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  • Digital Agency ZAG Interactive Launches Responsive Sitefinity Website

    United States

    Technology/Web Development, Design, and Marketing

    ZAG Interactive is a full-service digital agency in Glastonbury, CT, that provides website design, development, marketing and strategic services to a diverse base of clients.

    ZAG Interactive is a full-service digital agency in Glastonbury, CT, that provides website design, development, marketing and strategic services to a diverse base of clients.

    ZAG Interactive needed a fresh website incorporating responsive design that also improved search engine optimization and provided more dynamic functionality.

    The Telerik Sitefinity Content Management System served as the ideal platform on which to build this responsive website. ZAG used Sitefinity to create a website featuring multiple promotional areas where the company infused portfolio items, news updates and interesting factoids about how people use a website.


    • Facilitates responsive design implementation
    • Simple to manage content and media post-launch
    • Impressive security features to maintain the site’s integrity
    • Easy to create new promotional spaces to better showcase services and projects
    • Easy to execute an advanced SEO strategy


  • The Challenge
    ZAG Interactive is a full-service digital agency located in Glastonbury, CT, that provides website design, development, marketing and strategic services to a diverse client base. Since the previous iteration of its website launched in 2011, ZAG has grown significantly both in terms of their employee headcount and service offerings. It now needed to design and develop a website to better meet its marketing initiatives while also implementing the modernized functionality of responsive design.

    Responsive design was critical for two reasons: 1. ZAG was already developing responsive sites for clients, and needed to “practice what it preaches” on its own website. 2. Responsive design is an inclusive approach that customizes the user experience for people using a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. This approach ensures that every visitor can view the entire ZAG website rather than a version that features a restricted amount of content. 

    The Solution
    Telerik Sitefinity provided the ideal platform for this project because ZAG developers are highly knowledgeable about all of the content management system’s intricacies and capabilities. Telerik Sitefinity serves as the primary CMS for projects that ZAG builds for its clients because of its ease-of-use and powerful technology that caters to skilled developers. 

    ZAG created a responsive design for its website that feeds content to every type of device that people use—desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones—without needing to reduce the amount of information on the site. It’s an effective strategy that allows ZAG to cater to every visitor. 

    Developers created custom modules for the portfolio section of the website showcasing ZAG’s various completed client projects in design, development and marketing. 

    Sitefinity continues to serve as a feature-rich, easy-to-use CMS that also provides security through permission-based posting and revision history tracking of all changes made to the site. Sitefinity facilitates customized development to create unique user experiences that enhance brand impression among clients and visitors. 

    The Results
    The fresh design utilizes striking imagery and clean lines that guide visitors through various levels of the website’s content, all of which can be accessed from any device because of the website’s responsiveness. An expanded drop-down menu on the top navigation allows visitors to navigate the site quickly, and the interior page designs prominently place additional page links on the right-hand side.  

    ZAG’s marketing department implemented a thorough search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that will be used as a powerful marketing and sales tool to attract attention from search engines and people interested in website design, website development and website marketing. ZAG’s senior writer executed the SEO strategy within the website’s content, adding flourishes and quirky touches that match the company’s personality. 

    ZAG wanted to consolidate relevant, informative and entertaining information so visitors can easily learn about its services, view work samples from a large portfolio, access valuable information in the blog, dig into interesting industry stats and quickly contact the company. The new website built with Telerik Sitefinity does all that and more.

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