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  • 2014 Sitefinity Partner of the Year Awards Announced

    Telerik® Sitefinity™ platform partners play an important role in the Sitefinity ecosystem, being instrumental in promoting the Sitefinity platform and driving customer acquisitions.  2014 was yet another year with unprecedented growth for the Sitefinity platform, contributed to in large part by the Sitefinity Partner network. Last year was also historic ...
  • Sitefinity Wins Best Enterprise .NET CMS in the 2014 Critics Choice Awards

    We are excited to announce that Telerik Sitefinity™ CMS was awarded Best Enterprise .NET CMS in the 2014 Critics' Choice Awards. Sitefinity CMS has been recognized for its high level of activity and strong releases during 2014. The critics also acknowledge the recent acquisition by Progress Software as bringing the ...
  • Optimizing Page/Widget edit time and page compile time for projects upgrading to Sitefinity 7.1

    Prior to Sitefinity 7.1 one could experience an N+1 problem when opening a page for edit or when requesting it on the front-end for the first time. This was due to unnecessary database calls when Sitefinity is trying to construct the ASP controls on the requested page. As of 7.1 ...
  • Introducing the new Sitefinity Documentation Portal

    It's been a busy couple of months for the Sitefinity team. Earlier this year we asked for your opinion on the Sitefinity Product, Support service, and Documentation. Your feedback was really constructive and to the point, so I wanted to use the occasion and thank you all for taking the ...
  • How to add predefined values to the backend create view of Dynamic content items

     An interesting request we received form a client last week was to add predefined values to some of the dynamic content item properties on creation. This could help content authors to avoid typing the same content over and over again on each newly created item, adding some predefined formulas, etc....
  • Extend Content Block Media Upload Logic: Pre-selecting a Default LIbrary

    This blog post exposes a way to extend the default logic of the Image/Video/Document upload of Sitefinity's content blocks. Lately there have been some requests for different users with different permissions to have a predefined library selected when an upload is made. The case this blog post will cover is ...
  • Get template layout controls by css class. Get and Set layout control html markup

    In Sitefinity you can programmatically create a page and populate it with controls. In some cases you might need to get a specific layout control in your page template using the set css class attribute. You might need to change the template layout control markup, as well. We get ...
  • Improve the application start-up and the effects of page templates changes for websites with heavy load

    Output caching in Sitefinity is a very important and useful feature, especially for websites with heavy load. In a nutshell, Sitefinity caches the rendered output for a particular page (personalized pages also!) when the page is requested for the first time and stores it in memory for other requests which ...
  • How to customize the UserProfile widget Edit mode templates using out of the box FieldControls

    Recently we've received some extremely valuable feedback regarding the need to explain in details how one can customize Sitefinity's UserProfile widget template to facilitate user input when the widget is in Edit mode. This post is going to attempt at doing it, showing you how you can utilize Sitefinity's FieldControls ...
  • Publishing Sitefinity Content to Twitter with Tweetinvi

    This post exposes a way to implement selective and instant Twitter publishing for items upon their creation. The approach relies on Sitefinity's EventHub  data provider events, and a third party API - Tweetinvi. First off a big thank you goes to the guys from Tweetinvi for providing a C# API we ...
  • Multiple Media selector for Sitefinity Widget designers

    In this blog post I will show how you can implement a multiple media selector, using which, you will be able to select multiple images, documents and files or videos at once. The content selectors in Sitefinity use the services provided, passing different parameters and filtering using them. Most of ...
  • Creating a Sitefinity MVC Slider with Parallax Effect

    Description In this post I’m going to demonstrate how to create a Sitefinity MVC based slider widget that incorporates the Parallax scrolling effect for its animation transitions. If you’re not familiar with this effect, Parallax scrolling is a CSS3/JQuery effect where by the various elements within a div container move ...
  • Showing the Selected Taxa in Sitefinity Module Items' Backend Grid

    In this blog post I will show you how you can resolve the taxa selected in items, in their backend grid. We usually use at least one taxonomy to organize content and selected multiples items, for instance several tags. However, if we would like to show the taxa we have ...
  • Custom Subscribe Widget

    This blog post will show how to customize the default subscribe widget such that front end users have the ability to select the mailing list they wish to subscribe to. This functionality is useful when your solution includes several campaigns your users can chose from. The first thing we need ...
  • Progress Software Announces Agreement of Intent to Acquire Telerik

    To all the Sitefinity customers and partners: You may have seen some exciting news in the media recently – Telerik has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Progress Software. This is the beginning of a long and exciting journey for us and an important step to deliver ...
  • Extend the Sitefinity back-end forms grid and include an action to display subscribers

    We have received a lot of requests from our clients on how to extend the backend Forms page and add functionality to display the emails of the users subscribed to receive email notifications on form submission. In this blog post I am going to demonstrate how to add a link ...
  • Customize Related Image thumbnail size

    In this article is shown the way how to show different thumbnail sizes static and dynamic when display the related images of Dynamic Module content type (example).  The scenario: You have related images added to a Content Item. They could be shown by adding a custom fled ...
  • Resolve any item Related Data with a single widget

    In Sitefinity everyone is using RelatedData and usually we want to display the related data items on the front-end. In this blog post I will describe how you can create a single control that will resolve an item related data fields and show the data items. The item is resolved ...
  • Modify Ecommerce Discounts - add or remove using specific criteria

    Sitefinity provides option to create discounts and apply them based on coupon code, new customers or for specific roles and users. However, sometimes different discounts should be applied based on whether the user is a new customer or have applied several different discount coupons. The applicable discount and those that ...
  • Minification of layout_transofrmation.css

    We have had multiple requests for a possible option to minify the generated "on the fly" layout_transformations.css file. Fulfilling this task requires several steps, which I will describe bellow. First, it is needed to change the default handler once the Bootstrapper completes the initialization in Global.asax file as follows: public...
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