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Mobile App Or Mobile Web?
It's A Choice, Not A Battle.

Mobile to Dethrone Desktop

The mobile web will dethrone desktop sites according to the December 2013 Forrester Research, Inc., report entitled "Mobile App or Mobile Web? It's A Choice, Not A Battle." We believe this means mobile sites will replace traditional desktop user interfaces within the next three years.

As this mobile standard for the customer experience approaches, it’s up to you to choose between mobile apps or mobile web.

Do your customers expect deeply engaging and interactive experiences? Or, is it more advantageous to deliver consistent experiences on every device?

Take Uncertainty Out of Your Mobile Choice

This complimentary Forrester report exposes all the pros, cons and caveats of selecting mobile apps vs. mobile websites. You’ll also learn:

  • Why mobile apps reign supreme for interactive experiences
  • Reasons to choose mobile web for reach and budget
  • When to deliver the best of both worlds with hybrid apps

Get your complimentary Forrester report to better understand both the business and IT implications of your mobile choice.

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Mobile App or Mobile Web? It's A Choice, Not A Battle.

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