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Small Beta 3 Items

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  1. bnye
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    332 posts
    22 Sep 2005
    29 Dec 2006
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    A couple of small Beta 3 Items I notices:

    1. If I add a control to the placeholder at the template level. I have the option to delete it at the page level, but it throws an error.

    2. Even after editing the toolsfile.xml...I can't seem to enable the insert table command.

    3. The new Generic Content module kicks ass.


  2. bnye
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    332 posts
    22 Sep 2005
    29 Dec 2006
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    OK I see.

    Edit the RadControls/Editor/ConfigFile.xml to allow for Image uploading  from the 'Pages'.
    Edit the RadControls/Editor/ToolsFile.xml to enable ''Insert Table' from the 'Pages'.
    Edit the Admin/Templates/GenericContent/ToolsFile.xml to enable 'Insert Table' from the 'Module' section.

    ...But how do you enable image uploading from the module? I'm probably missing something easy here.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. rabchev
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    11 posts
    15 Sep 2006
    29 Dec 2006
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    First I will try to explain the Generic Content control and then the Control Panel for Generic Content module.


    GenericContent control consists of three components Editor, ShareContentDialog and SelectContentDialog. The appearance and behavior of these components can be controlled through control templates. By default this templates are located in ~/Admin/Templates folder. When an instance of GenericContent control is created it will first look for temples specified for that instance in the respective properties (GenericContent.EditorTemplatePath, GenericContent.SelectContentDialogTemplate and GenericContent.ShareContentDialogTemplate). If instance templates are not specified or the specified templates can’t be located the GenericContent will try to locate the default templates specified in the web.config:

    <cmsEngine defaultProvider="DefaultContent">



                            <add name="DefaultContent"


             type="Telerik.Cms.Engine.DefaultContentProvider, Telerik.Cms.Engine"









    If the control does not find default templates it will load the build in ones. This means even if there is no external template at all the control will still work. Of course in this case it may not look and behave as you wish.


    Control templates are .ascx files where you can set inner control declaratively and wrap them with any HTML. So if you want to set the images path for RadEditor you can do it in EditorTemplate.ascx like this:








    There are certain rules for each template that you have to consider. For example for EditorTemplate you can use only RadEditor as text editor and you should declare only one instance.  For ShareContentDialog you have to declare controls that implement ITextControl interface for each metadata filed you want to appear and the ID of the control must mach the key (name) of the metadata field.


    The Control Panel operates the same way. The only difference is that its templates can be specified only in the web.config.


    I hope this clarifies things a bit.




  4. bnye
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    332 posts
    22 Sep 2005
    02 Jan 2007
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    OK That makes sense.

    Modifying the EditorTemplate.ascx the way you described allows me to use the image manager in the Pages section.

    Modifying the ControlPanelEdit.ascx and the ControlPanelInsert.ascx allows me to use the image manager in the Modules/GenericContent section.

    Great Thanks,


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4 posts, 0 answered