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  • I was extremely impressed with the ease of adding items to departments as well as adding controls to pages. The ability to drag and drop in a control without any programming was amazing. The ability to add content pages and ecommerce pages together in one application made this a very attractive solution for our company.
    Emily Le
    Lemax Corporation
  • Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • It was during this project that we realised why this cms is the best in the world. The flexibility and out of the box capabilities are exceptional
    Tod Tait
  • Sitefinity, ASP.NET and IIS 7 are a true dream team.
    Hardy Erlinger
  • “Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products."
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • I'm always referring my clients to choose Sitefinity over a free open source system, since it's so straight forward, quick to develop with, and self speaking to non-technical end-users.
    Richard Sorensson
  • As the conceptual agency behind the design, technical deployment and therefore the customer engagement, we know the immediate benefits of Sitefinity as a platform - not only content management but also as a core technology which can underpin our increasing requirement to provide engaging user tools – for user experience, for interactivity and to reflect the client brand values online.
    Simon Butler
    Purestone TFM
  • When it came to selecting the right CMS for this project, we simply did not consider other options. Sitefinity is a trusted partner of Arekibo and we look forward to many more successful projects in the future.
    Richard Ormond
    Director of Operations, Arekibo
  • I am extremely impressed with Sitefinity and the Sitefinity team. They listen to our concerns and provide outstanding support and services.  It’s a truly remarkable CMS application and company.
    Steve Miller
    Mallsoft Inc.
  • Now we can’t imagine ever having worked without Sitefinity.
    Marketing department
  • Client requirements for common CMS features were easily met through an intuitive set of administrative tools provided by Sitefintiy.
    Jeremy Davey
    OakTree Digital
  • As the senior technical specialist and lead developer of the website for Tafe SA, a significant benefit of the sitefinity platform has been the ability to integrate and display dynamic course information from an external database. Through the ability to create custom controls, the development time has been significantly reduced since moving our core CMS business to the Sitefinity CMS.
  • Our solution has reduced 12 months of development time and saved over £100,000 of budget by taking the Sitefinity CMS and integrating our modules and code into the solution.
    Rehan Butt, Director
    Spin Box Media
  • This thing has got a tremendous amount of power. A lot more power than even I recognized in the early stages of it. So it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get on line and check orders.
    Adrian Segeren
    Ultratec Special Effects
  • Sitefinity is really powerful yet easy to use which was a big step forward for us. The combination of Sitefinity with the strategic, user centred design and other digital services of Appius have generated very positive results for us.
    Nick Tottman
    Online Manager at Electricity North West
  • The success pavliks.com was able to demonstrate with prior Sitefinity projects combined with the support options available from a recognizable CMS provider set them apart as the solution for our requirements.
    Jason Squires
    Account Executive at Squires Resources
  • The senior care website is aimed at the elderly and their carers. This older demographic needs things as easy to use as possible. The website was no different. Our clients have said we have got there with the new site while bringing them greater features. Sitefinity was in no small part responsible for that.
    Conor Ebbs
  • A proof of how easy, userfriendly and yet technically advanced the system is, can be found in the fact that we barely needed any assistance from user support in the process of implementation.
    Knut Løtvedt
  • It was immediately clear that Sitefinity was easy to use and that maintaining the site and expanding it with new pages could be done without any knowledge of HTML and the like.
    Rik Theunis
    Stinhue Software • Intreanet
  • Sitefinity is an excellent Content Management System that enables us to deliver high-quality web solutions at a very affordable price. Our programmers work very efficiently with it, and our customers love using it. Great job, Telerik!
    Jamal Khalil
    Senior Account Manager Go IT Services
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