awarded the "Best CMS for Marketers" over Kentico and Sitecore. Sitefinity has always been known as a very marketer-friendly CMS which is why the CMS Critic award is particularly satisfying because it ...
  • Sitefinity on AWS with CloudFormation

    With the ever growing adoption of cloud hosted web services, a very popular choice is the Amazon Web Services provider (AWS). Since CloudFormation is the recommended and probably easiest service you could use to automate the provisioning and configuration of your web service in AWS, we present you a basic ...
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    I really do not like to shop for clothes. The chaotic parking lots, long checkout lines, overly helpful store clerks and a selection of clothes with too many fits and styles all add to my frustration. However, I joined the Telerik Sitefinity team in October and I decided to purchase ...
  • Relate Users in Sitefinity Dynamic Content Modules

    If you ever wanted to relate Sitefinity users to one of your Dynamic Content Modules, you probably noticed that there is not an easy, out-of-the-box way to do that. Luckily, Sitefinity is designed for extensibility from the ground up so this relation is quite easy to achieve. This blog post ...
  • How to Personalize Your Website According to the Customer Journey

    Personalizing the web experience for your customers has never been more important. A growing number of businesses are adopting personalization, and an increasing number of users have come to expect it. In the first part of this series of posts, you’ll learn how personalization works and how you can get ...
  • Combining Learning and Networking at the Sitefinity Summits

    October was an eventful month for the Sitefinity team. We were busy with preparations around the upcoming Sitefinity summits in Indianapolis and Dallas, and full of excitement and enthusiasm. I was fortunate enough to attend both of the summits, hearing from Sitefinity experts, customers, and partners, and I’m happy to ...
  • Credit the Financial Industry

    Another week and another event. This one was the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in New York City on November 3rd and 4th. It was another chance to take the pulse of an industry—to see where they are on the road to digital transformation and learn what’s on the ...
  • Witnessing a Digital Movement in Healthcare

    The Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) was held in Orlando, Florida from November the 9th to 11th, and the Sitefinity team was there hosting a speaker’s track on web tools. That means we got to meet, introduce and listen to speakers from healthcare systems, as well as the web agencies and ...
  • Containerize This: Running Sitefinity from a Docker Container

    Since Microsoft announced support for containers in the next version of Windows Server (Windows Server 2016) I've been eager to find out if we can run Sitefinity from a container on that OS. The short answer is yes, we can containerize Sitefinity applications and run them on container hosts. ...
  • Attending the MarketingProfs Ninth Annual B2B Marketing Forum

    The Ninth Annual B2B Marketing Forum in Boston was a packed few days that featured 54 sessions, three keynotes and a full vendor floor with a range of technologies on display. There was a lot to see and even more to learn. The three primary themes that pervaded across all ...
  • Whether It’s Patients or Doctors the Goal Is Still Connecting

    Walking the floor of the SHSMD healthcare conference in Washington D.C., I noticed booths from vendors promoting everything from high tech software solutions to branded clip-on epoxy signs for stethoscopes. All I could think of was that almost all the vendors were trying to help with marketing and engagement. Every ...
  • Digital Marketing Is Here… Mostly

    Attending the DMA &THEN Conference The 2015 DMA &THEN conference is an interesting event, but definitely an event in transition.   The DMA itself is having a bit of an identity crisis. While DMA stands for Direct Marketing Association, the tagline on www.dma.org is, “Advancing and Protecting Responsible Data-Driven Marketing.” ...
  • Introducing the new Sitefinity Knowledge base

    We are making one more step towards improving your customer experience with Sitefinity's support service, this time offering you the ability to find faster and more efficiently the answers to your questions. We are very excited to introduce the new Sitefinity Knowledge base. The Knowledge Base has been redesigned ...
  • Improvements in Upgrading Sitefinity in Load Balancing Environment

    In this blog post I would like to explain a new feature released in Sitefinity 8.2 that allows older Sitefinity assemblies to attempt to run on a newer (upgraded) database. As you may know, upgrading Sitefinity in a load balancing environment without downtime and data loss requires quite a complicated ...
  • Troubleshooting Lucene Search Issues

    Sometimes, a search query does not return the expected results. Or displays some entries which should not be returned. Or returns results in a counter-intuitive order. This article shows ways to troubleshoot those issues. Luke to the rescue Luke is the tool of choice to understand search results. It is ...
  • Sitefinity CMS Wins a 2015 Silver Stevie Award

    We are pleased to announce that Sitefinity CMS has been awarded a Silver Stevie on this year’s American Business Awards. Sitefinity was recognized in the category for New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Content Management Solution. This is the second time a Sitefinity product receives a ...
  • Adding custom classification to the Sitefinity search index

    With the Sitefinity 7.3 release came many improvements to the search and indexing. Out of the box partial match search and indexing of tags and categories to name a few. Adding the tags and categories to the additional fields for indexing will now automatically translate the guids of the the taxa ...
  • Change the time format of the date field when creating Events in Sitefinity

    When creating events, the time format is 24 hours. This can cause confusion for users in the US, since the preferred format there is AM/PM.  To change the format, we need to create a new template for the DateTime field. It will not contain any markup changes, we will add ...
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