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Case Studies

  • How Sitefinity Helped to Improve Performance and Content Management of the Goodlight Site

    • Due to the easy customization of Sitefinity, we developed the site in a record time, exceeding customer´s expectations concerning usage, speed and quality.

      Author: Helton Lessa, Technology Manager Company: F5

    • Client: Goodlight
    • Industry: Food & Beverages
    • Project website: http://www.goodlight.com.br
    • Implemented by: F5
    • Download PDF (229 KB)
    • Industry
      Food & Beverage
    • Background
      Goodlight is a food trademark created in 2001 by entrepreneur Lucilia Diniz to promote a healthy lifestyle among people. In 2008, Lucilia Diniz became a partner of one of the largest food companies in the world. With this, the brand went through changes, gaining new positioning and visual identity.
    • Challenge
      Goodlight needed a CMS platform which was easy to use and which also offered excellent performance.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity is based on the ASP.NET technology and this is fundamental for the faster publishing of large amounts of content. In addition, thanks to the built-in predefined templates, Sitefinity allowed for the creation of multiple pages using same layout and structure.
    • Technical Details
      The Goodlight website took 2 months to build, from layout creation, to assembling, programming and final testing. The site was developed in ASP.NET, SQL Server, Framework 2.0, Flash and Sitefinity CMS.
    • Results
      With Sitefinity as the CMS platform, the Goodlight website loads significantly faster. The site is easier to navigate and the number of website registrations has increased tremendously.
  • Download PDF (229 KB)
  • The Challenge

    The Goodlight team needed a CMS that was easy to set up and manage. Their website required fairly constant updates which were costly and cumbersome with their existing website. F5 was invited to create a new website for Goodlight and to help them choose a CMS that would fit their requirements. Among the challenges for this project were the following:

    • Development of an online channel for Goodlight that could reflect the union between the brand and the partner company.
    • Autonomy and flexibility in publishing and updating site content.
    • Ability to include more information about the company’s products, recipes and services.
    • Greater visibility for the Goodlight brand and increased visitor traffic thanks to SEO techniques.Excellent website performance and navigation.

    The Solution
    Based on ASP.NET, Sitefinity allowed for faster publishing of large amounts of content which was fundamental for meeting the main project requirements. In addition, thanks to the built-in predefined templates, Sitefinity allowed for the creation of multiple pages using the same layout and structure which saved a lot of time.

    Sitefinity proved the right solution in terms of SEO as well. Sitefinity supports friendly URL’s and allows content creators to enter titles, descriptions and key words for each page. This would help improve the site’s search engine rankings and increase traffic to the site which were the ultimate goals of the Goodlight team.

    The site’s information was reorganized to fit a more modern layout, easier to navigate. The new website was also enhanced with interactive tools such as virtual journals, registration of food ingestion and exercises, customized menus, videos with recipes, download links of books concerning eating habits and life quality.

    The intuitive user interface guaranteed fast and timely updates which was a major issue before the re-design was started.

    The Results
    The new version of the Goodlight site was pushed to production in August 2008 and since then the number of registrants and visitors to the website has been constantly increasing. 

    The availability of built-in templates ensured easy creation of pages, while the advanced page caching which Sitefinity offers improved site performance. The Goodlight website initially featured about 300 pages, but nowadays, about a year and a half later, the site includes more than 1500 pages, which are all search engine optimized.

    Thanks to the built-in SEO techniques, the Goodlight website takes top positions in the major search engines concerning nourishment, healthy recipes and weight control.

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