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  • AG Meats

    • Up to date system that provides a reporting system second to none, provided by a business with a professional team.

      Author: Customer of inPOS Company:

    • Client: inPOS
    • Industry: Food & Beverages
    • Project website: http://www.agmeats.com.au/Homepage.aspx
    • Implemented by: inPOS
    • Industry
      Food and Beverages/Retail
    • Background
      AGM is a Sydney based meat products retailer venturing into the online meat retailing market.
    • Challenge
      AGM needed a POS that is easy to use, requires minimal technical intervention, easy for the staff to learn and integrated with the CMS to allow for management from one area.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity’s WYSIWYG editor allows AGM to manage its data easily and flexibly without having to constantly spend on technical support.
    • Technology Highlights
      The site was developed by seamlessly integrating Sitefinity and inPOS Stock Manager
    • Results
      AGM has an online shopping site that is easy for customers to use, and simple for the team to manage changes in product or delivery details.
  • The Challenge

    Online grocery shopping is a small but growing market in Australia. Lower overheads make online retailing attractive to retailers, while for ‘time poor’ consumers, it is an extremely convenient way to shop.

    Australian Gourmet Meats (‘AGM’), a Sydney based retailer which prides itself on its great meat and great prices, therefore wanted to give its consumers the option of buying its products online.

    Not being a large corporate venture, AGM does not maintain a big in-house technical team. This made it critical that the online shopping site be easy to maintain and compatible with the Point of Sale system used in their retail stores. The integration with the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS) means the manager did not need to keep track of two completely different systems. AGM also needed a system that was configurable in many aspects, in order to eliminate the cost of hiring technical personnel whenever changes are required. For example, AGM would need to easily add new delivery suburbs as the company’s operations expanded.

    Further, food retailing, including meat products is an area where new products, variants or pack sizes are introduced frequently. It was therefore essential for AGM to have an easy-to-use system that offered such flexibility.

    Since this was the first time the company was venturing into online retailing, they also needed an efficient stock management system to help deal with the increased complexity that multiple channels of retailing bring.

    The Solution

    inPOS implemented a solution for AGM that met the key requirements: integrated, easy-to-use, robust and allowing for flexibility. inPOS integrated its fully featured point of sale system with Sitefinity, a customizable CMS with a WYSIWYG editor that allows users to manage their content easily. Integrating the inPOS Stock Manager with Sitefinity allows the AGM team to enter all the data relating to product offerings and customer accounts in one place. All components of the integration, including the Shopping Cart and PayPal options are toolbox items, which means that they can be implemented by drag and drop on to a page in the Sitefinity CMS. Among some of the key benefits of the inPOS / Sitefinity integration are:

    • Allows users to enter and maintain data easily themselves
    • Lets operators customize how the system appears to them and therefore makes it easier to use
    • Remote management over the internet allows managers to access the system wherever they may be
    • Helps the business manage customer accounts easily – an important function for AGM where repeat customers form a good part of the business

    inPOS ensured that the integration took into account certain practices specific to AGM. For example, AGM pack meat products in-house. To ensure a seamless process, the packing operation of labeling weighed and non-weighed goods is integrated with the POS operation.

    The Results

    The successful integration has made life significantly easier for the AGM team, who can now easily manage their online shopping site without the need for expensive technical intervention. inPOS stays on hand to support them with queries and issues that may crop up occasionally.

    inPOS has been developing customer focused point of sale software since 2000. We provide intuitive point of sale solutions and full support to small and mid-sized businesses in Australia. “Up to date system that provides a reporting system second to none provided by a business with a professional team” and “Easy to use…and our bar staff learn the terminal operation in no time” are among the accolades our customers have bestowed on us.

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