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  • 8 things you have to know about Sitefinity and Windows Azure

    Sitefinity and Azure Sitefinity 4.1 release brought support for Windows Azure allowing you to host your web application in the cloud. Along with the Windows Azure deployment scenario, Sitefinity also supports SQL Azure and multiple instances of your web application to achieve maximum availability. The synergy of running Sitefinity on ...
  • Sitefinity Intra-Site Module Webinar Notes

    Thank you to all who attended today’s webinar. Below are the resources mentioned during the webinar including the video, code snippets and the downloadable project. Video Watch on Telerik.TV Admin Control HTML Markup This code can be used to make your admin controls fit nicely inside Sitefinity, resembling other built-in ...
  • Creating Intra-Site Modules in Sitefinity 4

    In our last post, we looked at how to use the Sitefinity Backend Page Editor to easily create Page Based Modules. This time we'll take things a step further by wrapping this process into a Sitefinity module, complete with support for installing and uninstalling with the click of a ...
  • Creating Page-Based Modules in Sitefinity 4

    One of the most powerful features of Sitefinity 4 is the ability to use the CMS platform itself to modify its own Administration Backend. This means you can use Sitefinity to edit Sitefinity, creating pages on the backend as easily as you do on the front end. This presents a ...
  • Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 Upgrade Considerations

    If you haven't already heard, the Sitefinity 4.1 SP1 has been released. It is an essential upgrade and we encourage all our customers to install this update as soon as possible. For help upgrading, be sure to check the Sitefinity 4 upgrade documentation as well as this previous post: Upgrading ...
  • Sitefinity gets plenty of attention at London Internet World 2011

    Sitefinity’s booth was immensely popular at the 3-day Internet World exhibition which took place in London from 10-12 May 2011. The Telerik team had the chance to demo the sleek interface of Sitefinity CMS to all interested visitors and speak to a great number of prospective clients and partners.
  • Internet World 2011 Recap from Day 1 & 2

    The Telerik Sitefinity team has been extremely busy at Internet World 2011. There has been huge interest towards Sitefinity and we are very happy to have the chance to demonstrate our product and the capabilities it offers to all of you. Internet World is also a unique opportunity to meet ...
  • 5 Things: Benefits of External Widget Templates

    Now that we've gone over Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity 4 Widgets, I thought it would be helpful to briefly review some of the benefits that are gained by using them in a new post in the 5 Things series. 1. Intellisense The widget template editor within Sitefinity is ...
  • Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity Widgets

    As we saw in the last post , it is possible to run server-side code by placing it directly in the Widget Template. However, although this works for quick examples, it lacks many of the conveniences of developing your template inside Visual Studio such as Intellisense and debugging. Fortunately, it ...
  • Running Server-Side Code in Sitefinity Widget Templates

    Breaking Changes NOTE: As of Sitefinity 4.2, new security enhancements will automatically strip server side code from widget templates. If you wish to run server side code on your widget templates, see this article on Mapping External Templates for Sitefinity 4 Widgets.   Widget templates in Sitefinity 4 provide ...
  • Sitefinity SDK 4.1 delivers a brand new Samples Browser and much more

    The Sitefinity team has been busy with preparing a new Software Development Kit that ease the process of running and deploying Sitefinity sample projects to your local environment. I am glad to announce that the new SDK release features a significant set of improvements and new developer tools that will ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Database Deployment

    We previously took a walkthrough these installation scenarios: Installing Sitefinity 4 on IIS 7 Installing Sitefinity 4 on IIS 6 These are helpful for users getting started on a fresh site for both development and live environments with little or no customizations. However, there are users who prefer or are ...
  • 5 Things: New in Sitefinity 4 SP1

    New Series: 5 Things Working with Sitefinity 4, I'm constantly discovering new ways the platform helps you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Some, like the Layout Editor, are obvious. However, most of the time it's the little things; the small details that provide a framework for solutions. As a ...
  • Followup: Converting Sitefinity 4 Web Application Projects to Web Site Projects

    We previously looked at converting a new Sitefinity 4 Web Application Project to a Web Site in IIS, and although this was done with the Beta release, the procedure remains the same for the official release. However, that guide is only useful when converting a brand new Sitefinity project; ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Network Load Balancing

    One of the key elements of the Sitefinity 4 SP1 release is updated support for running Sitefinity in a network load-balanced environment. Today we'll take a brief look at the supported scenarios and how they are setup. Supported Environments Sitefinity has been tested using Network Load Balancing (NLB) available on ...
  • Staying close to your competitors? Make it closer with Sitefinity 4.0 publishing system

    Monthly email newsletters are a common tool for informing customers about your products and services.  This information includes the latest product updates, new promotions, new tools and upcoming corporate events.  In order to stay informed, many organizations subscribe to competitor’s email newsletters to monitor their announcements and the ...
  • Sitefinity 4.0 SP1 Released

    An update to the latest Sitefinity 4.0 CMS has been released today and is available for download from your Sitefinity account. This update includes a number of improvements including important fixes for critical issues reported by users. It is recommended that all Sitefinity 4 users apply this service pack....
  • Upgrading Sitefinity 4 Websites

    One of the most helpful features of the new Sitefinity 4 Project Manager is the built-in ability to update projects to the latest version. Now that the SP1 update has been released, this helpful guide should walk you through the process of using the Project Manager to ensure all your ...
  • Installing Sitefinity 4 on IIS 6

    In our last post, we took a walk-through installing Sitefinity 4 on IIS 7, but many websites also run on Windows Server 2003, which uses IIS 6. For the most part, installation follows the same path and only a few minor differences need to be accounted for. Today we'll ...
  • Installing Sitefinity 4 on IIS 7

    One of the most significant improvements in Sitefinity 4 is the ease of installation. The new Project Manager encapsulates virtually all of the required elements for creating and managing new projects. Today we’ll take a brief walkthrough how simple it is to install Sitefinity on the IIS 7 platform. Video ...
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