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  • Code Sync & Deploy in Depth

    Sitefinity 6.2 introduces exciting new features to simplify and streamline collaboration and deployment for Thunder users. Last week, I wrote about a few problems solved by these features. This week, I grabbed the latest build, and now I return with screenshots and steps to sync and deploy. Figure 1: Access ...
  • Introducing Sitefinity Code Sync & Deploy

    The release of Sitefinity 6.2 is right around the corner, and it includes a brand new feature for developers using Sitefinity SiteSync: Code Sync & Deploy. Solo or Team As a solo developer, you are responsible for delivering on all the projects development-related requirements. You must use the processes ...
  • Developing JavaScript Widgets for Sitefinity CMS: Async Search Results

    If you haven’t already you should read part one of this series where I describe how to get web API up and running within your Sitefinity project. Everyone knows that a large part of the user experience is performance. You want your pages to load as fast as possible and ...
  • Partial Caching for Content in a Custom Sitefinity CMS Widget

    There are times in your development cycle where you may want to exclude certain items from the page cache. You may be inclined to turn off caching for that specific page or fiddle with post cache substitution. However, when it comes to a simple widget you'd probably prefer a simple ...
  • Developing JavaScript Widgets for Sitefinity CMS: Building the Web API

    The first post in this series that will eventually lead to developing a full set of Javascript widgets for your Sitefinity CMS users involves developing the web services we will utilize in the app. We need to develop our own web service to wrap the API because Sitefinity requires authentication ...
  • Humans Are Not Your Only Visitors

    Sitefinity 6.1 offers semantic improvements to Content Blocks and the Navigation Widget, making design and development tasks easier. This is great for us, but how do you explain the importance of this to a business user when the site looks the same? Easy. Humans aren’t the only ones looking at ...
  • Updating the Store Locator Widget with the GeoLocation API

    When customers visit your store locations page from any mobile device, they’re at a critical juncture in their buyer decision process. Without a store locator, you could lose their business. Courtney Wilson described how to create a store locator back in March, and we have now built some of that ...
  • Extending the Fluent API

    Using Sitefinity’s Fluent API is a great way to write readable code while extending the capabilities of a project, and developers can extend the Fluent API as well. What is the Fluent API? Sitefinity includes several APIs. Along with the Fluent API, it includes an imperative API and a REST ...
  • Sitefinity for the Great CMS Challenge

    Are you a Sitefinity expert looking for a fun project? Are you new to Sitefinity looking for a learning experience before embarking on a large solution? Perhaps you simply like a coding challenge. Metric Marketing wants to determine the best CMS, and they’re doing it with The Great CMS Challenge ...
  • Hello Sitefinity

    May 9 was an exciting day. I was celebrating my birthday, I was flying to the Telerik North American headquarters in Boston, and I officially joined the Sitefinity team! Since this is my first post for the Sitefinity Developer Network, I felt it proper to introduce myself. My name is ...
  • Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 6.0 Ecommerce has many new architectural improvements that aligns nicely with Sitefinity DNA. Sitefinity Ecommerce now has support for Multisite, Product Lifecycle, Product Workflow, Site Sync, Top Selling report and many improvements to the usability of Sitefinity Ecommerce. To go along with these new features we made some improvements ...
  • Time to Embrace Mobile

    As businesses try to hone their mobile strategy, many become dazed by the possibilities: Mobile websites? Mobile Apps? Responsive Web Design? Which to choose and when? Focus on one, or use a combination? Thus illustrates the quagmire of mobile, leading many to survey the landscape and do nothing. This inaction ...
  • Kick Start Your Mobile Strategy with the Five Ps

    I’m fresh back from the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) show in London. We had a great crowd at the Sitefinity stand for our mini-seminars, and particularly for my inspired seminar about the “5 P’s” organizations can use to kick start their mobile strategy.  Since mobile strategy is ...
  • Ecommerce is More Than a Shopping Cart - Plus: Take Survey and Win

    Connected to our March 14th webinar, "Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution", we are offering a short Ecommerce survey.  It's only 8 questions, and completing it makes you eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Admittedly, I’m very into Ecommerce being the Product Manager. I dream ...
  • Creating an Ecommerce Store Locator Widget

    Do you want to help your customers find your brick and mortar stores quickly by adding a Store Locator feature to your website?  I will explain how to create a basic Store Locator Widget from start to finish.  This is a rather lengthy process to explain, covering a lot of territory, ...
  • Ecommerce Wish List

    Would you like customers to save products in a wish list so they can review them later? How about sharing a wish list with friends and family to encourage gift giving? Sitefinity Ecommerce now has a wish list feature that is especially useful for customers who spend a lot of ...
  • Customizing the order confirmation email in Sitefinity Ecommerce

    One of the popular PITS items we received was to have the ability to add custom fields to the confirmation email that is sent out after an order is placed in the Ecommerce module. Starting in Sitefinity 5.4, we have the ability to add custom fields to the email template. ...
  • Sitefinity 5.4 Ecommerce Highlights

    Sitefinity 5.4 has been a busy release for the Ecommerce module, we introduced a ton of exciting new features namely Wish List, a more granular tax defining mechanism for US merchants, a shiny new Sales Summary report and ability to easily search for orders in the backend. To go ...
  • You Had Me at Hello: How Do YOU Pick a CMS?

    The other day, I was in a team meeting with a web development agency from Maryland who has been developing on Sitefinity with increasing frequency. I was interested to hear what their experience was with their clients during the CMS selection process. They don’t work exclusively with Sitefinity, but ...
  • Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful: A .NET CMS Story

    As I go about my day marketing Sitefinity, I’ve noticed a recurring theme. At times it appears that one of Sitefinity’s greatest strengths: our usability and clean interface, is viewed by some as a disadvantage. It’s akin to a beautiful woman also being exceedingly smart.  She’s often dismissed because of ...
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