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  • We have at least two products which have an annual maintenance contract of over $10,000... neither of those comes even remotely close to what Telerik has in terms of support... and I mean NO WHERE close!
    Steve McNiven
  • Seeing is believing - by turning our first contact with potential customers into a compelling, extraordinary, visually enticing experience, we hope customers will trust our Silverlight expertise and competencies much more than if we simply listed them down on the Web site. Sitefinity allowed us the ease and opportunity to make a visually-unique website also content rich, flexible and informative.
    Emil Stoychev, CTO
  • Working with Sitefinity allows us to leverage our core strengths of design, development, and ASP.NET programming without constraints or limitations.
    Ole Gjerde
    Insight Technologies
  • Feature rich, technologically elegant, with a very user friendly admin interface, Sitefinity is extremely well accepted by both end users and developers. It is a very efficient and extensible solution.
    Antoine Sartoretti
    TimSoft sa
  • Thank you for providing one of the top asp.net component suites available today! The Telerik Team continues to develop an increasing range of user friendly and functional controls that permit excellent customization and integration with most of our projects. The online help and excellent documentation coupled with the commitment and responsiveness of your support team make the RadControls a pleasure to develop with.
    We mainly use the grid, menu, rotator and treeview controls and after trying several alternatives we are happy to recommend and use any of your products.
    Mark Deaney
  • Sitefinity’s open architecture made it easy for the OakTree development team to leverage existing Sitefinity modules and accommodate ISTE’s specific needs.
    Stuart Peschka
    OakTree Digital
  • The Sitefinity team offers timely support of superior quality.

    I.S.T. Information Systems
  • The client was impressed with the fluidity of the CMS interface and its intuitive design.  They were able to take ownership of the content without a lengthy training process and the stability of the system meant the site was functional before the deadline.
    Nick Thompson, Director
    DCSL Software
  • "We are very proud to be an Elite Progress Partner for Sitefinity. It is our partnership with Progress and the tools they provide that allow us to create successful web solutions for our clients."
    TK Herman,President/CEO
  • Sitefinity we can provide an out-of-the-box feature set that adds tremendous value to both our designers and their clients
    Ben Nye
  • BoxCrush’s recommendation to utilize Sitefinity was appealing because it seemed to offer everything we needed to implement, plus quite a bit more we thought would have to come later because of resources and budget. We were impressed with Telerik’s feature rollout plans posted online and their attention to users’ feedback. With future-proofing our site top of mind, Sitefinity met 99% of our requirements.
    Angela Evans, Web Projects Manager
    Kiwanis International
  • Telerik has been a great partner for us. After experimenting over the years with many CMS products we ran across SiteFinity and have used it for all our clients ever since.
    John Rosen Jr
    Atiba Software, Sitefinity Partner
  • With site speed emerging as a critical business requirement, this is an opportunity for a CMS solution provider to step up and deliver a product that can promise to optimize pages for faster performance. Based on my study, Telerik Sitefinity is a product that delivers exceptional performance results.
    Joshua Bixby
  • The content migration was a breeze by making use of the generic content controls provided by Sitefinity.

    Fuzzy Llama Inc
  • Sitefinity is the perfect CMS solution for both Web Developers and End Users.
    Adam Baldwin
    Akavit, LLC
  • We are very pleased to feedback to you how happy we are with the leads being generated via the Lodge Sales website. We are generating leads in both number and quality in a way that exceeds anything we have experienced in the past.
    Paul Evans
    Waterside Communications Manager
  • The true power of Sitefinity is its rich API library which allows the core functionality to be built on top of.
    Richard Bailey
    Wide Media
  • Sitefinity helped us create an engaging and informative online experience that also happens to demonstrate the bottomline value of integrating proven marketing with today’s best digital technologies.
    Mark Buczek
    Managing Director
  • The system not only saved us a lot of money, it made core business possible...
    Rudolf Exel
  • I can't say enough good things about dealing with Telerik, and I recommend you to all my colleagues. And I tell them that it's not only the quality of the products, but the quality of the relationship that sets you apart.
    Charles Richardson
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