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  • Extend the Sitefinity back-end forms grid and include an action to display subscribers

    We have received a lot of requests from our clients on how to extend the backend Forms page and add functionality to display the emails of the users subscribed to receive email notifications on form submission. In this blog post I am going to demonstrate how to add a link ...
  • Create search indexes that apply to different groups of pages

    By default, when you create Search indexes in Sitefinity, you cannot specify the pages to which the search index applies. Sitefinity indexes the content of all pages. However, in some specific use case scenarios you may need to have search indexes that apply to different groups of pages. For example, ...
  • EventHub - capturing global (application-wide, non type-dependent) events using IDataEvent

    EventHub is a centralized place in Sitefinity where you can subscribe for data events and execute your custom code when the events are triggered. For example you may subscribe to an event which triggers when a specific content item is deleted and get information about the user who has deleted ...