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  • Whilst many CMS’s offer the ability for developers to be able to customize and integrate bespoke functionality, they invariably suffer from having site administration areas that are complicated to work with for non-technical users.

    Sitefinity offers a rare combination of a CMS that is easy to develop and extend, whilst being simple and easy for ‘regular’ people to work with once a site is delivered.

    Smita Malipatil
    Kieon Ltd.
  • Utilizing Sitefinity for the power it provides to developers and the ease of use it provides to non-technical end-users, we created a solution that requires limited involvement from technical resources. With the new content, a fresh design, and updated functionality, the Parkview Foundation has seen increased website traffic and online donations. We are thrilled to be part of that growth!
    Mike King
    King + Knight
  • It was the very well designed multi language features that were important to us. Next to that Telerik’s reputation and responsive support helped us in making our decision.
    Jörg Lang
    Evelix GmbH
  • Due to Sitefinity CMS the database became a searchable, achieved and vital information resource for the client.
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • We have been working with Vanguard Technology Corporation to build a new website and integrate it with our member database and our member community. We've been very pleased with Vanguard. My staff really likes their CMS - they find it intuitive and with enough safeguards that they're not afraid of screwing up the whole site.  They've been wonderfully responsive. I know they handle integrations with other AMS solutions. I highly recommend them.
    Catherine Stegmaier, Executive Director
    Alliance of Cambridge Advisors
  • From a business perspective, Sitefinity met all the business functionality requirements
    James Williamson
  • Up to date system that provides a reporting system second to none, provided by a business with a professional team.
    Customer of inPOS
  • We have worked with other content management systems before, but none of them comes close to the flexibility and extensibility that Telerik Sitefinity offers.
    Mikko Heilimo, R&D Director
  • The Sitefinity CMS has tremendous capabilities, but what has impressed our team the most is how easy it is to use, manage and publish.
    Susan Lance
  • I presented the team from pavliks.com a business problem and they helped solve it with a solution that fit the needs for our marketing programs. Websites are such an integral part of marketing today and we needed a CMS system that would meet our needs now and one that we could grow with. Many thanks to the team at pavliks.com for providing us with a solution!
    Todd Blythe, Marketing Manager
    Nudura Corp.
  • We now have a solution that have added value to our business. Centralized information, powerful search, and easy content management—these are all capabilities we simply didn’t have before.
    Business Development Team
    Proxio, Inc.
  • Sitefinity has never let us or our customers down – it provides the perfect CMS solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
    Danielle Attard
    Head of Marketing at Comgem
  • With the custom modules and controls we are able to spend less time on technology-driven tasks and spend more time on creating successful marketing campaigns to bring in leads and sales.
    Jennie Treby, Senior Marketing Manager
  • It was during this project that we realized why this CMS is the best in the world. The flexibility and out of the box capabilities of Sitefinity are exceptional.
    Harry Imster, President
    The Foundry Software
  • Sitefinity is the most effective tool we can provide to our clients who want to maximize the return on their investment in information technology.
    Chris Sievert
    Founder of Wurlwind Solutions
  • ”Choosing CMS for our own project was the quickest decision to take. Sitefinity is focused on the primary requirement of any CMS, easy to be used and overall Sitefinity can fill in the gap between marketing and technology.
    We are sure that Sitefinity will increase the popularity of the HealthMonitor website all over the world.”
    Diffusione Informatica Web Division
  • The NSA website is very user friendly and our client was pleased with the results implementing the Sitefinity CMS has brought to their site visitors, members, and staff. The drag and drop functionality without HTML knowledge is invaluable to day-to-day users of the website.
    Patrick Geers
    Project Manager at New Target
  • With our new website we can make a serious entry into the European market. It was important for us to have a flexible CMS that can grow with us and our business. Our new website exposes our products and services in a good way and drive sales. The transition from our old static site to fully functional CMS went off without any problems. With all the sites connections to social media we already see a large increase in numbers of visitors.
    Peder Matsgård, Founder & Director.
  • Sitefinity makes the administration of a web site a pleasure. The most intuitive CMS on the market is backed up by Telerik - the company with simply the best support you can find on and off the web.
    Markus Berchtold
    Mark Told – Design & Photography
  • The site is poised for future rapid gift guide updates for any occasion because of the powerful Sitefinity content management system that steps outside the traditional Sitefinity modules and into the world of a highly customized and specific feature that is the hallmark of a great web application.
    Dennis Allio
    Sage Webworks
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