Sitefinity 6.0:

Mobile CMS Has Arrived!
Go Beyond Responsive Web Design

Recorded Webinar

Most web content management systems do little to make websites mobile-friendly. This leaves organizations offering poor mobile experiences to mobile visitors who quickly click away.

And if your visitors leave, will they ever come back?

Join Sitefinity to learn how you can deliver the mobile development strategy that's right for your business - all from one CMS user interface.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CMS industry hasn’t sufficiently evolved to address the explosive growth in mobile device usage.
    Discover how Sitefinity 6.0 is different.
  • Organizations must understand both their customer and business needs before embarking on a mobile development plan.
    Know the questions you should be asking.
  • There are three available mobile strategies - Responsive Web Design, Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps.
    Learn when to use each.
  • Mobile apps can be effectively used by any organization.
    See how the Sitefinity 6.0 mobile app generator works.

About the presenter

Gabe Sumner is the Sitefinity Product Manager at Telerik. In this role, Gabe focuses on ensuring that the Sitefinity online business platform meets the current and future needs of Sitefinity customers.

Watch the Recorded Mobile CMS Webinar

Whether you are just starting to address mobile, or reevaluating your current mobile strategy, this Webinar defines three steps to jump start your mobile strategy and help you find the CMS that will take you there – Telerik Sitefinity 6.0. Watch the recording.

Learn more about Sitefinity's Mobile CMS and the broad spectrum of mobile development options in our robust platform.