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How do I implement custom routes?

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  1. Bryson
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    14 Jan 2016
    14 Jan
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    I have some of my controllers located in a subfolder in my Controllers folder. Similarly, I have the views located under a similar folder structure.

    Example: Mvc->Controllers->AccountSettingsControllers->ChangeUserNameController.cs



    When I run it, the route comes out as "Mvc->Views->ChangeUserName". How can I setup my controller route so it goes from "Mvc->Views->ChangeUserName" to "Mvc->Views->AccountSettingsViews->ChangeUserName"?


    Side Question here: Where is sitefinity's code documentation? I want to know the meaning behind certain parameters of their RouteAttributes. Documentation in the code is lacking, and I can't find any reference to it online.

  2. Paul
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    13 posts
    29 Jul 2015
    15 Jan
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    Hi Bryson

    You can keep your controller the way they are and Sitefinity should pick them up, or you can see here you can add MVC Areas http://docs.sitefinity.com/bug-tracker-create-an-arearegistration-class

    The views you will need to either add a new ViewEngine with the location of the folders you would like searched when the site initialises for views (http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/294297/Creating-your-own-MVC-View-Engine-into-MVC-Applica)


2 posts, 0 answered