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  • Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits: University Website

    The famous Telerik International University (TIU) Website has been updated to Sitefinity 4.0, making full use of the powerful out-of-the-box functionality. This site was developed inside of 1 week, using ONLY the Sitefinity Dashboard to create and manage its content. Template and Themes The TIU starter kit features two professionally ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Upgrade Benefits

    The new 4.0 release of Sitefinity has brought with it a wealth of improvements, enhancements, and features to web site developers and content managers. We want all our customers to experience the power of Sitefinity 4.0, and as such, all users with an active Sitefinity subscription as of the launch ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits: Charity Website

    The Charity Starter Kit was inspired by the Microsoft GiveCamp and was designed to provide a quick but complete website for a non-profit organization. It includes all the typical features of a website, as well as helpful widgets to add new functionality and social connectivity. Credentials By default the login ...
  • Sitefinity Starter Kits

    Sitefinity 4.0 now features a growing collection of Starter Kits tailored to specific areas and industries. More are being developed, with the goal of showcasing how Sitefinity can be used to quickly get a complete working site off the ground. In this series of posts I'll be taking a closer ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Webinar: Real-World Project Development

    When: Wednesday January 26 at 11:00 AM EST Register Here! Sitefinity 4.0 has been officially released, as well as a growing collection of Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits to help developers quickly get started. In addition, Sitefinity Evangelist Gabe Sumner has compiled lessons learned from developing these kits into the ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: Migration Tool

    In addition to the Sitefinity RC which was recently released, a new open-source Migration tool is also available for preview. Although still in an early alpha stage, this tool is designed to assist users in migrating content from Sitefinity 3.7 websites to the latest 4.0 version. The tool works by ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: Workflow

    Workflow is the next stop on our tour through the new features of Sitefinity 4 RC. Workflow enables a CMS to enforce the rules established for a website to manage content publishing. This can be as simple as defining permissions for who can create, edit, approve, and publish content, ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: Widget Template Editor

    We continue our tour through the new features in Sitefinity 4 RC with a look at the Widget Template Editor. If you haven't already done so, take a moment to download the RC and follow along. Video Once again, Gabe Sumner has compiled a video on using the Widget Template ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: Analytics

    Another of the many new features in the Sitefinity 4 RC is improved Analytics integration. Sitefinity makes use of the Google Analytics API to deliver the complete analytics experience right inside your Sitefinity Administration Dashboard. This enables you to analyze you website traffic and gain insight about your visitors over ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: Localization

    We continue our look at what's new in the Sitefinity RC with a quick look at the new Localization features. The RC will be available for download later this week is now available, so be sure to download it and send us your feedback on your experience! Please note ...
  • Sitefinity 4 RC: What’s New

    The RC release of Sitefinity 4.0 has arrived, bringing with it a slew of new features and improvements for developers and site managers. In fact, this release is a near feature-complete version of the new Sitefinity 4; the final official release (scheduled for January 2011) will focus mainly on ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Fluent API

    The series Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 Beta continues with a quick look a the new Fluent API. This is an incredible new addition to the Sitefinity platform, opening an entire new world for developers to accomplish new and exciting tasks and projects. Existing Closer Looks I had hoped to ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Configuration

    Today's post in this series comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta), we'll take a brief look at what is probably one of the most significant improvements in the Sitefinity core system: Configuration Settings. In previous versions of Sitefinity, a significant portion of configuration settings (Toolbox controls, Provider definitions, etc.) ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Pages

    This this part of the series comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta), we take a closer look at how Pages are managed in Sitefinity, and how things have been improved and enhanced. SiteMap The first thing you'll notice coming from Sitefinity 3.x is that when it comes to the ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Administration

    This is the third article in my series comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta). Today I want to take a brief walk-through the new Sitefinity Administration, with a screenshot-heavy look at what's new, different, and improved in the coming version 4.0 A New Look Right of the bat, you ...
  • Converting Sitefinity 4 Beta Web Application Projects to Web Site Projects

    Today we talk about the Web Application Projects created by the new Sitefinity Project Manager, and how you can (if you wish) convert them to Web Site Projects. This is another bonus post from my series comparing Sitefinity 3.x to the new Sitefinity Beta (Beta 2 as of this ...
  • Sitefinity 4 (Beta) Project Manager Part 2: IIS Virtual Directory Support

    In my last post on the new Sitefinity Project Manager, I went through how Sitefinity 4 now automates the creation of new blank projects, using an integrated web server to run file-system-based projects. However, Sitefinity also allows you to add projects directly to your local IIS server, to more ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Project Manager

    The first entry to my series of posts comparing Sitefinity 3.x to the new 4 Beta will be about the new Project Manager in Sitefinity 4, and how it helps to simplify and speed up the development process from Blank Project to running website. Update Tuesday Oct 11, 2010: I ...
  • Comparing Sitefinity 3.x to 4 (Beta): Introduction

    I just completed my first week with Telerik, with my primary focus being getting familiar with the latest beta release of Sitefinity 4 (Beta 2 as of this post). Though still in beta, the new version continues the pairing of power vs. simplicity that you’ve come to expect from the ...
  • Sitefinity Streaming API: Corner cases

    This is a part of the blog post series that explain the new streaming API for Sitefinity 3.7 SP3. You can view the TOC in the first blog post. I talked about the API of streaming, explained why it was needed and some of its limitations. Now, I will give ...
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