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  • We had evaluated many other content management systems, forums, and blogs before settling on Sitefinity. We needed an enterprise class application that our .NET developers could easily modify and provide as much out of the box functionality as possible. Sitefinity saved us development time and allowed our team to concentrate on our core products.

    JMA Web Technologies
  • Sitefinity is the perfect platform for custom development and integrates seamlessly with third party systems.
    Telerik, Inc
  • Like all good medical practitioners, 21st Century Oncology is most concerned with patient care. This extends to the way they communicate. Their website is a key component to this and Sitefinity helps leverage their online communications, improving overall patient service.
    Steve Walter, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • Implementation of Sitefinity CMS has drastically improved maintainability of the website for deploying content changes quickly either by a single content manager or distributed across several content managers. Utilization of a dynamic calendar has drastically reduced the effort and time required to make calendar updates. Previously, end users had to spend numerous hours making changes to several static web pages for calendar updates. With the implementation of the dynamic calendar, a single user can publish calendar entries for several months within a matter of minutes.
    Samir Vaidya
    Effective Software Engineering Solutions
  • Thanks to its many tools and the richness of its features, the portal has become the ideal tool to present the potential offered by Sitefinity to Clients.
    Carolina Regonesi
    DNA S.r.l.
  • In the past I used to spend much time creating a showcase, but with Sitefinity CMS this is like a game and I am particularly pleased with the ease with which I can upload photos and get a perfect result with thumbnails and all.
    Ronni Holt, Project Manager
    Peter Maler Inc.
  • Sitefinity was the ideal solution for Colten Care – both for this project and for the future. Colten have the highest standards in their delivery of care and are now in a position to extend their communications reach through their website. Sitefinity has provided Colten with a platform to move beyond the provision of just a website to the delivery of an online centre for knowlegde and advice, fully integrated with social networking channels.
    Stuart Lane
    Client Services Director at Appius
  • SiteFinity has become our solution of choice when implementing content management solutions.  Its .Net based architecture means we have a powerful partner application that fits with our knowledge base.
    Roberto Modica
  • Failure certainly is not an option in anyone's business, but the way Innis Maggiore put together this plan and executed it so flawlessly is really unique. I don't know anyone in any business that executes a plan so efficiently and effectively. The results are evident enough, but being able to work with such great people is such a plus. The website is really the crowning jewel, and it's so fun to 'play around' and actually be able to make changes to it.
    John Kessler, VP Marketing & Sales
    The Mitchell Group
  • Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products.
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • With the sheer volume of content, complexity of systems integration and time constraints challenges that we faced on the project, the CWS team decided that the only feasible solution was to use Sitefinity as the foundation for the platform.
    Kevin Kimmel
    Component Web Services
  • Sitefinity allows you to combine the three key aspects required for a successful website project – design, functionality and marketing capabilities. We love it!
    Danielle Attard
    Head of Marketing at Comgem
  • As we work so extensively in Sitefinity I was very happy when we agreed to create our new site in Sitefinity 5. I knew having a strong sales and marketing platform was a key part of our business development strategy and I was convinced that Sitefinity was perfect for our needs.
    We are thrilled with our new site and to be showcased on the Sitefinity website just shows what a great job our team did. Keep it up team Quba!
    Jon Eaton
    New Business Manager, Quba
  • Bounce rates dropped by 30%, leads and sales went up. We are just absolutely delighted. We can keep the site up to date by multiple team members
    Liam Griffin
    Griffin Hotel Group
  • We focused on easy navigation and user access. Another key aspect of the project was keeping data up-to-date and ensuring a smooth live information feed.

  • As a software development house, our standards are pretty high when it comes to evaluating software packages for our own use and Sitefinity has met every single requirement we were looking for.
    Amr Elsayed
  • Trutest Scandinavia has only a few IT resources and needed a solution that could be maintained by the business staff
    Netmedia Software
  • Sitefinity enables us to create stunning websites in a much shorter period. It’s already a feature-rich package which can be expanded to suit exactly our needs.
    Gawein Heymans, CTO
  • The National 4-H Council partnered with us to provide workable solutions within a tight time frame and budget, so we put together a suite of technology that would best serve their immediate needs and also allow them to grow.  Sitefinity is an integral part of that equation, as it provides them with the adaptability necessary to accommodate that growth in a user-friendly environment.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • Sitefinity's extensibility and open API gave us a really powerful tool to fulfill all of our client requirements with ease.
    Olivier Chabin
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