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  • After evaluating several .net CMS solutions, we realized we made the right selection with Sitefinity.
    Gonzalo Casado
    Inforges Tecnologia
  • Integrating Sitefinity and AbleCommerce will allow you to maintain your online business in one place. You can have an award winning CMS, coupled with a leader in e-commerce solutions at your fingertips.
    Joseph Anderson
    JMA Web Technologies
  • We are proud of our new web site and look forward to it continuing to drive growth over the coming year.
    Carol Fiddaman, Sales and Marketing Director
    Martin Leaning
  • The original Exclaimer.com site was built with popular open-source CMS. Both the developers of the website and the users of the CMS didn't get on with that solution one bit. Moving over to Sitefinity was a breath of fresh air for all involved.
    Nick Thompson
    Technical Director of DCSL Software
  • When Chaparral engaged with us about wanting the ability to update “static” content at the page level, we knew Sitefinity would serve their needs and go beyond their expectations. Chaparral is more technology independent now and can push information out to their customers as soon as it’s ready.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • We have found that Telerik is a proven industry leader when it comes to .NET technologies

    The Ryland Company
  • Being a development house with years of experience, we have to testify to the power and flexibility that Sitefinity provides. Sitefinity provides a striking balance of maintainability, ease of use and the power of Telerik platforms developers know and love.
    Amr Elsayed
  • Due to the easy customization of Sitefinity, we developed the site in a record time, exceeding customer´s expectations concerning usage, speed and quality.
    Helton Lessa, Technology Manager
  • We now have full control of all aspects of our website and we can administer it independently. Brilliant!
    Colin Hassey
    Hassey Realty Corp.
  • The team at Roger West is extremely knowledgeable of Sitefinity. There wasn’t a single request I made that their team could not implement and I would recommend them to anyone looking to implement this technology.
    Andrea Dianni, Webmaster
  • Sitefinity allowed us to take our website to the next level - and fast!
    Frank Polera, Marketing Coordinator
    Alliance Relocation
  • I don’t need to call IT to upload flash we received from our flash programmer? This is my kind of CMS! Wow, no post-it notes needed if I want to revert a webpage to a previous version!!!No more calls to the IT helpdesk! I can finally manage my content on my own!
    Abanka Vipa's staff
  • Sitefinity allowed me to do what every small business owner wants to do - grow my business.
    August Cornell
  • Being able to use the same content management system for all of our departments was critical. Despite the difference in type of business and product areas, Sitefinity was able to solve all of our needs in one single system.
    Giertsen Tunnel
  • With each installation of Sitefinity we feel more and more comfortable that we have made the right decision. I am yet to be impressed with any other .Net CMS product on the market in 2010.
    Mark Davidson, Technical Director
  • The Sitefinity CMS was selected for the amount of out-of-the-box robust and extensible modules and functionality, which reduced the need to custom-build the functionality and ultimately, provided for a more rapid implementation.
    Shelly Murray
  • Being able to control content 24/7/365 has greatly increased our ability to quickly inform clients about current happenings within the company. Sitefinity has proved to be user-friendly and a valuable tool in running our website and business.
    Jeff Doepker
    President of The Doepker Group
  • Sitefinity has offered SEVRAR an easy to use content management system that requires very little technical knowledge to update the content on their website.
    Kelly Andreae
  • Sitefinity allowed us to focus most of our time on understanding the customer rather than working on administrative interface. We loved working with it!
    Tony Archer
    Arcbit Consulting
  • The combination of a user-friendly design along with the custom clinician module has resulted in a website that patients and employees alike are comfortable navigating.
    Stuart Peschka
    OakTree Digital
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