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  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Adding related products

    Out of the box, Sitefinity Ecommerce V5 does not have an interface for relating products to each other.  This feature is currently in design, but until it is released, I would like to show you how you can create related products using the API and creating a custom view based ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–Adding a customer survey or poll after purchase

    Poll and surveys are very common in ecommerce as it provides important marketing information from customer.   Most often you will find surveys which pop-up when a customer has successfully checked out.   In this blog post, I will show you how to create your own poll / survey asking the customer ...
  • What's New in Sitefinity Thunder

    Last Friday marked yet another update to the Sitefinity Thunder extension for Visual Studio. Here are some highlights since the last blog post update. Create Website Templates in Website Projects The Website Template project was introduced in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.9. Now, you can create these templates (combining Themes and Master ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Pre-purchasing processing hook

    Another hook introduced into Sitefinity 5.0 is a pre-processing hook that allows you to write customized code through a pre-purchase processing hook in the Ecommerce module.   This could be used to do any business logic that a merchant needs before processing an order.   A developer can create custom code and ...
  • What’s New in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.9

    Thunder Update: An issue with registering templates was discovered and has already been patched. Be sure to update to the latest Sitefinity Thunder version for the fix! Sitefinity Thunder continued it's timely release schedule last week with a new 1.0.9 release. Here are some highlights. Website Template Project Type A ...
  • Sneak preview: Email Campaigns in Sitefinity 5.1

    During the first ever Sitefinity & Beyond conference in London partners and customers of Sitefinity had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of the upcoming improvements in Email Campaigns in Sitefinity 5.1. While on first sight we are introducing some new features and improved user interface, I want to ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Importing Products into Sitefinity Ecommerce

    Using the Sitefinity API, I would like to show you how you can import products into Sitefinity Ecommerce.   How it Works The product importer is actually a widget that is placed onto a page.  Once the page has been created, bring up the page in a browser and follow ...
  • What’s New in Sitefinity Thunder 1.0.8

    As mentioned in Last week's Sitefinity Thunder webinar, the free extension is on a very aggressive release schedule, with a new release coming approximately every two weeks. Last week marked the latest Thunder release, which coincided with the Sitefinity 5.0 Service Pack 1. If you haven't already downloaded ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce–SEO friendly product detail URL

    By default, Sitefinity Ecommerce ships with a date formatted URL for the Product Detail page, which comes very handy if you just want to let your users know when the product was published. But as with any other part of Sitefinity, this URL can be highly customized to meet your ...
  • Sitefinity Thunder Webinar Notes

    I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who attended today's Webinar on Sitefinity Thunder. I am working on making a video available as soon as possible, so please watch this space for updates (I'll also post an update on Twitter). I'm also compiling the Q&A, getting ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Add a checkbox to confirm terms and conditions upon checkout

    In Sitefinity, modifying a template for a widget is extremely easy.   In this example, I will show you how to add a simple checkbox to the “Checkout” page, whereby the customer must click on agreeing to the terms and conditions before they can confirm the purchase. How it works By ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce Custom Checkout

    This example is part of several series that I will be releasing in the near future showing how to use the Sitefinity Ecommerce API. This example shows you how to work within the checkout API to create a custom checkout widget. Please note that these are just examples of which ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce – Combining widgets together on a widget template

    One of the great features of Sitefinity is most of the user widgets (widgets are dragged-dropped onto pages) come with a default template that you can modify and customize.  This is a very powerful feature of Sitefinity as it allows you to change the look and feel of the template, ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce Donation Widget

    I thought it would be exciting to demonstrate how you can use the Sitefinity Ecommerce API to create a custom donation widget for accepting online donations.    Donations are usually difficult for many ecommerce systems.  Below I have listed a few reasons ecommerce applications struggle with online donations. The donation amount ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Buy Now Button

    Introduced in Sitefinity 4,  the Sitefinity Buy Now widget allows you to add a purchase button to any content page, allowing the visitor to add a product to their shopping cart, or proceed directly to checkout.   It is very similar to PayPal’s Buy Now button except ours includes a few ...
  • Introducing Sitefinity Thunder

    Sitefinity Thunder is a free Visual Studio extension designed to help developers extend and customize Sitefinity websites. It allows you to both enhance local development projects, as well as connect to remote staging (and even live) websites to keep all custom elements in sync. Although the current release ( as ...
  • Sitefinity 5.0 Ecommerce Features Explained

    In this blog post, I will explain how to create a digital download, how the pre-processing hook works and review the update we made to product variations adding support for multilingual variations. Digital Downloads Below are the steps you would follow when creating a digital download in the Sitefinity ...
  • Using Kendo UI with Sitefinity User Controls

    This week, Sitefinity partner Falafel Software has been exploring using Telerik's Kendo UI JavaScript platform within Sitefinity. Be sure to take a look at these articles for some of the background that not only inspired this article, but made it possible. Using Kendo with Sitefinity - Part 1 - Kendo ...
  • Do you want to influence the Sitefinity product? Start now

    Following the agile processes within the Sitefinity team, we tend to express and shape our requirements in a user story format. Sometimes, though, we have to communicate complex changes of the system that need the opinion of multiple stakeholders such as architects, managers, and customers where user stories are falling ...
  • Sitefinity 5.0 New Ecommerce Features

    Sitefinity Ecommerce 5.0 adds three highly requested features from our user community. Digital Downloads Pre-Processing hook Multilingual variations These three features were highly suggested by our user community and will be featured in our Q1 webinar week starting February 20th.  During this week, Telerik Evangelists will be providing demonstrations showing new ...
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