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Sitefinity/Services/Atompub/Blogs.svc confusion

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  1. Richard
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    49 posts
    13 Jul 2010
    02 Dec 2013
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    Hello there

    I've recently moved a development Sitefinity website (2013.valpak.co.uk) to a live environment (www.valpak.co.uk) without any issues. Lovely.

    However, I have been trawling the site using a tool called Xenu Link Sleuth to search for broken links and I receive the following issue with the blogs along with the attached image (AuthoriseBlog):

    error code: 401 (auth required), linked from page(s):

    Now Fiddler doesn't complain, the blogs all work as they should do without issue so I'm just (a) tying to understand what this service does (b) where it lives and (c) why is it still looking at 2013.valpak.co.uk and asking for authorization? 

    The only reference to Atompub in the code I can see is in the wlwmanifest.xml root file.  

    Given that everything appears to be working website wise, I'm not that worried, just curious as to what's going on and why it is using the old 2013.valpak.co.uk 
  2. Bonny
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    58 posts
    11 Nov 2016
    05 Dec 2013
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    This service is just added as a reference in page's headers, so we can use it to publish/edit blog posts from external applications like LiveWriter. However currently we are developing "Sitefinity Desktop Application" to update Sitefinity content for better experience.
    This service will not break any part of your site. However it is strange that it searches your old site as authentication point. Are you sure you replaced all "2013.valpak.co.uk" references with the new one?

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  3. Richard
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    49 posts
    13 Jul 2010
    06 Dec 2013
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    Hello Bonny

    Yes I must have missed a setting somewhere as it now has the correct URL i.e. www.valpak.co.uk 

    However, Xenu is still reporting that auth is required and saying there is an issue with the blogs. Please see attached image.

    Given that the everything seems to be fine and that you don't think it will break anything, I think I'll just ignore it!

    Thanks for the reply.

3 posts, 0 answered