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We’re experiencing a new era of web content personalization.

Immersed in social media and the mobile web, your customers are unique, and they are expecting unique online experiences personal to their needs, wants and requirements.

To keep up with this evolving expectation of the online experience, your business must steer away from the stagnant cookie-cutter approach when it comes to your web strategy. Today, you must manage the user web experience based upon buyer profiles and their online behaviors. Your visitors no longer want to trench through pages of information … they want a user experience tailored to them. And you want to lead them along a path toward a purchase decision.

This white paper teaches you the seven WCM tricks to help you personalize your customer's online experience and avoid the “Cookie-Cutter” web presence. Some of the items you will learn include:

  • Segmenting Visitors
  • Personalizing Web Content
  • Testing the User Experience
  • Measuring the Results

Avoid the static cookie-cutter web strategy… and let your site visitors know they are unique. Provide a personalized online experience to get the right information to the right prospect at the right time.

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