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  • How Sitefinity Solved Peter Maler Inc. CMS Issues.

    • In the past I used to spend much time creating a showcase, but with Sitefinity CMS this is like a game and I am particularly pleased with the ease with which I can upload photos and get a perfect result with thumbnails and all.

      Author: Ronni Holt, Project Manager Company: Peter Maler Inc.

    • Client: Peter Maler Inc.
    • Industry: Construction
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: PeTec
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    • Industry: Construction / Painting
    • Background: Peter Maler Inc. specializes in building renovation. The company employs about 35 trained craftsmen - building painters, carpenters, bricklayers and plumbers.
    • Challenge: Peter Maler Inc. needed a web site that could showcase the projects the company had worked on and would attract new customers. In addition, the company needed an Intranet site through which to inform their employees about company activities and social events.
    • Why Sitefinity: Peter Maler Inc. had no IT staff and they valued the easiness with which pages were created and edited in Sitefinity, using the predefined templates and Word-like editor.
    • Technical Details: The website for Peter Maler Inc. took 4 days to build and required the full time services of 1 web developer. The site was developed in ASP.NET, SQL Server and Sitefinity CMS 3.6.
    • Results: Sitefinity not only allowed fast development, but also ensured Peter Maler Inc. had an easy-to-manage web site that showcased the company’s expertise and latest activities.
  • Download PDF (143 KB)
  • The Challenge

    The greatest challenge was ensuring appropriate company and product information was available via the World Wide Web for Peter Maler Inc.'s employees, customers, and potential customers.

    Peter Maler Inc. wanted their customers and potential clients to be able to see a reference list with showcases of the work already done. The management team at Peter Maler Inc. required that project managers could publish “cases” online in an easy and uniform way. Each "case" would consist of photos as well as text.

    The Solution

    To accomplish this task, there was no better system than Sitefinity CMS. The "out of the box" List module was just the right tool for presenting the different “cases”.  In addition, Sitefinity was extremely easy to use. Building templates, utilizing the various modules and controls, proved to be as straightforward as never before. Updating content was also a breeze with the intuitive CMS WYSIWIG editor.

    The Results

    Sitefinity helped Peter Maler Inc. reduce their web administration costs and increase the company’s opportunities for delivering more of what Peter Maler Inc.'s employees, customers and potential customers were looking for - information.

    Peter Maler Inc. was pleasantly surprised by how fast we, at PeTec Denmark ApS, were able to implement their solution and is looking forward to the future use of the Newsletters module, on the public site, and the Forums module on their Intranet. And as one of the leaders said: "The time has proven to be ripe for me to get my own Blog on the Intranet."

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