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  • The system makes it easy to update the webpage and allows me to access it anywhere in the world. I love knowing that I don’t have to rely on an external company for minor changes—I feel that I can control my own destiny.
    Tracy Shiroma
  • We love Sitefinity - it's made our jobs and ability to manage our online marketing campaigns much easier and much less expensive.
    Marketing Manager
    Talking Rock Ranch
  • It is a very easy and understandable system. The steps are easy to follow and you can complete your tasks faster. Using Sitefinity takes away working with HTML where I had to do research on the website to finish a task and now everything is readily available.
    Rochelle Johnson
    Jawitz Marketing Department
  • Sitefinity gave NewPhone what they needed functionality wise. Also, in terms of ease of use, Sitefinity offered an extremely friendly user interface where employees with no programming and/or designing skills could easily maintain the information on the website.
    Oyvind Mjolund
  • Sitefinity has given us the flexibility to distribute content through an easy to use administration facility with approval processes, saving on administration costs. It has assisted us in fine tuning our efforts in search engine placement which has led to a number of new business opportunities.
    Ray Desmond, CEO
  • The creation of a Sitefinity instance is a snap – create the database, point Sitefinity to IT and Sitefinity handles the rest – creates the tables, user administration, everything. This allows us to focus on the design and architecture of the website itself rather than the configuration.
    Chris Davis, Web Developer
    bytes of knowledge
  • Sitefinity now comes to mind immediately when a client mentions content management on the wish list.
    J.J. Schaffer
    Nexigen Communications
  • The company is thrilled to have a fresh new site that perfectly matches our design direction and provides an easy interface for updates and changes.
    Bridget Banta
    Bar Code Direct
  • As part of our recent website overhaul, Judge selected Sitefinity for our CMS due to it's support options and development advantage. Sitefinity's support services exceed those of much larger companies - regardless of the fact that they are located 6 time-zones away.The team at Telerik knows how to work with experienced .Net developers and business users alike to demonstrate best pratices and strategies for success.
    Daniel J. Lewis
    The Judge Group
  • Sitefinity made our role as IT Managers a simple one. Rex Fabrics staff gladly welcomed the real-time-update functionality and their international website visitors can now enjoy a showroom-like visitor experience, with the ability to view details of the latest textile collections.
    Chris A. Sievert
    Founder of Wurlwind Solutions
  • During the planning stage of the project several content management systems were considered. However, none of those products offered the mix of out-of-the-box functionality and flexible development environment that Sitefinity provides.
    Martin Coady, Director of Technical Strategy
  • Build One Solutions has been looking for a content management solutions for the last two years until we stumble upon this magnificent product--Sitefinity. We have now found a custom solution at is so far unrivaled. The support is absolutely amazing and the upgrades are always on time. Thanks again Telerik, and the control suite is even better.
    Jaime Weise
    Build One Solutions
  • pavliks.com played an integral role in the redesign and redevelopment of Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s corporate website. Their team provided excellent direction, graphic design, product development and customer service, and were able to work within our tight budget to create a sophisticated and updated vehicle that we can now use to share information with our patients, donors, community and Board of Directors, in a more efficient and effective manner. We are extremely satisfied with Sitefinity and will continue to use pavliks.com for years to come.
    Jaclyn Bucik, Community Relations Coordinator
    Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital
  • As an interface designer, I have particularly high standards for how software should look and function. We’ve tried several good CMS systems over the years, but Sitefinity tops them all when it comes to user experience, performance and visual appeal. Sitefinity is now our go-to solution for a website CMS.
    Geof Harries, Design Director
    Subvert Marketing Inc.
  • This was our first project using Sitefinity CMS. Having used other CMS products in the past, we were somewhat skeptical, but working with Sitefinity turned out to be an amazing experience. We’ve since used it for many other projects.
    Jay Buys
  • With Sitefinity we were able to ‘go to market’ with many Pay-Per-Click campaigns faster than any other marketing device that we’ve used.
    Sam Serianni
    Wireless Business Group
  • Sitefinity is an obvious choice for our website development projects. Our clients love the intuitive content management interface and it gives our tech team a reliable platform to develop on that significantly cuts down our development time.
    Scott Snowden
    Trioro Inc.
  • Sitefinity’s flexibility and extensibility made it the perfect platform for creating the functionality required for the new website
    Big Tree Media
    Big Tree Media
  • Sitefinity was the key component in creating a robust, interactive website that is easy to maintain and enhance.
    Ashish Sharma, Developer
    New Target
  • I am very happy with Sitefinity, and I am promoting it in other projects. You are definitely the CMS of choice for me.
    Dave Mateer
    Mateer IT
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