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PageRank lost

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  1. Luc Baeten
    Luc Baeten avatar
    169 posts
    23 Sep 2005
    24 Apr 2007
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    We developed different sites with SiteFinity V3 now. The first site (lets say www.domainx.com) was developed december last year with beta2. This site is not converted yet to Release Candidate 1.
    When I type in www.domainx.com in my browser, SiteFinity doesn't redirect this to www.domainx.com/home.aspx (home.aspx is set as home page) but leaves it to www.domainx.com. Because google has based the pagerank on this domainname, the pagerank is not lost.

    I converted a domain (lets say www.domainy.com) from MCMS to SiteFinity Release Candidate 1. This site got its PageRank on www.domainy.com .
    But because of the fact that RC1 redirects www.domainy.com to www.domainy.com/home.aspx (when home.aspx is set as home page) my PageRank is lost. For this site I have to wait till Google updates the PageRank definition.

    Is there an option to display the homepage when using www.domainy.com but without a redirection?

  2. Vlad
    Vlad avatar
    498 posts
    19 Jun 2017
    24 Apr 2007
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    Hi Luc,

    Unfortunately, you cannot accomplish this behavior with Sitefinity RC1, due to an issue in CmsHttpModule. This problem is resolved in the RC2 edition.

    There will be two approaches to achieve it in the new release:
    • Set RedirectToHomePage to false for the cms section in the web.config.

      <cms defaultProvider="Sitefinity" RedirectToHomePage="true" pageExtension=".aspx">

    • Rename your home page from home to default.



    the telerik team

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  3. Ben Alexandra
    Ben Alexandra avatar
    215 posts
    15 Sep 2012
    26 Apr 2007
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    Seems you could put a "real" aspx page where you want it and then use Server.Transfer to fill the contents from some other page, no?  Not sure if that works with CMS, but it does with static content.
  4. Bob
    Bob avatar
    330 posts
    30 Dec 2016
    27 Apr 2007
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    Hello Ben,

    Sitefinity does not support Server.Transfer.  Only redirect is supported.

    the telerik team

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4 posts, 0 answered