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  • Updating Sitefinity Related Dynamic Content Items When Changes Are Made

    Sitefinity dynamic modules support relating one module with another as shown in this blog post but when several content types are related to each other their management starts to be quite a daunting task. For instance, even in a simpler scenario where we have  book stores, books, authors, to relate ...
  • One to Many Relationships in Sitefinity Dynamic Modules - the Simple Way

    Dynamic Modules in Sitefinity offer great possibilities for custom development and one of the most common scenarios is to relate several content types. There are some blog posts on this topic (like this one and this one) but they were written long time ago and the approaches described there ...
  • Filtering dynamic items by taxonomies in the backend grid

    Based on Radoslav Georgiev blog post about adding custom widget to the sidebar here I am going to add some additional modification to enable filtering by taxonomies in the backend grid for modules built using the Module Builder. First we need to extend the DynamicCommandWidget which I am going to ...
  • Filtering dynamic content items in the backend grid by workflow status

    Since the release of the module builder we've been asked number of times how to add filters to the dynamic items grid view. If you navigate to Content -> Dynamic Type in the sidebar there are only options to view "All" and "My" items which is not enough. Here I ...
  • Filtering dynamic items by custom taxonomy in the front end

    Since the release of the Module Builder we have received number of requests how to filter items by custom taxonomy from the generated widget. Here I am going to show how with very little custom implementation this can be achieved. First we need to have a dynamic module with a ...
  • How to display related data in dynamic content widgets

    (With Sitefinity version 5.1 and above there is a simple way to relate dynamic modules and here is a blog post that summarizes the process) Dynamic modules built with the Module Builder give you the ability to relate items using Guid fields. But after relationships between content types are defined, ...