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  • Sitefinity Custom Form Widget with Dependent Dropdowns

    This blog post provides a sample and tutorial on how to implement a Sitefinity form widget with related dropdowns. Once you select a value from one of the dropdowns, the send dropdown is populated with values depending on the first one. For the sample I have used a list of ...
  • Reordering Controls In Sitefinity Page Toolboxes

    This blog post provides a sample of reordering Sitefinity page toolbox controls through the configuration API. Here is a sample web form that contains this sample code which reverses the order of the toolbox control in the preselected section. A video of how the reordering function works is available here....
  • Copy Page Groups Between Sites In Multisite Scenario

    This blog provides a sample web form that can be used to copy a specific page and all of its child pages between two Sitefinity sites in multisite scenario. This can be very useful if you create new site and don't want to copy the whole page structure from another ...
  • Adding Custom Search Results into Sitefinity Search Results Widget

    The Sitefinity search results widget renders search results for content that is saved in Sitefinity search index. In order to make the search result widget render a result which is not located in Sitefinity search, the search result can be added on the fly while searching. The data to construct ...
  • Hiding Custom Field Sections for Different Providers with Sitefinity Multisite Management

    In a multisite management scenario all Sitefinity modules have the same custom and built-in fields for all sites because custom fields are added to a whole type (NewsItem, BlogPost, etc.) and are not unique per site. A customization can be added to make certain fields hidden in some sites to ...
  • Making Your Sitefinity Widget Templates Editable through the UI - Part 2

    This blog post is an extension to the blog post from Slavo Ingilizov for making widget templates editable trough the UI. This blog post will address how to make the custom widget template persist in the UI after it has been edited (not removed after a single edit to the template) ...
  • Working with Layout Controls Programmatically

    Sitefinity's backend UI allows adding various configurations for layout controls to control the page layout display and in this blog post I will provide a sample on how to create new layout controls on a page using the API and how to query layout controls on pages. 1. To create ...
  • Adding Custom Route for Static Web Forms In Sitefinity Sites

    Today's bog post deals with the concept of using ASP.NET Routing in your Sitefinity application. Typically in ASP.NET an incoming request for a URL typically maps to a physical file handling the request (e.g. an .aspx file). However in some use case scenarios you might want to define URLs that ...
  • Workflow Rejection for Dynamic Module Items Using the Sitefinity API

    When moving Sitefinity module builder items through the workflow, the standard method used is to call. It is the extension method SetWorkflowStatus which allows you to state the status of each item to Published, Draft, AwaitingApproval, AwaitingPublishing, Rejected. dynamicItem.SetWorkflowStatus(testsItem, dynamicModuleManager.Provider.ApplicationName, "Published");            dynamicModuleManager.SaveChanges();  ...
  • Query Sitefinity Configurations for Retrieving Custom Fields

    The ability to add custom fields to an existing content module in Sitefinity CMS provides flexibility to achieve a various range of scenarios. One of these fields is the Choice Field. It allows users to select one of the predefined values, which can later be accessed via code, and, for ...
  • Building Sitefinity MVC Widgets with KendoUI Grid

    Building Sitefinity MVC widgets with KendoUI controls has some specifics that I will outline in this blog post. By default the Kendo Grid can be directly bound to the MVC Action that will return the json for populating the databound control. In Sitefinity CMS, however, it is necessary to bind ...
  • Server-Side CAPTCHA for Sitefinity Forms

    We have had numerous requests of implementing RadCaptcha into a web form. This short post illustrates how to modify a Sitefinity form control to perform a server-side validation. Sitefinity 6.2 release will add captcha for form controls out of the box!  Register CAPTCHA as Form Control First, go to ...
  • Mapping External Template in Sitefinity with the API

    The ability to map external templates to different Sitefinity widgets is performed in the backend UI from Administration->Settings->Advanced->Controls->View Map. To perform the mapping of a template trough code refer to the sample below: var configManager = ConfigManager.GetManager();             var viewMap = configManager.GetSection<ControlsConfig>();             ConfigProperty property;             var viewMapValue = viewMap.Properties.TryGetValue(...
  • Async POST with Sitefinity MVC Widgets

    There are three modes for working with MVC in Sitefinity. The difference is that Sitefinity’s MVC support allows multiple controllers on a Sitefinity page versus classic MVC using only one controller. This may cause problems when a controller performs a postback and navigates to an action. Example FirstController has actions ...
  • Adding File Upload Functionality to the Jobs Module Sample from the Sitefinity SDK

    This blog post provides a sample which extends the Jobs module sample in the Sitefinity SDK so as to allow upload of files to the job application and to display a link to the uploaded files in the list of submitted applications. Here is the sample code with the below ...
  • Removing Appended Query Strings When Using Archive and Categories Widget in Sitefinity CMS

    When filtering content items in Sitefinity CMS using both categories/tags widget and archive by query, a string gets appended to the previous query string. This blog post explores how you can remove it. By default archive and categories/tags widgets work with UrlPath which is by default configured on each widget ...
  • Dynamically resolving Sitefinity links when using HtmlField

    This is a solution to dynamically resolving links for sites running version of Sitefinity lower than 5.4 sites. Sitefinity 5.4 provides this out of the box. When using HtmlField in user control or by adding custom fields of type LongText to Sitefinity modules and selecting pages, images, documents or videos ...
  • How to display MVC widget in detail views of content items

    When placing MVC widgets on pages that also display blog posts, news items or dynamic content created with the module builder you may have noticed when blog post or any other content on a page when displayed in its details view doesn`t show the MVC widgets. This is happening because ...
  • How to add additional logic into Sitefinity built in widgets

    It is often needed to extend some of the capabilities of Sitefinity built in widgets. Since the widgets implementation is in Sitefinity assemblies the code files are not directly accessible. To override the methods for the widgets it is needed to  inherit from the built in widget and override some ...
  • How to add browse and edit functionality to custom controls and modules

    If you want to allow your editors to edit some already published content without having them go to Sitefinity backend and edit widget or content item you can use Sitefinity built in Browse and Edit functionality.    Here I will describe how to implement it in your custom widgets or ...