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  • Extend the Archive widget to use Dynamic Items

    In this article is shown the way how to extend the Archive widget in order to show the Dynamic Items. The currently supported Items and setting up of the Build-in widget is described in that documentation article. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Linq; using Telerik.Sitefinity.Data; using Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicModules.Model;...
  • Extend Sitefinity security. Add a custom claim

    You can easily extend Sitefinity logic by adding custom claims and validating them using your custom logic. This will help you make sure that certain conditions are met when a request comes in and becomes authorized either by the user providing credentials or using an alternative way to sign on ...
  • Sitefinity Thunder - why you need it, how to install and set it up

    Sitefinity Thunder is a free plug-in for Visual Studio. It’s been a great help for Sitefinity developers, as it offers a lot of features which make our lives easier. In this post, I’ll make a summary of some of the most important features it holds, I’ll take you through the ...
  • Create search indexes that apply to different groups of pages

    By default, when you create Search indexes in Sitefinity, you cannot specify the pages to which the search index applies. Sitefinity indexes the content of all pages. However, in some specific use case scenarios you may need to have search indexes that apply to different groups of pages. For example, ...
  • Implement custom "System is restarting..." message in Sitefinity

    Until now, the message when the application pool is recycled was unextendable, but since our latest internal build (Sitefinity 7.1.5205), this could be easily achieved as our dev team exposed two methods in SitefinityHttpModule: /// <summary>         /// Called on begin request during system restarting. The request should be completed ...
  • Adding custom dialogs to Sitefinity ContentBlock. Any content link selector for ContentBlock

    As most of the built-in back-end widgets in Sitefinity, the ContentBlock could be customized and extended to meet all editors and content creators needs. Customizations of the toolbox - inserting or removing default tool sets could be made through the back-end administration, however, in order to add an additional dialog ...
  • Change the date portion of the Date/Owner column in Sitefinity backend list of Pages to LastModified

    Hi everyone, Today's blog post was inspired by our active and creative community, and is a nice way to demonstrate how you can easily adapt the Sitefinity backend to suit your requirements with a couple of clicks.  In the Sitefinity backend all list view (e.g. list of Pages, News, Dynamic ...
  • EventHub - capturing global (application-wide, non type-dependent) events using IDataEvent

    EventHub is a centralized place in Sitefinity where you can subscribe for data events and execute your custom code when the events are triggered. For example you may subscribe to an event which triggers when a specific content item is deleted and get information about the user who has deleted ...
  • Dynamic content in navigation

    Making a dynamic navigation that incorporates product offerings, content or specials can drastically improve the end user experience. This blog post explains a technique that allows you to extend the navigation to include any type of content.  Currently Sitefinity can display only items of type PageNode (i.e. Pages) in the ...
  • How the new Sitefinity XML Sitemap Generator can improve your SEO

    A few days ago we released the latest version of Sitefinity 7.1. Among many great new features and improvements was the Sitemap Generator a tool that automates the process of generating and submitting Sitemap information to search engines.   More details on that feature a bit later. First let's ...
  • Customizing Sitefinity’s dialogs

    Customizing Sitefinity’s built-in dialogs is a commonly requested scenario, so in the following blog post we will demonstrate how you can achieve this. For the purpose of this demo we are going to customize the CustomSortingDialog for Events module, located in Content->Events and choosing the Custom sorting… option in the ...
  • Infinite scroll widget for Sitefinity supporting sorting and searching

    Sitefinity offers default widgets for all modules which support setting a specific datasource and configuring standard paging. However, more and more web applications present their data using the so called infinite scroll paging – where we use load on demand when the user scrolls to the near end of the ...
  • Preselect field value in dropdowns using a Form Field Widget

    Lately there were several instances where clients wanted to preselect form field values based on some criteria. This blog post will show how to achieve this functionality. For the sake of a sample I will look at a case where a dropdown list has a preselected item based on the ...
  • Extending Page Route handler – configuring the page output cache to be non-browser specific

    Configuring output cache is very important part of the performance tuning process of your website. Sitefinity offers an easy way to configure output cache and there is a documentation article available providing detailed information about this. When you request a Sitefinity page our PageRouteHandler class checks whether there is such ...
  • The Ultimate Guide to Managing Related Content on Your Website

    Admit it…you’re tired of managing resources on your website. The thought of clicking through a dozen links and pages to post your new resource in all the right places is driving you crazy—not to mention having to do it all over again when you make changes! But what can you ...
  • Taxonomy Field Control for Sitefinity Front-End

    Currently in Sitefinity we are using the built-in HierarchicalTaxonField and FlatTaxonField controls to show taxonomies both in the back-end and in the front-end, by switching the DisplayMode of the field controls. However, in the practice this proved not the most efficient way to display the taxonomies related to an item. Furthermore, most ...
  • Library Selector for Sitefinity back-end

    In Sitefinity 7.0 we can select media content through the new Related Media field and choose the content we want to relate to the item. However, there are use-case scenarios in which we want to select all media items in a certain folder or album without going through each of ...
  • Restrict Usage of Widgets Based on Roles in Sitefinity

    Sitefinity enables you to hide any number of widgets from the toolbox on back-end pages from specific users, based on their user roles. Thus, these users do not see the widgets in the toolbox and do not use them. A new how-to article is designed to help you set up ...
  • Extend Sitefinity SmtpSender

    Sitefinity offers very easy extensibility of our default SmtpSender class. Since our Email Campaigns module uses the Sitefinity's NotificationService to send out the campaign issues, the SmtpSender gets resolved dynamically and can be replaced from the Notification profile. This article shows how you can inherit from the default SmtpSender and ...
  • Accent Insensitive Search in Sitefinity

    One way to implement an accent insensitive search is to replace the default analyzer used by Lucene in Sitefinity with one that replaces accented characters with the corresponding unaccented ones. Fortunately Lucene provides this functionality out of the box with the ASCIIFoldingFilter class. Below you could find an example of ...
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